Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020, Year In Review!

                This year has been terrible for ChrisBOnTheWeb. So much went wrong for me as a content creator from losing Staff to losing a Podcast, that I loved dearly and not being able to go to events was another big problem but I am going to break it down on this post:

Everything About Reality TV: I loved this podcast with every fiber in my body and I would of continued on with it if I had hosts who could commit to their weekly podcast. Also my head wasn't in it anymore with this podcast to be honest. I left my own podcast not on the best of terms and I know there was a ton of disappointed people and lost a pile of followers because I wasn't doing the Reality TV Podcast but those who stayed, I thank you for your continuous support of the projects I am still doing to this day. I really regret the way I went out of this podcast in bad terms, but least I ended it with the Back To Basics Amazing Race episode.

Staff: I think this is the year that I had to let go staff for not doing their part and there has been some who I have blocked or I've been blocked by but that is their choice. You have to remember this is my website, I am the content creator here and I call the shots whether I wanna end a project or whatever I wanna do with it. Also for me to be on my own now is the best decision I can have. I know that I am pretty much on my own with some help, not much help right now but I really do not need much help at this moment. Those who have contributed in the last couple of months, Larry, Kelsie and Billy, I thank you for everything.

Events: I am disappointed the fact that I wasn't able to do events and very little photography was done as I normally do in a year but hopefully soon I will be able to get back into a regular routine once this COVID-19 passes but may not be till 2022 but we will have to wait and see really. 

Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: I am blessed to actually have both of these podcasts in my routine on a weekly basis and 3 times a year and has become my main two projects at this moment and I am honestly having a ton more fun with these and I have gotten into em both of them.

                This year has been full of up's and downs this year and hopefully New Years and 2021 will be full of more positivity and exciting new opportunities for the website and podcasts and never know what will happen. I have a plan that I will tell you guys tomorrow, either way have a fantastic New Years Eve and Happy New Year to you all!


Change of Plans! Chat Is Gone Permanently and We've Got A Discord Server Now!

          Chris has allowed me to slip in this bonus blog post this morning before the normal post from him goes up. As you probably have noticed with the website that the Community Lounge has disappeared and it was a decision by the entire Management Team and Chris to remove it once and for all for several reasons why really and here are the reasons behind our decision:

1) Chat was inactive: I was the only one in there recently despite the views have been extremely well but just not activity minus the occasional time Chris is in the Lounge from time to time.

2) Trolls: We have had our share of trolls recently spamming the chatroom with VPN's after we banned VPN's and we frown upon the use of them as it makes it easy to troll the chat.

           So with the Discord Server, it already has become an active community on there and also the Management Team of myself, Chris and hopefully Billy and Tiala on there today. A week Monday we hope to get Larry on there under the Alum title as well. The link can be found under the Discord logo to the right hand side next to our our Social Media's or by going to to join our wonderful community. This will prevent trolling because one ban and not just your account but your IP is banned since the server is based by IP and not just your username and there is no way to come back unless Management or Moderation (Moderators) unban you. I think this is the better decision to have a server and even Billy is getting people to join this community. I know a chat on the website brings in views but this also clears up room for what we have planned in February with the reconfiguration with the website. I wanna say we had concern we wouldn't be able to fit it in but now we can. Please feel free to sign up with Discord, it's free and join our Community. We will post up the link on Social Media so you can join and pin it to the top of our posts.

Anyways have a Happy New Year,

Matt, Site Admin

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

600 Views On The Community Lounge!


Hey! I decided to take over the blog today and give him a break from blogging. Trust me he's been working long hours with the site plans, Collaboration Podcast and also Entertainment Man Podcast so he's got 3 things going on right now and honestly he's stated he will be working on January 1st, 2021 hoping to take time off on the weekend on the Sunday. Anyways the reason why I am posting today is to bring amazing news with this website. The Community Lounge continues to grows with the website and within a month of this site having the Community Lounge back on we have hit 600 + views (602 Views to be exact.) Which is incredible to be honest. That was a screenshot of the page stats from the back end of the website. I know, the chat isn't active with ton of users but the fact people are popping on that exact page is amazing and I am always hiding out in chat and I always keep my name in there even when I sleep. 


                The One thing that needs to be done is get the chat moving is promoting the Community Lounge and getting people in there. Now we continue to commit to having it open to guest chat even with the past history of guest trolls but that seems to be fine. We have had some issues even with the VPN not allowed on the website that seems to be a problem as we had a bunch of trolls and we did a lookup as both of us can see who is who on the website. It says it's a VPN or Proxy and yet we banned that so the trolling would be limited. We may have to reach out to Chatango about that but the trolling has limited down. I wanna thank you all for the continued support on behalf of myself, Larry, Billy and Chris and it's because of you guys you make ChrisBOnTheWeb a success on a daily basis.


