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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Will Return Jan 14th, 2020!

               It has been a whirlwind of a season and I honestly can say I thought this week was the end of the podcast but it wasn't as you guys wanted me to continue on. This season has been full of emotions as you know the last season before the one that I just finished, we ended up walking away from Big Brother for the remainder of the season due to falling so far behind and honestly if any of this would happen again, I have a new plan moving forward but we will be fine with the plan that we got, it is going to even be bigger and better then before. This year also I thought it would of been done with this podcast but nope, you guys wanted more seasons and been reaching out to me and it was an astonishing amount of support through the rough patches I have had recently. Plus we have a new staff on board for the Big Brother Canada 8 and hopefully Big Brother 22 RECAPS so this is definitely good for us moving forward and it sure takes a bit of stress as you know I covered everything in the past 4 years so I am excited to be mentoring and been wanting to take on a mentor role. With with the stress of this season comes excitement for 2020. Plus ever since the podcast was discovered that it was on IHeartRadio it really has picked the views up on the podcast so that's so amazing as views as the views really stayed around the same amount for the longest time! 

                 Now with one season gone comes another and with great pleasure, I am happy announce a 13th season of Everything About Reality TV come February 13th, 2020! So when will there be off season Podcasts? Well we will be returning on January 14th, 2020 so this does give us a few weeks off from Podcasting so we can prepare some off season episodes for you guys right now, as you know I have destroyed the notes when I made that announcement it was ending but now that it isn't I have to come up with ideas for both Survivor, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada and I do actually have a couple of ideas up my sleeve before the preview podcast early February as I found out that Survivor: Winners At War is now suppose to be out February 12th, 2020 but Jeff said that it will be out sometime February but it was leaked apparently. So I look forward to January 14th and in the meantime, please enjoy the blog posts in the meantime while we are on a break from the podcast.


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Huge Announcement!

               The moment is here that you have all been waiting for. The huge announcement I have been holding onto since Thursday last week when my private group found out first as I have a private group to discuss things around the CBOTW Community but anyways to catch you guys up to speed I have made an addition to Everything About Reality TV in the way of covering TV Shows and I already looked into it and this show and it is a Reality TV Show. So with great pleasure it is my honor and privilege to announce the return of Hell's Kitchen Recaps! Now you are going to wonder am I going to host it? The answer to that is no. I have brought on someone new to the podcast to take those over. His name is Billy which you can find him on Twitter @Billy1196 and on Instagram billiams11 He will be the one that will be behind the microphone at his own place and he will be sending it to me to get it finalized and posted up on the Everything About Reality TV Audio ONLY Feed since YouTube screwed us over with that false copyright claims from a company but they took it down which I will address tomorrow's blog. Anyways I am excited for this change and the fact I am slowly stepping back on my role to 3 shows that I am now covering. I plan on getting other hosts down the line too for Big Brother Canada Season 8 and Big Brother US Season 22 and will be open to video applications online for this volunteer position. So Billy is just the start of things for the Everything About Reality TV Podcast crew.

                    Now I do not know when it will start and right now as there is not a schedule that has been released nor if it will be this fall or in the New Year so It is hard to tell at the moment as it is to be determined and it will be a tough one to answer. Soon as I know when the release date is then I will be doing up the schedule weekly. I do have Survivor: Island of The Idols scheduled at the top of my head so I am ready however few problems occurring the first week as I will not be home that Wednesday for the premiere, I will be at a friends for the premiere and finally of Big Brother US. However got ideas and know my schedule the next season which this will be our 12th season. Yes I said "Our" as Billy is the newest addition to the team. However like I said I am so thrilled to have him on the team and this podcast is constantly changing and this podcast is still in it's prime for it almost hitting 4 years of hard work it was finally time to bring someone new onto the podcast to help out and he is solely on his own with support from me mostly. I am the one adding in the theme but I think he will be the one to edit as well.  However we have to work on details right now and we have some time between now to work out the details. So welcome aboard Billy glad to have you part of this team even if it is a yearly thing for several months either way it is great to have him on board. I know he will do a good job.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Schedule For This Week

              As you all know, I have been away on holidays and still catching up and tonight I just posted up the Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP from last week but as you know tomorrow or today for those who are on the East Coast time like I am, then you know I not going to be around the studio tomorrow and more then likely will end up up till least 2 am trying to get the post for later done. Anyways this emergency post is the schedule for this week and how it will affect the post up times. I am for this week making some slight changes to the podcast and I will be announcing it on the podcast itself when I record in the morning. For right now, the schedule for the Podcast as follows:

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019: 

3 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 2 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

6 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 2 RECAP- (Premiered On YouTube)

10 pm EDT: Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

Thursday, July 18th, 2019:

Tech Day In The Studio, Will be testing on YouTube W/ Larry in Studio. May go live on Instagram Live too To Get ready for the Live Podcast at 10:15 pm EST!

