Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017, A Year In Review!

              So here is my own year in review and what I thought of this year alone. I thought honestly, this year was an interesting year. Full of drama, friendships gone, people turning on me but I can say this year has been a productive year for me as I have been very much active with Chris B On The Web and I admit, this year is a year of change and I am quite happy with what went on this year. 

                This year saw a whole pile of changes that went on from the CBOTW Staff being dissolved entirely was the best move I have made as I became a happier person and trust me I have gotten so much work done in the entire year including the anticipation of the upcoming road to the 100th episode of Everything About Reality TV which is close but will obviously not happen this year but I pushed the envelope to hopefully get to it or at least get close to the 100th episode. Well 9 episodes to go, I am going into 2018 with the intention of recording the 100th episode of Everything About Reality TV and I am excited for it. Also I started making plans to start collaborating with friends and fans of Chris B On The Web and I executed the plan in 2018 to start collaborating and now you guys know and I know what the plan is as I blogged about it recently and it will be an exciting upcoming year! This year, I wanted to focus on podcasts and blog posts and the events I go to each and every year! Speaking of events, I decided not to return to the Greek Festival due to it being so busy, being pushed around and people telling me off when they were in my way. Also this is the first time in 2 years I decided to not to go to the Autism Celebration and part of the reason, as I ran out of money and there was so hassle in 2016. But I do or would like to go back but not entirely 100% sure if I will be back. Just recently I kind of was thinking, I am going to give my spot to someone else, I have been doing this for years on end, but don't get me wrong, I enjoyed going each and every year and if I was to go back, I have a few ideas in my mind if I do plan on going back. Also I made the decision to allow Larry into the blog as an alumni but we haven't seen him blog yet but he will be soon enough.  Also I saw the growth of both social media's, Facebook Group & Twitter for Chris B On The Web, almost 3200 followers on Twitter and currently standing on the Facebook group 33 members strong! The CBOTW Army is growing and growing fast!

               This year was a very productive and busy year for me and trust me you have not seen nothing yet and no I am not quoting the song lyrics from the song but I am very content what went on this year and I looking forward to 2018 and what is to come for Chris B On The Web. Have a Safe and Happy New Year and be sure to lookout for my New Years Post on New Years Day.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Chris B On The Web 2018 (Updated As Well!)

          So today's blog post consists of the schedule and outline of the upcoming New Year for Chris B On The Web and had to take out a couple of things on the list as it wasn't doable so I am doing what is best for me and my website. After all I am the Owner/Founder/CEO, whatever you wanna call me or consider my role with Chris B On The Web and I have to remember I came into a no team situation with a goal to be a solo podcaster/blogger, the website has grown tremendously, added Larry as an Alumni Blogger and more. Without further ado here is the schedule in the way of content for 2018:

January 2018: Everything About Reality TV Starts back up! (Season 5)

February/March 2018: Everything About Reality TV 100th Episode Recording

March 2018: Everything About Reality TV (Season 6) Starts up!
May 2018: Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts Recorded With Special Guest!
                    Maple Festival, Bowmanville

June 2018: Interview with Jeff L from here Ontario; Gaming Talk Podcast                                           
                    Everything About Reality TV Starts back up! (Season 7)                                       
                    Food Truck Festival, Bowmanville

                    CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk (3 part podcast series)

  September 2018: Everything About Reality TV Starts back up! (Season 8) (INCLUDING the RETURN of Hell's Kitchen Recaps!)

                                Ukrainian/Polish Festival, Toronto Ontario

October 2018: CBOTW Presents: Power Rangers: Zeo Talk Podcast

                          Apple Festival, Bowmanville

November 2018: The Royal Winter Fair 2018

                              Oshawa Santa Claus Parade


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Everything About Reality TV, Winter/Spring Seasons Schedule (Revised!)

                   So below is the updated schedule for Everything About Reality TV, hopefully this sticks and again if anything changes, I will be doing yet another post but we will see if I still cover Celeb Big Brother US or not as my plans for going to Arizona isn't definite and might end up going to Alberta in the summer so I may be changing scheduling for the summer so right now I have half of the 2018 schedule for now but it is a start so without further ado, here is the timetable:

Winter 2018:

Thurs, Dec 28th/17: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast @ 9 pm EST

Thurs, Jan 4th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 RECAP Podcasts start! @ 9 pm EST

Thurs. Feb 8th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Celebrity Big Brother US Sun/Mon/Wed RECAP Podcast

Sun. Feb 11th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Celebrity Big Brother US Thurs/Fri RECAP Podcast

Mon. Feb 26th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Celebrity Big Brother US Thurs/Fri/Sun (Season Finale) RECAP Podcast

Spring 2018:

Thurs, Feb 22nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

Thurs, Mar 1st/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island RECAP Podcast start!