Matt, CBOTW Site Admin

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

My Favorite Rock Songs

                There is a ton of Rock Songs I can even mention from the top of my head that I can even bring up but in today's post I will mention a few and I know already a few but anyways I will quit stalling and here are some of my favorite songs which mostly are old school songs but nothing wrong with that:

Turn Up The Radio by Autograph: Heard this on a live show the Raunchfoxxx Foxxxcast which he has passed away 5 years ago. Either way one of my favorite songs regardless and still am listening to it to this day when I am not listening to Christmas music as I am doing right now but it will be one of the first songs I will play.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC: I admit it is one of my favorite songs and also my nephew's fave and I think I got him into it as they heard some of the classic rock I was playing in my studio when he came down to see me. 

Knockin on Heaven's Door by Guns N Roses: One of two G n' R short for Guns N Roses and I know that isn't the original song and I have the original song by Bob Dylan on my ITunes so I got both versions. Also this is NOT and yes I put NOT in bold and caps because this is one of two songs from the band which is my 4th song that is my favorite.

Sweet Child O' Mine: Was one of my Staff Sue's favorite song and every time I listen to it, I think of her and remember the good times my team and I had with her when she was still alive. 

Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi: Honestly first time I heard this song was in a show by a fellow Podcaster friend of mine, Jimi which he has an awesome podcast. Anyways soon as I heard this I requested this on his show. I like any of the Bon Jovi songs really.

                      There are more songs that I could add into my list but again this blog post would be endless post like usual but hope you guys enjoyed this post and it is good to get back on track with posts and I'm sorry about yesterday being late but today it's back on track.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Plans After This Pandemic?

              The plans moving forward after this pandemic well I am not planning too far ahead as right now, we are in currently in lockdown and I am not even thinking about this and this has been requested yet this is why I am making my post. I'm sorry, I just cannot think clearly right now, processing things right now and I know I sound annoyed and I assure you I am not, just frustrated with the fact that I am stuck in this damn lockdown in the house not able to go far minus the corner store here and there and this pandemic has really taken a toll on me mentally especially sleep wise. Anyways I am off topic right now the one big thing I look forward is seeing my friends and family again and able to see them physically in person again and this is why I have started to show my frustration on here and I just cannot bottle it in and I know it isn't easy to write this post. Anyways, off topic once again, the next thing I am looking forward to is being able to record with Larry and my alum in this studio again as it has been awful quiet around here not being able to have them in the studio to actually record and maybe it's one of the reasons for the Collaboration Podcast going on hiatus? Yes I put a question mark as I am not sure really but I am trying to be optimistic to having him back in studio physically soon but we will see how things go with this vaccine this upcoming year.


                So really I have 2 big plans to see friends and have my Co-Host over but again like I have been rambling on in this posts I am not thinking too far ahead right now till we are out of  this lockdown and down to Red or even the yellow level once again but that will come in time right now I am focusing on now and what is happening but I plan on not rushing myself after this pandemic is over because we do not know how much longer this pandemic will be lasting and we do not know know how long it will take for the vaccine to be distributed.  So I just do not wanna promise or make plans because soon as things hopefully get back to normal, first thing I have to figure out is my bus situation as right now, I got no regular bus service but more about that in the New Year as that is a post alone itself but I am planning on actually taking my time with going out once this is over.


Sunday, December 27, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [12-27-2020]

         This is the final updates for 2020 as this is the last Sunday of 2020. I have replaced the other Management Team/Site Admin once again 4th or 5th replacement and the site cannot update itself and Chris hired me to take care of the website and already made a couple of adjustments more with the chat but that will come later in this post. Anyways here is the updates:

Website: Chat continues to be running 24-7 and has been very quiet lately and not used but the views still seem to climb on on the "Community Lounge" which means people are popping in and out of the page and nearing 600 views for the past few weeks. Please feel free to pop in and chat, I am in there most of the day and sometimes up to 6 or 7 pm in the evening but usually in there between 9 am and 6 or 7 pm depending on the day and what Chris has or needs me to do. 

ChrisBOnTheWeb Management Team: The Management team consists of myself, Matt as the Site Admin, Billy Assistant and Senior Advisor to Chris. We are keeping the team small and not expand the team as there has been questions about joining the team and right now we wanna keep the team small as Chris's wish for right now.

Collaboration & Interviews for Entertainment Man Podcast Opportunities: However Chris is looking into Collaborating with others in the New Year and am looking into it and it would go under it's own Collaboration Page and also he is open to Interviews and swamping guest spots on his own podcast Entertainment Man Podcast so if interested. please email him if you wish to collaborate with him or be a guest on his podcast.

            Chris has returned for 4 days before off for 2 days during New Years Eve and New Years Days before his BIG return in 2021 with NEW content and bringing some great content that he has in mind. He will be blogging which means he will be typing a post up tomorrow on the day of instead of pre-written which he has 2 more pre-written and ready for the 31st and 1st of the year. If I do not post at all this week, I want to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year and I will speak to you all in the New Year.

Matt, Website Admin/Management Team

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Sims 4 Got Corrupted.... Wonder Why With The Shenigans I Have Done In Game!

