Sunday, December 24, 2017

My Favorite Moments In Elementary School!

                In today blogs, I am going to be talking about my favorite moment's in elementary school and my top moments during my years in elementary school and which ones made my list on today's blog topic.

1) Doing recycling in the entire school each Monday or Friday: Every week, I did recycling with my behavioral Intervention class or B.I.C. Class and it was a nice break from being in the classroom for 30 minutes or so and going class to class and getting recycling and emptying it. I ended up getting a reward for leadership which was amazing. This was in my second year at the elementary school.

2) Choir: I was involved with the choir on my first year at elementary school, 2 years prior to high school starting for me and was obviously involved in performances at Pickering Recreation, Pickering Town Centre and my favorite event, The Ajax Santa Claus Parade which I was in singing and a lot of memories from back in the day.

3) Musical, The Highlight Zone: When I returned to the elementary school I was at prior to the high school from hell, thanks to the high school b.s. In the new year, I decided to join or audition for the musical The Highlight Zone and of course got a minor part in the musical where I sang and had only 3 lines and of course had to fill in one extra line during the actual performance the entire school. 

4) Walks Down To The Lake: Going to the lake with the B.I.C. Class from time to time to get out from the classroom and still learning at the same time. I found a rock with a fossil in it and boy I wish I kept it.

                      There is my list, its not too long as there isn't too many fond memories of elementary school but Tuesday's blog will be a ton longer then usual as I will be talking about my fond memories of High School in this 3 part mini blog series on Dec 24th, Dec 26th & Dec 27th.


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