Fri, Mar 2nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

Fri, Mar 9th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP Podcasts start!

Have a great night! 


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Minecraft On PC or Minecraft on PS3? Which One Do I Prefer?

             So on Christmas Day, I got to play the PS3, which I have played Playstation before, however I haven't had played Minecraft before on the PS3 and boy let me tell you, it is totally different from playing Minecraft the PC! Aiming the character's head to you are looking the right way is hard. Getting wood and actually staying alive in the game is utterly impossible, there was times I gave the remote to my nephew where I needed to rest as I was ready to rage quit at certain times of playing the game. But I got the hang of it eventually but I ended up dying quite a lot as I had no armor whatsoever and it was quite hard compare to the armor I am use to on Minecraft here on my studio computer, but I tried as hard as I can to help my niece and nephew, first goal was to get wood and even for me that proved impossible even for this Minecraft expert. I went back to complete Minecraft noob mode once again. I felt entirely helpless without the tools and armor I had. Plus trying to get food from scratch isn't easy and trying to bring the animals into the pens to build a farm to have animals and a liable food source as well. But you guys know me I am always up for the challenge and I was and it was a learning curve for me.

               Now which one would I prefer to use? Well obviously the PC version of Minecraft as I am currently use to and I got strong to quite strong of armor which I have had since beating the wither last year at some point. That armor will never ever break, it's break less and my sword will never break either, so either of the two items will break anytime soon. So I am use that, but also the surroundings around the house, the property I am in, the underground tunnels I have dug out, so I am use to that. That is the reason why I rather play on PC, however it was a learning curve and I am always open to new experiences like this so I actually enjoyed it and learned how to use a remote more.


My Christmas 2017!

               First of all I gotta say, hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and had a wonderful holiday, I sure did, kind of odd but it was a good Christmas all together, also sorry I am late for this point. I would consider it more of a very quiet Christmas this year as it wasn't like any normal Christmas I have had in the past! This year with my mom's side of the family not doing our traditional get together on Christmas Eve but that's not the point, the point is my brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew, my parents and I got together for Christmas Eve and it was fun, just finger foods, drinks and a good time. The kids wanted to see Minecraft what I have been up to but since changed and reverted back to the old world I had when I ended my playthrough of the game. I got my gift early which was dress boots for when I go to church every week for the winter season. Also got 

                Now, Christmas Day, I got from my grandma, Hawaii 5-O Seasons 4, 5 & 6 from her, now I need seasons 2, 3 & 7. My mom and dad and I went to my grandma's, my mom's mom and my aunts and uncles who live close enough to come and visit joined in and we had a wonderful visit, we had some Quiches one with egg and ham, the other with egg and spinach in it which was quite tasty if you ask me and I enjoyed it. Oh I almost forgot to mention I got to see some of my aunt and uncle's cruise trip but not all the pictures of their trip which we will get to see in the new year at some point. We got back I tried the best I could watching Hawaii 5-O but I ended up napping for an hour and a half  to 2 hours and this week I gotta make an effort to catch up on all the TV Shows, so that was a fail and a half with catching up on Television TV Shows. 

                   So in the afternoon we went to my brother and sister in laws, for Christmas and I got to play the Playstation 3 with my Niece and Nephew and of course we played Minecraft which will be my post tomorrow Minecraft On PC or PS3? Which One Do I Prefer? but I have played video games on Playstation before but not minecraft but again, that will be on tomorrow's blog post. We played on the floor a bit, hide and go seek, yet my nephew and I were good hiders, haha. We had dinner which was turkey, ham, mash potatoes, home made perogies made from both potatoes and cheese and pork which I had the pork which was different but really good and I would like to learn how to do the pork ones actually. I opened my gifts I got Simpsons Christmas DVD, apron for cooking as my brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew and even my parents know I love cooking and I need to do it more often! Also got Star Wars Battlefront II which is NOT compatible with my computer, I'd had have to update my entire computer to a I5 core 6600 or higher so I do not want to since this one is running smoothly most of the time, knock on wood, haha! I will take the game back as I got a gift receipt for it. I got The Simpsons Movie but I have it so I will be getting something else other then that. I played a tad bit of the WIIU with my nephew but didn't last long, we had a late dessert of Apple Pie played with the kids a bit more then I ended up cuddling with my nephew as both are sick and he kept me warm as I was getting cold. Overall it was a quiet but fun Christmas and I needed yesterday to re-cooperate from Christmas.

Have a good afternoon!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

My Favorite Moments In Elementary School!