               Well R.I.P. Sims 4 Game of mine, game officially stopped working and maybe I went way overboard with the craziness and stupid things I did with the sims whether they were outside while a thunderstorm happened and they got electrocuted or the house went up on flames I can see why the game randomly got corrupted, I corrupted my poor sims and abused them way too much that the game just completely stopped working. I uninstalled the game and re installed and I haven't been in the game as of yet and I am afraid to try and load it up see if a fresh reboot but if I have to actually erase the file from App Data which erases all the houses I built and all the Sims files would be completely erased which means I would have to start from scratch but maybe that is something I need to do and it might fix the issue. However I got some free content and I bought another additional to the list which I do not remember which one I got as I have a lot of extra content and expansions to the Sims 4. However this one only costed me $6.99 which was on sale due to Christmas.


                Either way I will keep you guys in the loop on things when I start to play the game and anything that has changed and whether I actually have  to rebuild my files from scratch again and if I do I may just re-create the Sims 4 Big Brother House and start playing the game again. I actually enjoyed watching them get under each others nails and fighting and arguing and overall drama happened. Was very entertaining for me to watch and sometimes I didn't have to press anything just follow em around and see their interactions and that one time everyone died cause the stairs to the lower half of the house was missing was the most weirdest thing that I have ever seen. I hope to have an update just after Christmas as I plan to play over my time off from things and hope to have some kind of updates on the game as I have OFFICIALLY quit playing PGATour2k21 due to them resetting my character all together and messing up my current career.


Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! (Christmas 2020)

             I just wanted to write a short message to wish you all an Merry Christmas and hope you all make the best of this holiday, despite the circumstances this year with the pandemic. Please do stay home, stay safe, follow all the restrictions that you are under. Breaking the rules just to see family is definitely not worth it honestly, there is a thing called Zoom Call or Skype or Discord or even Facebook Video call or even better yet, FaceTime which I use quite often during this pandemic with friends as I am staying in touch. Even a phone call you can also do, there are tons of ways you can talk to your love ones during this pandemic. Anyways I am rambling on right now and I wanna say is stay safe, stay home, wash your hands thoroughly and just enjoy Christmas with the family in the immediate household and there will be a time you will your loved ones just have to be patient as we are just coming out with the vaccine for this entire thing. I am still having dinner with my parents since I still live with them and thankful to be with them still and taking care of them and helping. Either way please do enjoy your Christmas, make the best of it and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow and apologies for a very short and sweet post but I promise you guys it will be longer down the road as I am trying to do this in a few short hours so you guys got some kind of post coming out.


Thursday, December 24, 2020

What Are My Plans For Christmas?

             What are my plans for Christmas this year? Nothing, my parents and I for right now, really cannot do anything this year since the rule of Quarantine is 5 people and if I had my aunt, uncle and Grandma here that breaks that rule technically. This goes for my brother, sister in law and niece and nephew so we may have to have a driveway visit to exchange or just leave gifts on their porch or something really but this year there is absolutely no plans for us at this point as we are currently in the Red stage of this pandemic and could be seeing the grey level and a potential lockdown.  However we are making the best of this entire pandemic and what is most important for us to do what we need to do to remain safe and home. As you know by the time you are reading this I am enjoying my spare time before continuing on with some new content for you guys.

               This will not be a very long post today as I am pre written a ton of the posts that I made over the weekend so I can make sure to get posts out to you guys on a timely manner and I am sure I am doing a fine job getting the content out to you guys even during the holidays and while the studio remains dark for the few days I am away from recording or working on content. So it will be a quiet Christmas and honestly that is OK to have it even though I really wanted to be with the family at this time of year and nothing we can do, if we are in a lockdown then it is what it is what it is and just have to keep following the rules. Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

What TV Shows Do I Want To Watch During Quarantine?

                Trust me while we are still in Quarantine or Isolation whatever you guys want to call it, what show do I want to watch during Quarantine? Well I have completed almost two seasons of Survivor; I have completed Survivor Amazon and have or still working on Survivor Philippines at this moment. Anyways here is my list and there is no order really.

Survivor: Season 9, Survivor Vanuatu; Season 13, Survivor Cook Islands; Season 5, Survivor Thailand; Season 3, Survivor Africa; Season 8, Survivor All-Stars; Season 11, Survivor Guatemala.

Super Store: A show, Eric actually introduced me to, all I know it is a Comedy or American Sitcom so I will have to wait and see if I like it. I gotta watch 6 seasons to get all caught up with.

Facts of Life: Another show I wanna watch from start to finish and really I need to watch the entire series from start to finish. I have seen episodes in the past and really enjoyed them.

Last Man Standing: As I heard the series is sadly coming to an end after a lot of seasons and I wanna watch it from start to finish and another big series to be caught up on and I am sure I will get to it eventually between working on Power Rangers Collab Stuff too I'm sure. 

Home Improvement: Working on this series currently and laughing hard at Tim's stupid comments and shenigans and always a great laugh to have honestly. 