1015 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 3 RECAP (Live On YouTube)

Friday, July 19th, 2019:

9 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 3 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

               There is the schedule and if I can't sleep tonight, I will work and focus on the work load before a day of fun. If I sleep a few hours, there is sleeping in the car on the way up but I am going to make sure between now and 2 am to be in bed around 2 and up at 8 am to be ready to go. I will record but no editing till the next day technically but majority of the day I will be in studio recording and editing and is the reason I put Amazing Race Canada 7 at 10 pm EDT to ensure I am going to get it out one way or another. 


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Announcement (Apr 29th/18)

            I have been thinking about everything very clearly lately and I made this decision and it was hard as I have been thinking about it and here is the Big Announcement I have been holding back for the past couple of weeks, dreading making the announcement but why would I hold back an announcement that is great news? Because it is very exciting news to be coming out to you guys.

          So the news is I am renewing Everything About Reality TV Podcast for Season 7 & 8, that's right I am renewing the podcast for the Summer 2018 season, but not only the Summer, but also the Fall 2018 season too. In today's blog I will be covering which Reality TV shows I will be covering for each season and plus an idea I got in my head but not sure if it is possible for it to happen but we will have to see. Also The CBOTW Show will be more on the active side after it only had a few week stint On-Air.

Summer 2018:

             This summer I will be covering once again, like I did last year Big Brother (Big Brother 20) and also will be covering Amazing Race Canada 6 as i normally plan on doing each and every summer for you guys. Now I have been talking to my parents and there may be plans to go away but with the upcoming kitchen renovations coming up, that may prove to not happen possibly. If I can find someone I may find someone to cover Big Brother US 20, just to take the pressure off of me and you never know my team could even start growing again as there is something you guys do not really know yet but I will tell you guys in time what I mean. Even if I do not go away, still would be nice to give someone an opportunity to help out but if not that's fine. I am ready to make the moves and rebuild the team from the ground up. The CBOTW Show Podcast will be seeing 3 brand new episodes of the podcast as myself and Larry will be starting up a Power Rangers Talk on the podcast 4 times a year.  This summer we will talk about The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 3 parts on 3 different weeks in a 2 week interval. 

Fall 2018:

               In the Fall, as it has been recently announced that Survivor will be back in the fall for Season 38 and I already assume and know that it is for Season 37 & 38 which puts a big smile on my face to be actually able to recap Survivor once again. Now YES! I am aware that Amazing Race has been renewed for Season 31 and do not know when it will air as it has been left off the schedule for right now until I know when it will air on TV again. Also in the fall, The CBOTW Show Podcast will be back to scheduled episodes with the Hell's Kitchen 18 Recaps returning to Chris B On The Web. So a busy and hectic Fall and Summer but a fun 2 season for both of the podcasts and I hope you guys enjoy the episodes! 

Chris "The Media Man"

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Hiatus Cancelled!/Podcast Update!

             So as you all know, my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" was suppose take a small hiatus for around 2 months, however, CBS announced The Amazing Race 30 is to air January 3rd, 2018 so it throws my entire plan out to take a hiatus till March as you all know I wasn't and not planned on covering Celebrity Big Brother this year and I am still planning on not covering Celeb Big Brother after a conversation I had with one of my followers as I told em I needed a break and that break now is currently not happening minus the 2 week break between the seasons. I am not blaming CBS, just not too happy my break isn't happening. I mean I really know I needed this break but now I am going to be one busy bee so this is the announcement/update for the podcast that there is no Hiatus for the 2 month ish as Amazing Race is now on the Everything About Reality TV schedule and this is the new timetable and what it will look like now with the change of a schedule:

Today (Thurs, Dec 21st, 2017): Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers Season Finale (Recorded & Posted Up @ 9 pm EST) & Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast (Recorded a Week Ahead of Posting)

Thurs, Dec 28th/17: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast @ 9 pm EST

Thurs, Jan 4th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Amazing Race 30 RECAP Podcasts start! @ 9 pm EST

Thurs, Feb 22nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

Thurs, Mar 1st/18: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor: Ghost Island RECAP Podcast start!

