Saturday, December 21, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Will Return Jan 14th, 2020!

               It has been a whirlwind of a season and I honestly can say I thought this week was the end of the podcast but it wasn't as you guys wanted me to continue on. This season has been full of emotions as you know the last season before the one that I just finished, we ended up walking away from Big Brother for the remainder of the season due to falling so far behind and honestly if any of this would happen again, I have a new plan moving forward but we will be fine with the plan that we got, it is going to even be bigger and better then before. This year also I thought it would of been done with this podcast but nope, you guys wanted more seasons and been reaching out to me and it was an astonishing amount of support through the rough patches I have had recently. Plus we have a new staff on board for the Big Brother Canada 8 and hopefully Big Brother 22 RECAPS so this is definitely good for us moving forward and it sure takes a bit of stress as you know I covered everything in the past 4 years so I am excited to be mentoring and been wanting to take on a mentor role. With with the stress of this season comes excitement for 2020. Plus ever since the podcast was discovered that it was on IHeartRadio it really has picked the views up on the podcast so that's so amazing as views as the views really stayed around the same amount for the longest time! 

                 Now with one season gone comes another and with great pleasure, I am happy announce a 13th season of Everything About Reality TV come February 13th, 2020! So when will there be off season Podcasts? Well we will be returning on January 14th, 2020 so this does give us a few weeks off from Podcasting so we can prepare some off season episodes for you guys right now, as you know I have destroyed the notes when I made that announcement it was ending but now that it isn't I have to come up with ideas for both Survivor, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada and I do actually have a couple of ideas up my sleeve before the preview podcast early February as I found out that Survivor: Winners At War is now suppose to be out February 12th, 2020 but Jeff said that it will be out sometime February but it was leaked apparently. So I look forward to January 14th and in the meantime, please enjoy the blog posts in the meantime while we are on a break from the podcast.


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