 Monk: Wanna watch it from start to finish once again as watching the YouTube channel is wanting me to watch the entire series again for old time sake.

Super Girl: I have seen Seasons 1 - 3 so far and I need to watch Seasons 4 & 5  on my list so I am ready for the 6th and final season which has already started taping the final season as I know of according to Eric.

War Documentaries: I have DVD's from my uncle about the World War and they are quite interesting and are on top of my priority list so I can get them back to him soon as possible.

Amazing Race 7: I wanna re-watch this seasons as I am a Boston Rob and Amber fan since All-Stars and I wanna hear his infamous "THAT'S TOO BAD!" line in Episode 1. That was a great season honestly.

                There is my list and sorry for a very endless post and I can get to these shows and get them done and this list can get smaller and I can start another list unless we continue to be in quarantine and I am sure it will be for a while now so least this gives me something to do on my extra time besides working on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as once I finish Dino Thunder, I will not be working on that till February.


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What I Have Learned From The Most Recent Collab and Things We Can Improve On....

                 The most recent episode of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, was eye opening and a lot of learning for using the Mix-Minus setup and still a ton to learn with this. As you know as I mentioned on Social Media I couldn't hear Larry and I kind of figured that it had something to do with the mixer board and don't forget I had added the wires to the board and it was truly something to do with the mixer board. Anyways I apparently was messing around with the mixer and pressed a button on the Mixer which activated the lack of sound going through the board onto the recording. Either way the issue was quickly fixed and we recorded. This was very eye opening with this first collab with the Mix-Minus and we have a ton of learning to do and the levels on the mix-minus setup which is a knob on the board I turn to bring Larry onto the recording of the podcast. This was also the first time we actually used it as I haven't had it that long now, only a few weeks and it was not used since last week's recording so it was untested and I can definitely see us running into issues.

                   Anyways, the point of this post is we still gotta continue on working on levels and we do not really have much to improve just continue on working on levels and ensure we can hear Larry. One thing I am proud of is the conversation between Larry and I and he wanted to get involved and there was times he wanted to chime in and I let him say his peace and he answered my questions too. What I am trying to say is the interaction was a lot better and we're getting better as we continue to progress with the podcast. I have learned a lot from this experience and things are just getting a ton better and the quality of production is getting a lot better now we have this setup just getting use to this new setup. Things are underway and we are getting there with this setup with this hiatus coming very soon we will have plenty of time to change the way we do things. I still gotta talk to my right hand man on this to what the plan is moving forward. Anyways enjoy the pre-written blog posts over the next 4 days, Merry Christmas and I will talk to you all on Monday as I do not normally write posts on Sundays.


Monday, December 21, 2020

I Have Returned! Where Have I Been?

               I have Officially returned to posts and honestly I know I went away and there was a ton of drama with my team and I ensure you what is going on between my team and I, we're fine, the 3 of us are completely fine and I know I lost 3 likes on the page but that's OK I'll rebuild it and I have reached out to some peeps in the past to see if I can bring back a fan that supported me originally. Working my magic right now. Anyways to why I was missing in the last entire week last week is no secret why I disappear for a week is because of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as I was working so hard on getting notes finished and I did finished up the notes and we recorded and it was a very big success despite some minor hiccups but it was a technical issue within the mixer and my doing, pressing the darn buttons and the issue I was having was I couldn't hear Larry very well on the mixer and I feared we almost postponed or used a different source of recording.

               However, I started fiddling with the mixer and it worked and we were under way and recorded 2 hours & 22 minutes worth of content. We put a ton of time and effort into the content which is why it does so well for us and goes to show we are doing something right and you guys have been enjoying it 2.5 Years later.  This week is me editing the collab and starting up Dino Thunder before my 4 day breaks during the holidays and hopefully  back to the grind on Sunday morning when I get things underway all the way to New Years Eve. Trying to get notes done just before New Years so this way I am able to actually start typing in the New Year so Larry and I can record mid January 2021 at the most. So that is where I have been is Collab work right now. You will see 1 more live blog tomorrow from me but then it's all pre-written for the next 4 days while I'm off spending time with my parents since we're in a full pledge lockdown but will make the best of it. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post.


Sunday, December 20, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [12-20-2020]

             Here we are for the second last updates for the week.  Another week has gone by and so much happened around the community for the week, good and bad. I will explain it so here are the updates:

Website: The website still having a good steady flow of visitors on a regular basis, however with the chatroom open and closed since this weekend, it has been up and down and I ensure it is open fully and guests are allowed in there. Not sure what is happening with the site admin situation at this moment but I have to wait and see what happens. Like I said there will be a shutdown in the chatroom on Dec 24th/25th and change for the New Years Eve and New Years Schedule: Dec 31st, 2020: Chat will be open during the New Years and welcome to pop by chat and wish the CBOTW Family (CBOTW Team and Fans) a Happy New Year! Finally I will be making a Christmas and New Years banners for this holiday season so be on the lookout for that this week!