                In today blogs, I am going to be talking about my favorite moment's in elementary school and my top moments during my years in elementary school and which ones made my list on today's blog topic.

1) Doing recycling in the entire school each Monday or Friday: Every week, I did recycling with my behavioral Intervention class or B.I.C. Class and it was a nice break from being in the classroom for 30 minutes or so and going class to class and getting recycling and emptying it. I ended up getting a reward for leadership which was amazing. This was in my second year at the elementary school.

2) Choir: I was involved with the choir on my first year at elementary school, 2 years prior to high school starting for me and was obviously involved in performances at Pickering Recreation, Pickering Town Centre and my favorite event, The Ajax Santa Claus Parade which I was in singing and a lot of memories from back in the day.

3) Musical, The Highlight Zone: When I returned to the elementary school I was at prior to the high school from hell, thanks to the high school b.s. In the new year, I decided to join or audition for the musical The Highlight Zone and of course got a minor part in the musical where I sang and had only 3 lines and of course had to fill in one extra line during the actual performance the entire school. 

4) Walks Down To The Lake: Going to the lake with the B.I.C. Class from time to time to get out from the classroom and still learning at the same time. I found a rock with a fossil in it and boy I wish I kept it.

                      There is my list, its not too long as there isn't too many fond memories of elementary school but Tuesday's blog will be a ton longer then usual as I will be talking about my fond memories of High School in this 3 part mini blog series on Dec 24th, Dec 26th & Dec 27th.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Favorite Memories On The Entertainment Man Talk Show

              I been wanting to write this blog post for over a year now and I can be honest I have been struggling to write this article or post for a long time due to the fact I am still year and a half later not all over the YouTube departure and it's not gone out of my head, I am not longer active making videos but I still think about the good times and I admit I do tear up from time to time and that emotion is still there but I can take with me the memories and if it wasn't for Everything About Reality TV starting on YouTube, I probably end up bored out of my mind right now but I am glad I started podcasting full time. So without further ado here is my list of favorite moments:

1) Cursing at My team at the start: This moment wasn't originally in the actual episode I added it at a later time as a Behind The Scenes and it was very iconic moment where my frustrations came out with so much happening at once and my staff at that time realize I was feeling frustrated.

2) Trying To Pick a Fight With Eric: This probably was the most funniest moments and Eric's smart alic remark at the end after he dropped the camera and of course that camera was expensive even tho it was given to me. I wanted to kick his butt on camera but he said nah, then he said on the next Jerry Springer! I can laugh at that now being years down the road.

3) Random Moments of Curse Words Spewed Out! (LOL): There is a reason why I put LOL in brackets, there are moments I use the s word, the f words and the remarks back to some of them have been classic moments. 

4) Bloopers In The Show: The show wouldn't be what it was without the mishaps of me tripping, falling, messing up the script for an episode, CD player not working leading to hilarity on set. Trust me we had fun with the bloopers. 

5) On Going Running Jokes: The mentioning of Shawn in the St Patty's day as Gordie said he has nothing green in his closet, I'm like except Shawn. He said hes green to the gills. Also when I got a lousy card during the Skip-Bo game, I said s*** and Gordie saying if you need to do that go into the house up the stairs door to the left... The middle names I came up with for Eric (Bearded Wonder, Texas Slugger), Justin (Justina, Justine, Old Grandma Justina), Larry (Larissa, Old Grandma Larissa) It was on going and even today I still got nicknames for my former staff and future staff member Jeff Lieberman (Jeffanah, Lieberfail, Liebernoob) It will always been a running joke and we have fun with nicknames.

                  So Those are my top 5 moments and I am sure there are more and it is hard to remember them all when I prep for the blog post but I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and enjoyed reading my blog post about My Favorite Memories On The Entertainment Man Talk Show. 

Have a great day!


Friday, December 22, 2017

My Thoughts On The Twitter Rules Changes (Positive Feedback!)

             So as most of you know, Twitter has changed the rules where the harassment, cyber bullying, hate speech, they have officially made it more strict, not strict but I mean they are really enforcing this and I am really happy about these changes as I have had been harassed and bullied by people who now are indefinitely suspended and I am really glad Twitter are cracking down to this, there is too much hate speech I've seen. I would like to see Twitter crack down on the inappropriate pictures as I have seen it enough where I have had to block people over it. What I did hear I believe once you are banned, you are IP banned from making an new account but I could be wrong about this. 