Fri, Mar 2nd/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

Fri, Mar 9th/18: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP Podcasts start!

                    This is the NEW schedule for Everything About Reality TV and I apologize for the sudden changes but like I said before it was touch and go and not everything was put into a solid plan as I am still looking at the first copy of my timetable for the podcast and I am hoping to do a 3rd podcast in March doing a weekly Live Feed Update but I would have to have someone helping me with live feed updates so that idea right now is sort of dead but will briefly cover on the weekly recaps touch on the important live feed updates at least but if you want me to do an separate episode of the podcast let me know!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Winter/Spring 2018 Season

          Well it is that time once again to make this announcement and been dreading this for the past week but it has to be done. As you know next week I will be wrapping my 4th Season coverage of Reality TV and it is time to announce the next season of Reality TV. So here is the schedule for the upcoming season which is 2.5 weeks away from starting:

December 19th, 2017: Recording The Preview for Amazing Race 30

December 21st, 2017: 4th Season/Fall 2017 Season wraps up recording

December 28th, 2017: Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast release @ 9 pm EST

January 4th, 2018: Amazing Race 30 RECAPS Start

March 1st, 2018: Survivor 36 RECAPS Start (Proper Name not confirmed, but Survivor Ghost Island is rumored to be the name) @ 8 pm EST

           Now For Big Brother Canada 6, the date of it starting hasn't been confirmed yet, however I will keep you guys informed and this blog can and will be re-posted once the date comes closer. The 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV is coming closer and closer and as of next week, I will be at 90 episodes and you guys didn't know I was this close and I am! Once I am near episode # 99, I will be making the announcement in the way of the 100th Episode and what the plan is for it, if guests will be involved or will it be a normal everyday recap, you guys will know in due time. As for off season podcasts, I put them on hold until the suitable time. Also planning on recovering episodes from fall 2015, Winter/Spring 2016.  Things are still tentative but this is what I am thinking for Everything About Reality TV and any questions or concerns please ask in the Facebook group or on Twitter @ChrisBOnTheWeb on both social media or


Monday, November 13, 2017

Website Update & Announcement (11-13-2017)

                I cannot delay this anymore then I have since the end of October but here is my Announcement and Website announcement I have been holding off almost a month now and it will not be a very long winded announcement:

                So as you may know has been suffering a lot with problems on the server side of things and now the website going to sleep at 3 am EST every night which you don't really notice it but my theory behind it is a website is suppose to be up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week and it only runs 23 hours, 7 days a week which isn't right so with that I am moving the site with a new provider next year once the domain expires and will be getting it with 000webhost themselves well Hostinger24 who are partnered up with 000webhost but next year I will be changing everything over with them officially as of a year from now so the website will be running very smoothly then it has been in the last year. Website is the last stage of the re-build for Chris B On The Web.

               2nd announcement for Chris B On The Web is as of Mid December (next month) I will be taking a small break till mid or late February from Everything About Reality TV Podcast in the way of TV Show recaps because my head has been going non stop and I just need a mental break from the podcast. This however don't mean I will not be doing off season podcasts on this podcast because I will be recording and posting em up every week or every 2 weeks up on the Audio ONLY feeds so you can get your fix of Everything About Reality TV Podcast so the feeds will still be very much active during the break from recapping the shows we all love to watch! This don't mean I won't be watching Celebrity Big Brother US because I will be tuning into the show regardless! 

                3rd and final announcement: In the New Year Larry and I will be doing the CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk and it will be split into parts, PT 1: Season 1, PT 2: Season 3, PT 2, Season 3. Also I have an interview lined up for the spring with a good friend and long time real life friend Jeff. Also the 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV Podcast is in the very near future and excited to be recording the 100th episode in the New year at some point but that will be decided when it gets closer to the 100th episode. 

                That is what is to come for podcasts and what the plan for the website for and I thought Chris B On The Web was a sinking ship but it isn't, it's slowly coming together, week after week. Don't think I am not working hard because I sure am!