Entertainment Man Podcast: Reminder that this weekend (today) at 1 pm EST is the last episode of the first Season of Entertainment Man Podcast and after today this podcast will not be on the air till Sunday, January 10th, 2020 @ 1 pm EST is when he will be returning with a brand new Season, the 2nd Season of this podcast. 

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: As you all know Chris and Larry recorded back on Thursday and was or am editing very hard and fast to get this out to you guys and I set on a date for the Collaboration to come out and that will be on Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 @ 3 pm EST when you guys will see it pop up on the website and I am excited for it to show.

              Chris will be returning tomorrow with posts again and one last thing I'd like to add is I would like to personally wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday despite the state of the world right now and I will talk to you all next week on the Final Update of 2020 before 2021.

Kelsie, CBOTW Management Team

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Hints Chris Is Giving You Guys!

               Chris made me do this post specifically for a reason. To tease you guys for what is to come in 2021. Yes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is coming back in 2021 and Chris given 3 different months for me to hint to you guys and why:

April 2021: If all goes well and quoting Chris's words from him that if all does go well and notes are ready to go he will be ready to go back to the Collaboration Podcast sooner. 

May 2021: This is the back up plan if worse comes to worse as I said he has a 3 different ideas in mind and depends how well he does with the planning of the Collaboration Podcast.

June 2021: This is the final month he has planned in the back of his mind and honestly I think this is the month he will be returning so it sounding like by his conversations with myself and Larry this is the set month he will be returning OFFICIALLY. He's hinted that you never know he could be back in studio together and yes he is being optimistic about it. 


               What it is sounding like it will be an 6 month Hiatus then the PR Collaboration Podcast boys will be back in the saddle again. Do not forget they also have to still do Dino Thunder in January and just maybe he's actually hinted the final collab before the break live on Facebook but will have to wait and see honestly. Hope this gives you guys a clue to what he is up to and he is truly up to no good and let him have his fun, LOL. He's doing it for a reason I'm sure. ha-ha! 


Kelsie, CBOTW Management

Friday, December 18, 2020

What Needs To Be Tested With The New Mix-Minus Setup?

          Now that Chris has the Mix-Minus setup and he has it all hooked up and it does work, there is some things that he needs to do with Larry to ensure it works as Chris is no longer using OBS for recording and strictly this setup. Here is what he needs to do over the next few months while testing and making things work great:

- Chris has to work on the levels on both sides, his mic and the guest side of things via Discord or Skype as it hasn't properly been worked out and I think this is why he is thinking about his first guest interview will not be till the end of the month of January.

- He still has to learn how it works and figuring out how to not make the earphones squeal as that has become a problem with the excessive squealing and I've heard it over the phone and it ain't pretty that's for sure.

- He also has to figure out how to run his intro and not stream it into the guest on Discord or Skype as it will come back to the recording and it could be a problem indefinitely be a problem and I suggested he don't have the volume on Larry or any of the guests on at the time and they probably hear it through the mic a bit I'm sure.

- He will also test both Skype and Discord on two different nights to ensure it works on one or the other technically and to which one of the two are the best for recording a podcast and I am sure both will work just fine.

             These are the things he needs to work on and learn how it works and it shouldn't take long but with the collab is him getting the next collab notes finished up and that is just one of the reasons why there is a hiatus is the notes are so far behind schedule but least you get Entertainment Man Podcast in the time being while they work on catching up but more information coming tomorrow as there is a part 2 to all of this but different topic tomorrow, until then, have a great rest of your day!

Kelsie, CBOTW Management

Thursday, December 17, 2020

State Of The Studio Closure (Updates)

           I have some information that Chris wanted me to share with you guys since he is indeed off this entire website from posts and I have written posts for the entire week in one night. As you guys know the studio has been closed for an entire 9 months now and the update is at this point of this COVID-19 Pandemic, Chris has made the decision to extend the closure up to June 2021 at this point. Now I know what your going ask what about the Collaboration Podcast. Remember when he announced on Oct 27th, 2020 there would be an hiatus of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and up to June 2021 there are no plans to start up the Collaboration Podcast, but I can hint it will be in June sometime and another announcement is to come eventually as Chris and Larry are going to be working on fixing it. Another blog post to come about this tomorrow with some information the boss man has given me to tell you guys on a hint to when it could return and what not. He's up to something and I know it. 


          So this not affecting the collab and Chris will still be working on Entertainment Man Podcast and probably will be working with Larry on constant testing on the new mix minus setup which will make things a lot easier and he has the setup and has tested it all together. But he's not tested it all. But that's another post to do that i will do in the coming days. I am exposing the inner workings of ChrisBOnTheWeb. Chris prays and hope even by June to be able to see Larry in person again but that will all depend on the state of this pandemic. He will be making a further decision by June of next year to what the next stage of this closure is and if there will be restrictions or if he will continue to keep it shutdown publicly to the team as I have not been there but been in close contact via phone and video chat to any updates that he has and keeping an eye on him how he's doing with his mental health.