               But it is very good they have cracked down on the abuse of hate speech, harassment and making Twitter a safe place for all users. It will be a lot better then it was before. I have been a part of the Twitter community since 2009 ish and trust me I have had some interesting trolls or individuals talking crap on me and Twitter is always changing and improving things for the community. I am sure the inappropriate images on Twitter I see from time to time, Twitter is receiving reports of it and it's a good thing. Twitter users do not need to be harassed, hate speech thrown on them, my definition of a happy community is getting along with one another, interacting and having a good conversation, laugh, joking around, promoting their content, their business. In my final words to this shorter blog post, I definitely think Twitter is heading in the right direction and looking forward to what innovative and new ideas they bring to the platform.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Hiatus Cancelled!/Podcast Update!

             So as you all know, my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" was suppose take a small hiatus for around 2 months, however, CBS announced The Amazing Race 30 is to air January 3rd, 2018 so it throws my entire plan out to take a hiatus till March as you all know I wasn't and not planned on covering Celebrity Big Brother this year and I am still planning on not covering Celeb Big Brother after a conversation I had with one of my followers as I told em I needed a break and that break now is currently not happening minus the 2 week break between the seasons. I am not blaming CBS, just not too happy my break isn't happening. I mean I really know I needed this break but now I am going to be one busy bee so this is the announcement/update for the podcast that there is no Hiatus for the 2 month ish as Amazing Race is now on the Everything About Reality TV schedule and this is the new timetable and what it will look like now with the change of a schedule:

Today (Thurs, Dec 21st, 2017): Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers Season Finale (Recorded & Posted Up @ 9 pm EST) & Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast (Recorded a Week Ahead of Posting)

Thurs, Dec 28th/17: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast @ 9 pm EST

Thurs, Jan 4th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 RECAP Podcasts start! @ 9 pm EST

Thurs, Feb 22nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

Thurs, Mar 1st/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island RECAP Podcast start!

Fri, Mar 2nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

Fri, Mar 9th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP Podcasts start!

                    This is the NEW schedule for Everything About Reality TV and I apologize for the sudden changes but like I said before it was touch and go and not everything was put into a solid plan as I am still looking at the first copy of my timetable for the podcast and I am hoping to do a 3rd podcast in March doing a weekly Live Feed Update but I would have to have someone helping me with live feed updates so that idea right now is sort of dead but will briefly cover on the weekly recaps touch on the important live feed updates at least but if you want me to do an separate episode of the podcast let me know!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How Do I Catch Up On Work, I am Behind On?

         So how do I catch up on work that I fall behind? Well first of all I make a list with the most important thing at the top of my list to the least most important and I go from there.  I mean it is hard enough to keep up with the work load and I find making a list with the most important to the least important and I find it easy to work with. Now how do I make the list, what do I put this list on? Well first of all I have my black folder book with the pad of paper in it and I use the note pad I have in the book and write them 1 at a time. Sometimes I don't always use the book but majority of the time I do. Right now I can say I am not using it, I resorted to not using it however in the next paragraph I will tell you what I am currently using to help me out.

               What I am using and it is quite good to use. Since Windows 7 came out the app with the sticky notes, I started to utilize since I was in college back in 2010 so I started writing down what is the most important thing to get done to the least important and if I had like due dates or in this case with Chris B On The Web the date I need it done and right now I COULD use this technique or both what I said above as right now I am complete chaos with my work load with planning the preview for Amazing Race and prepping for Survivor and now the announced Big Brother Canada, so I think I am going to start utilizing this right away this way I know what needs to be done. 

                So I highly recommend this techniques as it has helped me in the past and it sure does make life so much easier to manage life and to get things done when they are set to be done, especially when you have to get it done for the specific time like I go through on a regular basis. If you do not use this technique then you are destine to fall behind on things just like I am right now, so I highly recommend this technique and let me know if this works for you or what you use to help you stand on track!


Monday, December 18, 2017

YouTube Vs. Podcasting, Which One Do I Prefer?

                  I really never really covered this since my days as an YouTuber but which of the two do I prefer YouTube or Podcasting? It is a very interesting question honestly as it has taken me hours to figure out the answer to that and even writing this blog post tonight, I find it hard to give an answer but here is my answer behind this:

                  With podcasting, I find it a lot more fun interacting with my fan base on the Facebook ground page and Twitter then I do with YouTube as on YT, the comments do not all show up in comments and I have noticed this even towards the end of my YouTube career comments went into the pending box and I had to manually had to approve it as long as it was appropriate or I would of sent it over to spam. Now with Podcasting the comments that are made or reviews show up, they show no matter what. The comments sometimes showing up on YouTube, that's YouTube for you. The interaction with you guys the fans within social media, I see everything you guys say to me with the mentioned section on Twitter and for the Facebook the posts show up right there on the feed and easy for me to answer every message I get in the group. Plus there isn't that dislike button and there are not as many trolls as there , but you can rate with 1 - 5 stars, 5 especially if you enjoy the podcast each and every week and I know you guys have been enjoying it as the views sure tell me so that you guys love listening to it each and every week. It doesn't matter I don't make money from this but I find it a lot more rewarding and the planning isn't as hard as YouTube and all I really do for Everything About Reality TV for example is take the notes from the episode add extra footnotes if needed, questions especially if I got a guest on the podcast. I also found I have grown fast on 5 other Audio ONLY platforms or Networks on top of so the growth of a podcast is faster on Audio ONLY compared to video, but I am not putting down Video it's good too with the interaction of the fans LIVE on video and trust me I've considered it many times and still considering it for finale's still to this day.

