Thursday, December 21, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Hiatus Cancelled!/Podcast Update!

             So as you all know, my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" was suppose take a small hiatus for around 2 months, however, CBS announced The Amazing Race 30 is to air January 3rd, 2018 so it throws my entire plan out to take a hiatus till March as you all know I wasn't and not planned on covering Celebrity Big Brother this year and I am still planning on not covering Celeb Big Brother after a conversation I had with one of my followers as I told em I needed a break and that break now is currently not happening minus the 2 week break between the seasons. I am not blaming CBS, just not too happy my break isn't happening. I mean I really know I needed this break but now I am going to be one busy bee so this is the announcement/update for the podcast that there is no Hiatus for the 2 month ish as Amazing Race is now on the Everything About Reality TV schedule and this is the new timetable and what it will look like now with the change of a schedule:

Today (Thurs, Dec 21st, 2017): Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers Season Finale (Recorded & Posted Up @ 9 pm EST) & Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast (Recorded a Week Ahead of Posting)

Thurs, Dec 28th/17: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast @ 9 pm EST

Thurs, Jan 4th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 RECAP Podcasts start! @ 9 pm EST

Thurs, Feb 22nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

Thurs, Mar 1st/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island RECAP Podcast start!

Fri, Mar 2nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

Fri, Mar 9th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP Podcasts start!

                    This is the NEW schedule for Everything About Reality TV and I apologize for the sudden changes but like I said before it was touch and go and not everything was put into a solid plan as I am still looking at the first copy of my timetable for the podcast and I am hoping to do a 3rd podcast in March doing a weekly Live Feed Update but I would have to have someone helping me with live feed updates so that idea right now is sort of dead but will briefly cover on the weekly recaps touch on the important live feed updates at least but if you want me to do an separate episode of the podcast let me know!


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