Kelsie, CBOTW Management

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Holiday Schedule December 2020/January 2021

               This is his usual time, I am talking about Chris, well he normally takes 2 weeks off no work nothing to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb, well use to but takes certain days off and works the other days and he has sent me an email with dates to when he's in the studio working and when he's taking time off. So without further ado, here is the schedule starting December 23rd, 2020 till January 2nd, 2021:

Dec 23rd - Dec 26th, 2020: Chris is out of the studio not working whatsoever.

Dec 27th - Dec 30th, 2020: Chris will be in the studio working, may be half days, may be full days, depends how he's feeling.

Dec 31st, 2020 & Jan 1st, 2021: Chris is out of the studio not working on content at all.

Jan 2nd, 2021: Chris is back in the studio back to work on content.


                In total he will be taking 6 total days off which is probably enough time for him to decompress from a busy year moving forward which is good and I will be around. Now he has mentioned that the Community Lounge Chat will be Locked Down Dec 24th/25th, 2020 for Christmas & also Dec 31st, 2020/Jan 1st, 2021 as we wanna enjoy our time off from working around the clock for you guys and we rarely shutdown chat for holidays but we are making the exception this time around. We need a break but both Chris and I have email on our phone and we constantly go our eye on the email and ready to answer you during this closure.

Kelsie, CBOTW Management

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Schedule!

            As of late yesterday, Chris let me know that him and Larry OFFICIALLY set a day to record the next Collaboration Podcast will be Thursday evening which the two of them will be recording the next episode which was just a month apart from the other one. Now the actual date of release is not yet available and I believe during the holidays he will be posting it up between his breaks from recording as always will be and I am assuming that will be during his holiday break from things it will be up and he will be holding onto it when he finishes editing.  Also I know for a fact he will be immediately starting up on Dino Thunder so they can record that in January before the Hiatus begins but you will get more information on this this week at some point from me. I think that is what he tends to do is give you guys a podcast during the holiday which is easy for us to upload as it is only based off the website itself and nowhere else at this point.


               That is my announcement and I am excited for what these two are recording this week and I am excited in general for the final set of podcasts for 2020 before the break and him taking a well deserved break that he really does deserves. He really has worked hard with the improvements of recording through the last month and I give him a ton of props on this and so did Larry, he gave Chris a ton of props so you never know this could be a short hiatus and again I will explain that in the coming days you guys but big props to the guys on a job well done with changes and improving production.

Kelsie, CBOTW Management

Monday, December 14, 2020

I Am Replacing The Other Admins & Update On Chris

             A lot of you guys remember me, Kelsie but one fact you didn'y know I am the older sister of Sophie who also worked with Chris at one point. With all the countless drama on the weekend and Chris's mental health deteriorating by the day and the pressure for Power Rangers Collab coming close to production soon, I have stepped in to help him with notes. While he sleeps,I work, while I sleep he works visa versa. I know for the most part he will be working on the notes and recording both Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which is going to be finished end of this week production wise and kind of the reason why he has taken some time off form posts and he will post from time to time but no guarantees it will be often but both of us will be around if you got questions.  I do have permissions to change anything that he needs to change on the website and I tweaked the Management Team list effective immediately as change had to be made to the Community Lounge.

              Update on Chris as it got into later in the evening he was laughing a little bit more as I spoke to him and honestly I'm the depression is still there losing two friends in one day. I never seen him this tense before and he can use a vacation honestly and it's coming up I will explain on Wednesday's post the schedule for the next week when he will be in studio and not in studio working. As you know he was playing an online Reality TV Online Mini and he ended up quitting the game just after the merge due to some drama but he's proud he called someone out for throwing his name under the bus for no apparent reason. He's been feeling down the way he went out but he should keep his head held up high, he made it to the merge and would of been on jury regardless if he didn't quit but he needs to remember it's a stressful game and I am and we're all proud of him for trying it out and I'm sure he will have good memories from this. Those are the updates from me on him and I will talk to you guys tomorrow which will be Power Ranger related as he is getting close to recording soon.

Kelsie K, CBOTW Management

Sunday, December 13, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [12-13-2020]

               Another week is here for everyone here at ChrisBOnTheWeb! Chris has become overly overwhelmed with such amazing response from you all and he thanks you guys tirelessly. 

 Website: Friday had almost 400 views on the one post which is insane. However with the chatroom down till 12 pm EST today but it is going to reopen and the views are down cause the chat is currently closed at this moment but it is going to open again it is because Chris was in an Online Reality TV Mini Game for the 2 days.

Chat: Like I said it is opening up today on the website and I will be around cause of recent issues Chris has had in the chat, he's made it clear he won't be involved in the chatroom much and he is staying away from the chat but you never know he could pop by at any point but in the end that is clearly up to him.

Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: With this being Finale week and Podcasts are slowly wrapping up Production for 2020, Chris is recording his 20th and Final episode of Season 1 this week and he is truly excited. On top of that Chris and Larry are recording the Final Collab for 2020 and they will be down to 1 more podcast in 2021 when they need to record one more and then they will be on a hiatus till Mid year or mid 2021.