                   So the moment of truth is here, which one do I prefer? Well, Podcasting! I have had the most fun ever with it and my hashtag #EverythingAboutRealityTV which is the hastag you can use to get in the conversation, put in your thoughts or even questions and I will even read them on the show each episode! But My hashtag for that podcast, has been trending not once but twice I believe this year it was twice it got trending, could of been from Survivor Millenial's Vs Gen X season but it doesn't matter when, it was, it has trended before and it can trend again in the nearby future and I am sure it will be. I had fun with YouTube, but was time for change and I find to be having more fun with podcasting then I did with YouTube, so Podcasting all the way.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (No SPOILERS!)

              Well today, I got to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi and on 3 hours of sleep! All I am going to say it was an amazing movie, lived up more to my exception in this movie, like I said to Larry, there was theories I heard went right out the door but like the title of this blog says this particular NO Spoilers and I tend to keep this blog for today, as I said I will be doing a spoilers blog in the middle of January/Late January. 

                 The start of the movie was so action packed, it drew me in right away and I was hooked right through the movie. Of course there was moments in the movie that I was like what? I don't understand, but as the movie went on, it got better and it became very, very clear what was going on, again, I do not wanna spoil the movie. I found this movie to be the best movie out of The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi in the new trilogy but we don't know how EP # 9 will be. I wasn't expecting the ending to be what it was, I think my jaw dropped to the floor of the theater at the end of the movie, I didn't even see that was going to happen and I was like oh crap. I was completely blindsided to see that one scene happen.

                   The theories I had about Rey being family to Obi Wan Kenobi or The former Emperor went out the door. Now let's talk about the trailer which I am sure you all have seen by now, with Leia and a beam coming her way to the ship, I was thrown off by that completely and I thought I that is how she died and it wasn't what I thought when I saw the trailer initially the first time around, I will talk more about that in the New Year with spoilers. I wasn't expecting the movie to be this good, but I was like wow! What a movie, I can't wait for the next movie in 2019, it is now the waiting game and I am merely looking forward to the next Star Wars Movie in 2019, but also looking forward to the story about Han Solo next year. Finally overall the movie was so amazing, wish I was able to give it beyond 10 out of 10 stars, I was not expecting the movie to be this good in my honest opinion. You can say my expectations were not as high as I expected but myself and Larry did enjoy this movie and we are excited for the next movie in the trilogy in 2019.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Winter/Spring 2018 Season

          Well it is that time once again to make this announcement and been dreading this for the past week but it has to be done. As you know next week I will be wrapping my 4th Season coverage of Reality TV and it is time to announce the next season of Reality TV. So here is the schedule for the upcoming season which is 2.5 weeks away from starting:

December 19th, 2017: Recording The Preview for Amazing Race 30

December 21st, 2017: 4th Season/Fall 2017 Season wraps up recording

December 28th, 2017: Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast release @ 9 pm EST

January 4th, 2018: Amazing Race 30 RECAPS Start

March 1st, 2018: Survivor 36 RECAPS Start (Proper Name not confirmed, but Survivor Ghost Island is rumored to be the name) @ 8 pm EST

           Now For Big Brother Canada 6, the date of it starting hasn't been confirmed yet, however I will keep you guys informed and this blog can and will be re-posted once the date comes closer. The 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV is coming closer and closer and as of next week, I will be at 90 episodes and you guys didn't know I was this close and I am! Once I am near episode # 99, I will be making the announcement in the way of the 100th Episode and what the plan is for it, if guests will be involved or will it be a normal everyday recap, you guys will know in due time. As for off season podcasts, I put them on hold until the suitable time. Also planning on recovering episodes from fall 2015, Winter/Spring 2016.  Things are still tentative but this is what I am thinking for Everything About Reality TV and any questions or concerns please ask in the Facebook group or on Twitter @ChrisBOnTheWeb on both social media or


