Saturday, December 23, 2017

Favorite Memories On The Entertainment Man Talk Show

              I been wanting to write this blog post for over a year now and I can be honest I have been struggling to write this article or post for a long time due to the fact I am still year and a half later not all over the YouTube departure and it's not gone out of my head, I am not longer active making videos but I still think about the good times and I admit I do tear up from time to time and that emotion is still there but I can take with me the memories and if it wasn't for Everything About Reality TV starting on YouTube, I probably end up bored out of my mind right now but I am glad I started podcasting full time. So without further ado here is my list of favorite moments:

1) Cursing at My team at the start: This moment wasn't originally in the actual episode I added it at a later time as a Behind The Scenes and it was very iconic moment where my frustrations came out with so much happening at once and my staff at that time realize I was feeling frustrated.

2) Trying To Pick a Fight With Eric: This probably was the most funniest moments and Eric's smart alic remark at the end after he dropped the camera and of course that camera was expensive even tho it was given to me. I wanted to kick his butt on camera but he said nah, then he said on the next Jerry Springer! I can laugh at that now being years down the road.

3) Random Moments of Curse Words Spewed Out! (LOL): There is a reason why I put LOL in brackets, there are moments I use the s word, the f words and the remarks back to some of them have been classic moments. 

4) Bloopers In The Show: The show wouldn't be what it was without the mishaps of me tripping, falling, messing up the script for an episode, CD player not working leading to hilarity on set. Trust me we had fun with the bloopers. 

5) On Going Running Jokes: The mentioning of Shawn in the St Patty's day as Gordie said he has nothing green in his closet, I'm like except Shawn. He said hes green to the gills. Also when I got a lousy card during the Skip-Bo game, I said s*** and Gordie saying if you need to do that go into the house up the stairs door to the left... The middle names I came up with for Eric (Bearded Wonder, Texas Slugger), Justin (Justina, Justine, Old Grandma Justina), Larry (Larissa, Old Grandma Larissa) It was on going and even today I still got nicknames for my former staff and future staff member Jeff Lieberman (Jeffanah, Lieberfail, Liebernoob) It will always been a running joke and we have fun with nicknames.

                  So Those are my top 5 moments and I am sure there are more and it is hard to remember them all when I prep for the blog post but I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and enjoyed reading my blog post about My Favorite Memories On The Entertainment Man Talk Show. 

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