                  With things wrapping up and there will be a quiet period of no podcasts and just blogs coming out on a daily basis, any updates may change as there may or may not be any updates from Chris or I but it really depends what we have to update you on but I can say this, there will be updates and I think he's mentioned to me to remind you guys on the Holiday schedule and also an announcement for the chat being shutdown for over the holidays which I will get into on next weeks post. I will talk to you guys on next week's post.

Charlotte, CBOTW Management

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Blog Posts Schedule Moving Forward

         I know it seems confusing with the Blogs and to when certain things are going to happen and what not so this is why I am making this post. I know I have been all over the place with posts and/or missing days from time to time but some days I need to take to myself and soon as Ninja Storm notes are done, I am going to go write happy with Blog posts for the holidays this way I am spending no time on my days off so I can enjoy my time with I guess the family here in the household since we're under restrictions again. Maybe I will explain that one day soon but anyways here is the schedule:

Week # 1:

Sundays: Weekly Update (Nothing is changing) From My Website Admin, Charlotte.

Mondays - Fridays: Regular post from Yours Truly.

Saturdays: Weight Loss Updates from Yours Truly.

Week # 2:

Sundays: Weekly Update (Nothing is changing) From My Website Admin, Charlotte.

Mondays - Saturdays: Regular post from Yours Truly. (Note Weight Loss Updates are ONLY every second week in the Week # 1 cycle.)


               There is the updated schedule for this week and next week on this day, I promise you guys I will have an update on my weight loss journey and how it is going for me but this week is a normal every day topic compare to other weeks. I can say this, I am working on a new method to lose this weight and decided to take a different route with it so this way I can at least get into the 220's at the most. Anyways, I hope this clears up some air with the schedule and right now and once I lose all the weight the schedule will be different again but that is for later not right now at this moment. I will talk to you all on Monday's blog post!


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Lots of Positive Feedback for the CBOTW Community

               This is why I love this community such a positive feedback with the community recently, especially when it comes to the Community Lounge that you guys have had for the past week and a half and I am so glad it came back as there has been a lot of great feedback and questions. Yeah there has been that one troll coming after me when I wasn't even paying attention to the chatroom on the website half the time as I have been swamped with notes and podcast stuff lately but as I have admitted on Twitter I do ghost or lurk the website Community Lounge most of the time, I am just not logged in. However I see the love and support you guys are giving me  That is besides the point but I love the feedback not just seeing messages in the chat but also social media and love hearing such positive feedback.

                You guys help me out with any of the changes that needs to be done especially when it comes to the website and we hear you and will fix the bugs within the website as recently we had to push an update for the "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast page. Charlotte found a bug within the code on the website Archives for that Podcast. This is why I love the community and I know you complain something is "broken" and we will get to it as we have so many other projects on the go right now but we hear you and we also make a list of things we have to "fix" within the website. There will always be some kind of bug within the website and we will get to it and suggestion is to send us a screenshot of the issue so we know what the issue is. However, Billy, Larry, Charlotte and I thank you for the continuous support and keeping your suggestions, ideas and questions in a positive matter and this is what we want is a positive, clean website.


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

15 Years In Online Media!

              15 Years ago today, I started my journey in Online Media, being a Content Creator. I started creating videos so I guess you could call me an Video Content Creator even tho at this time 15 years ago, I wasn't even on the YouTube platform as of yet. That didn't come till 2 years later as of January 31st, 2008 is when "TheDirector015" channel was created and actually believe it or not still exists on YouTube as they never removed it off their platform which is insane those videos are on there. There was 2 Phases of the first stretch of my Online Media, the YouTube ERA which consisted when I was still the Founder/Owner/President/CEO of The Video Projects Team between 2005 and 2014 which was near it's 9th Year of Operations. The Second phase is Podcasting which I will get to shortly. One of the most notable series that I did and ran a very long time between May 23, 2008 and June 2015 which was an 8 year run even tho it went on Hiatus while I went to school or attended college. The first channel has up to 40 subs at the most which was the most but the channel got quite a lot of attention to it over the time it was active till someone got in and unattached the email to the channel and now the channel sits there but I got a plan to have it closed down once I download all the videos. I already been in touch with Team YouTube about the situation and waiting and hoping they reach back out to me about this as the channel has to go as I am no longer. Another story for another day. I created a new channel under TheChrisBOnline or something along the line of that and was around between November 2014 and June 2016 when I subsequently quit YouTube to be a full time podcaster and bring Everything About Reality TV Podcast under Audio ONLY.