Results On My Ailing Knee/Retiring From Baseball

           So 1 week later, since my doctor appointment and I still find it hard to come to the realization that I may have arthritis in the knee, either one or both knees but mainly my right knee which is the worst of the 2 knees. It also made me realize my baseball & basketball career, well I wouldn't consider it a career but been doing sports for over 10 years but now I am limited what I am and can't do, it isn't because my family doctor didn't tell me to call it quits, this was my judgement on my own terms and I really do not wanna make the problem worse. On my last ever season I ever played, I struggled at the last game of the season and came off the field hurting and limping... The pain didn't stop me, my coach insisted I sit out to rest but nope! Stubborn old me had to play baseball regardless. Least I went out with a bang with a home run under my belt in the tournament. I went on to play basketball but did not complete to once again my knee. So as you can see ever since certain someone, no names mentioned.... LOL, hitting my in the knee cap, my knee has been the bane of my existence.

              There is your brief history but what did my doctor say to my mom and I? Well, possibly I could have arthritis which actually runs in my family both my mom and dad's side so I happen to be in that bad percentage of getting it and I gotta deal with it but not a full diagnosis has been made yet. What do you mean Chris? Well we didn't officially get an X-Ray or MRI done yet, I am going to do exercises between now and February and if it is not better by March or April I will be going back to the family doctor, the next step is an x-ray to see if it is arthritis and if my doctor has to do an MRI I will do it... Anything to get answers with the knee pain I have constantly.

                So with that, I am retired from basketball & baseball as there is no way the running will help and I feel at this time I would be a liability to the team and always pulled off the field and this is what is best for me. I need to take care of myself first before things go way out of control. I wanna thank my coaches for helping me, especially with my batting which got so much better on my last season of softball. Always there to support me and the rest of the team when struggled or felt down. I wanna thank my fellow team mates for being there for me and giving me the encouragement when I needed it. I will miss the team dearly but you never know, I may pop by for a visit to the Eagle/Hawks/Falcons!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Am I Looking Forward To Winter?

                 So am I looking forward to snow this winter? No! Not really, it's driving me insane with this cold weather at the moment with my knee, pain and possible arthritis which is another blog post for later on in the week, hint, hint, double hint 😉

                 I mean the snow is nice around this time of the year, especially around Christmas time and what not but before or after the holidays having it non stop is would drive you nuts after a while and trust me what I have heard this Winter as I'm in Ontario that we are getting snow and boy I am not happy one bit the fact its here and I gotta deal with it and especially with my knee.

                  One good thing is, I can play in the snow with my niece and nephew especially, make a fort, make snowballs for a snowball fight, snow angels and just have plain good old fun with my niece and nephew. So yes and no I am looking forward to winter, as for the no it is mainly my knee that is driving me nuts and that's the post for tomorrow that I will be writing about. One other thing I sure look forward to with the snow is having a white Christmas and I think we will end up having a white Christmas as long as the white stuff stays on the group between now and Christmas we should have  a white one this year up here in Ontario. However, there are pros and cons to snow and I think I pretty much put my opinion on am I am looking forward to Winter, what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to winter? Let me know!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Who Are My Favorite YouTubers?

          I don't think I have ever covered this in the blog before but that's OK, I am covering it right now in this blog post today. So which YouTuber's do I watch on the platform, yes even despite the adpocalypse on YouTube and the family friendly content, here is a general list of who I watch on YouTube:

McJuggernuggets: Ever since I discovered the Psycho Series, I've become a fan of his channel and watched his New series ever since then. And yes, I know it's fake! Knew that from after watching a few episodes, however I enjoy his series for entertainment purposes and that only, I don't care if it's fake or not, I enjoy watching his videos. Also ever since joining the IPhone Club, I've downloaded his app Storyfire which that is where his series are first before YouTube, so I keep up with his videos.

The Angry Grandpa Show: I found AGP's/ KidBehindACamera's channel through recommendations after watching McJuggernuggets channel which I know sounds off but whenever I am down, I watch a AGP video and it makes me laugh and puts a smile back on my face, as you know I have dealt with depression in the last couple of years and watching the videos, really make my day better and I am a AGP Fan for life. 

Boogie2988: Boogie has been an inspiration to me especially with his weight loss and inspired me to look after myself better. Not only that but I loved his Francis videos, whether it was a Francis rage or him cooking and messing up a meal like the turkey video, I really enjoy em.

RealManPwns: I have seen his casts since days and find him hilarious with his Ma'am, Ma'am! Love watching his cooking videos especially. Haven't seen a new video by him in 2 months but still continue to be a loyal subscriber.

             I didn't mention a lot of people but these are the ones who I love to watch on an almost regular basis but I watch other channels like Rob Has A Podcast, McCann's Farm, Corrado & Saskia from Apprentice Eh, NishaJD and several other channels.


