Friday, December 22, 2017

My Thoughts On The Twitter Rules Changes (Positive Feedback!)

             So as most of you know, Twitter has changed the rules where the harassment, cyber bullying, hate speech, they have officially made it more strict, not strict but I mean they are really enforcing this and I am really happy about these changes as I have had been harassed and bullied by people who now are indefinitely suspended and I am really glad Twitter are cracking down to this, there is too much hate speech I've seen. I would like to see Twitter crack down on the inappropriate pictures as I have seen it enough where I have had to block people over it. What I did hear I believe once you are banned, you are IP banned from making an new account but I could be wrong about this. 

               But it is very good they have cracked down on the abuse of hate speech, harassment and making Twitter a safe place for all users. It will be a lot better then it was before. I have been a part of the Twitter community since 2009 ish and trust me I have had some interesting trolls or individuals talking crap on me and Twitter is always changing and improving things for the community. I am sure the inappropriate images on Twitter I see from time to time, Twitter is receiving reports of it and it's a good thing. Twitter users do not need to be harassed, hate speech thrown on them, my definition of a happy community is getting along with one another, interacting and having a good conversation, laugh, joking around, promoting their content, their business. In my final words to this shorter blog post, I definitely think Twitter is heading in the right direction and looking forward to what innovative and new ideas they bring to the platform.


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