12 Years In Online Media!

              So 12 years ago yesterday, I started my journey with Online Media, but started mainly making videos but not posting them up on YouTube. Then the group lasting up to it's 8.5 year mark in 2014, was so close to 9 years near 8 yrs on YouTube officially. Then making the move to Podcasting and haven't looked back since and love creating Reality TV Recap Podcasts each week.

               I've notice I have grown in the social media in the way of Twitter as you know I had 2 different Twitter accounts but the first one is now deleted and gone from the Twitterverse, as you know with the current social media I got right now is the one I use only now. It is amazing since 2013 my social media reached passed 1000 followers then now currently almost half way to 3200 followers so watching my social media grow is insane! I have grown as a person, also learned around problems and conflict with other people. I can say I am more knowledge of fixing problems, especially technology wise now too, yes I am talking about my website being the primary problem over the last couple of years.

                  I love what I do each and everyday and sharing my knowledge, wisdom & wit. Also interacting with you guys on a daily basis, I love getting to know each and everyone of you and connecting with other bloggers and podcaster's in the Twitter community each and everyday of my life. I am planning to keep on going with Chris B On The Web for years to come and hope you continue to support me in the years come as I continue to grow my fan base. Second Blog Post to come at 6 pm EST, in the meantime, have a great afternoon!



Saturday, December 9, 2017

Toronto Christmas Market @ Toronto Distillery District 2017!

          So last night, more like Thursday night, I got to go to the Distillery District in Toronto for the Toronto Christmas Market with my dad and this was the first time for us going to this ever and we heard about this last year and wanted to go but apparently it ended before Christmas but this year it goes up to the day before Christmas. We traveled to Toronto Via Go Train as it is the fastest way into the city, due to traffic during the rush hour time it would not be too good if we drove in we would of been stuck in traffic and there later then we were on Thursday Night.

So we got there, we took the subway to King Station and the streetcar over to the Distillery District. We got there and went in and I was amazed by all the lights at the distillery/Toronto Christmas Market, the red, the white lights. As you can see above, the white and red lights. Also as you see in the picture above I had a picture with me behind the white star which makes me like a star I guess. They had booths with small snow globes, also Christmas decorations as well. Their were some with food or snacks like a grilled Cheese stand, poutine which I had a poutine with Montreal Smoked Meat which is a French-Canadian kind of dish here in Canada. Also they got a huge tree as you can see on the left side of the post with my dad sort of under the tree. We had a great night, minus the transit booting us off as it was going out of service which it could of gone out of service at the loop and we could of waited for another streetcar to head back to Union Station but oh well, it is what it is and we managed to get home around 930 pm that evening and boy I was exhausted but yet I stayed up till 1 or 2 am in the morning which I haven't slept well but I felt relaxed after a fun evening.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Tyrone Parade of Lights 2017

             This year at the Tyrone Parade of Lights, was a bit frustrating to deal with the missing battery pack at the start of the parade which it was left here in the studio and let me say, I've loaded it for tonight's event I am going to, hence no Everything About Reality TV Podcast tonight and it's going up tomorrow. So every year I go to Tyrone and have been for about 10 years now. 

              So to take pictures were taken by my IPhone obviously as I messed up forgetting to load the camera battery last night. One thing I did find very frustrating with this parade the fact they said 730 pm and it didn't come till 20 mins to 8 O'Clock so they were late and boy I wasn't happy, I wasn't having it, I was not a happy camper and I wanted to go home and forget this parade. I even said to my dad, I wasn't going to come back next year, but I had second thoughts not long after. 

                Once the parade started, I enjoyed it, actually I noticed right off the bat there was a lot of new floats then last year so or there were additions to the parade then they had last year minus the first float as you see above and on the left side of this blog Santa on his Case Tractor but with a trailer this year that probably was the only one that was in this parade as they changed but I would have to go compare notes and I will do a follow up blog next week once I know what the differences are and it will make a different blog post and I wanna compare notes to last year's parade. Also the parade had more floats then last year and it was even better then last year, but my dad mentioned they should start it 30 mins earlier then they normally do. Other then that when it finished I said yes, I would go back next year no matter what happened this year with the late parade because I really do enjoy these parades each and every year with my dad.

Have  a great rest of your day!


My Birthday 2017!

          Yesterday was my birthday and was the most fun I have had out of all the birthday's. I got to celebrated with Larry, whom you all know from the highly successful podcast, Everything About Reality TV from time to time and he came over for about 6.5 hours, usually its like 7.5 hours we are together, but he came over and out of the 5 of us he was the only one that was able to come over but that's OK we had a fun time, played tons of Sims 4, he tried The Binding of Isaac, Star Wars Battlefront (the first of those games). We had chicken nuggets and fries. Inbetween him and I spending time, answering texts, and calls with birthday wishes from friends and family which was fine, I got to talk to my grandma again as I saw her back on Monday. Plus answering Facebook and Twitter birthday wishes.

               After Larry left, I spent time with my brother, my Niece and Nephew popped over to see me for a bit before they had to go and eat and the kids swimming class. I opened my gifts from my brother and my sister in law, the kids which was a One Republic CD also gift card for best buy. My mom and dad of course got me All In The Family Season 7 - 9 which completes my entire collection of the series. After my brother left as they were short for time, we made the pizza as I requested for my birthday dinner. It was delicious it had pepperoni, pineapple and cheese on it, I know pineapple does not go on Pizza! After that the night was pretty much to myself, watched a movie, talked to my friend Terry again for the second time in the day, so it was nice to sit back and relax after a very busy but fun day. 



Monday, December 4, 2017

Concerns, Everything About Reality TV, Everything About Reality TV Update

                   I know the Net Neutrality will not impact me much up in Canada if passed but the facts is my podcast is on an American Website and it will be throttled whether or not I am in Canada or The United States of America. This definitely hurts my podcast In every way, shape and form and if they throttle the websites my podcasts are on, it most definitely hurts my podcasts future on the internet and yet I got royalty free intro and the rest pretty much is me talking on the podcast, the intro is like 30 seconds then that's it. If it doesn't pass then everything will stand as it is with my podcast and running the podcast each and every week.

                    Now another thing that is on my mind with my podcast currently is the stability of the Reality TV Shows in the last several months with Big Brother Canada going on hiatus for a month, put me into a panic that my podcast was going downhill. I understand Survivor, Amazing Race won't be around forever but as long as I got Reality TV Shows to cover, I am happy to be recapping it for you guys once to a few times a week, depending on the schedule for the Reality TV. However yes I was concerned to the future of this podcast but I feel positive that it will be around for a while still and if it does end, I can always do other podcast projects in the near future and start a new journey. Like the saying goes, one door closes and another one opens to start something new.

Have a Great Night!


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Port Perry Santa Claus Parade 2017

            This is a different blog from any of the previous blog posts, I have done in the last couple of days and change is good. So last night I got to go to the Port Perry Santa Claus Parade, the first time since November/December 2009 which is almost 10 years ago since I have went to the parade last. So it was quite sometime ago since I was there and would like to try and go every year since we missed the parade in my city where I'm from. 

            So we left a bit late so we ended up parking further away then usual and of course we ended up walking where we were going to stand but hey it was good, because it was close to a spot where we can see the parade and also we got a treat, my dad got a coffee and a tart, I just had a raisin scone as I wasn't thirsty at all but the scone was delicious.

             As for the parade it was good, but there were somethings that I wasn't happy with, one being the parade was spaced out way to much and I felt like it was slow in sections. I know I am whining and complaining but it was the truth. I didn't really care it was a smaller parade because I understood it was a small town which I thought it made it more quaint for a parade. Would I go back? Probably as long as they don't space it out a lot, I will be more then happy to go back next year for the 2018 Port Perry Santa Claus Parade!


Friday, December 1, 2017

Net Neutrality And What My Thoughts On This....

                  I have seen YouTube Video about Net Neutrality and I figured I should address this in the blog today. It is very important issue with the FCC wanting to vote for Net Neutrality and to raise awareness on this. 

                 So the FCC want to pass Net Neutrality in the United States and if it is passed a lot of websites in the States will be throttled and yes this includes my podcast, as it is on an American website, so it may affect me too even though were neutral for Net and our ISP's (Internet Service Providers) & CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications) want to keep Neutral, but I believe I will still affected in some way with the American Websites out there and mass majority of the sites my podcast is on is on sites from the states, so I am still be affected as the FCC, I am sure when they throttle the sites and then my podcast is pretty much in trouble. Not only me other sites too.

                    Also sites like YouTube, also streaming sites like Stream Me, Camup, Vaughnlive, IVlog will be throttle, which means the streaming platforms are going to suffer dearly, but not just suffer but streaming site owners will lose their casters and money from their ads, pro or VIP users and pretty much the site will pretty much die down which is not a good thing, casting has become huge online. Also internet radio will not exist, especially with stations that broadcast on video platforms it will be throttled.

                    So with what I said, I encourage you to go to your member of congress and tell them, you don't want to see Net Neutrality passed as the online world will be coming crashing down very quickly on Dec 14th. As for us Canadians, we will not be affected it is up to our Internet Service Providers are the ones to deal with the activity I guess and hand out our prices for internet use but please down in the states talk to your member of congress and tell them you don't want the net neutrality passed.