                In November 2014, I had a music and talk podcast called the Chris B Podcast which ran up to March of 2015 when it was cancelled. I also had a small stint with a sports podcast in 2015 but left it due to unnecessary drama. I also started blogging on a daily basis from events to several types of topics on a regular basis. Everything About Reality TV Podcast started up September 2015 on YouTube then moved into Audio ONLY up to it's cancellation this year in June 2020. Last year I was a Co-Host of another podcast but left for certain reasons and was my decision and my decision only on December 10th, 2019 which it will be an year tomorrow. However that was a year ago and I am focusing on now and that is what really matters and this year saw the final downfall of Everything About Reality TV Podcast and the birth of what you guys have been listening to for the past many months now, Entertainment Man Podcast which is a success on it's own and you guys have been enjoying it as the stats on that page has proven it too. Also in 2018, Larry and I formed our own Collaboration Podcast called "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast" which has seen a huge success and we have enjoyed. In the end it has been quite a ride in the last 15 years and nothing but proud on how the success of this website has become and I'm nowhere near finished at this point as I am going to continue to create content. I wanna thank all of you, fans, friends, family, my management team of Charlotte and Billy for your support. I also wanna thank my Alumni, Eric, Gordie, Justin; plus I cannot forget my Senior Producer and Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which has carved the path of success for this website. Here is to many more years with ChrisBOnTheWeb &! Cheers! 🍻


Monday, December 7, 2020

Dealing With Drama & Stressing Over It

               There is a lot I thought about in the last day and that is with everything that has happened in the last year with drama which for example, I have been called names made me realize it is not worth to stoop to their level to do it back. If someone calls you names or cause problems it is not really worth to stoop their level and do it back. It is not worth the extra stress and honestly I just do not worry about it and move on with what I am doing. There is other things in the world that you need you to worry about. Life is too short to deal with petty drama and stooping to others level. You have to show you are the more mature person as they wanna get an reaction out of you and if you retaliate then it is not a good thing to be honest. Honestly I have started to show a different side of myself recently. Point I just do not care and also that I have given to many chances and I have learned to start putting my foot down. I mean I need to stop giving so many chances to those who have done me wrong. Trust me I am a completely different person then I was a year or so ago.

                The last year has been a lot of ups and downs and moving forward I am not going to be as easy going. Just will not put up with crap or drama moving forward and honestly I feel like I have been too easy going at times over my life time in the last 35 years that I have been in this world called Life. I know I can be serious at times and I have to be when it comes down to something that I am very passionate about like blogging and podcasting.  Either way I don't play around and there is a certain tolerance I have when it comes to this and honestly. Anyways that is my post for today and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Sunday, December 6, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [12-06-2020]

             It is once again for an weekly update. There is a few updates but not too many at this moment. about 3 smaller updates at the most. Chris has not even be around much this week since the drama went down a week ago but it wasn't cause of that, he has been darn busy creating content and finishing up what needs to be done before Christmas hits. Anyways here is the updates for the week of December 6th, 2020:

Website: The website is having it's ups and downs with the views this week but it is normal thing to happen. Our chatroom has been very active with our Moderation Team of Charlotte & Larry.  We are loving the positive feedback and questions that you have about Chris's content and we are so happy to answer your burning questions and I know we have had to double down on help with the chat since Chris is absent from the chat recently and he cannot always be there as he's been busy.

Entertainment Man Podcast: With few weeks left of the first season, Chris has doubled down on recording podcasts for today and next week and once he is finished editing he will be really digging into the collab which is the next point I will make.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast needs to get it's notes done this week so Larry and Chris can record the podcast next week so Chris can start working on the final Podcast before the Hiatus starts and there is no news when  but he's already hinted on Twitter about this to a time when he is planning to return. Over the holidays he will be finishing up Dino Thunder and type up the notes between his holiday breaks too. 

               That is about it for the updates for this week. I told you guys not much in the way of updates for this week. We are just working hard to maintain this website of his and him working on content for the final weeks of 2020 as we get ready for what is going to be a better and happier 2021 for Chris as he hopes it is drama free moving forward. Have a wonderful week everyone and I will talk to you guys next week.


Saturday, December 5, 2020

Weight Loss Updates [12-05-2020]

           I was on a good role with losing the weight but ended up gaining half of it back and no matter what I do how much less I eat, I always seem to gain the weight back. So I am gonna have to start restricting myself a bit more then usual. Just gonna have to cut back a tad more then I expected and that's OK. I was gonna come on here this morning and hope to report me being down at 231 pounds so I have to go back to work on it yet again but since today is my birthday, I wouldn't really worry about it for today as it is my special day but if I really wanna continue losing then I could but more then likely I will not eat much and at the point of me writing this post I didn't eat anything but again this is 430 am we are talking about. I'd like to get down to 222 pounds by the end of the year if possible but that might prove to be tough to do between now, my birthday and December 31st, 2020 but anything is possible if I work hard at it.

           I am not giving up and I am fighting the good fight. I am tired of being fat and yes I am sort of fat shaming myself which I shouldn't and I don't think I really am I am just stating the obvious but I am just so self conscious with my body now and that's OK to really be feeling that way to be honest.  However this week I wanna really work on this weight get myself down to 230 pounds first then the next goal is 220 but that is next year for the goal of 220 right now I gotta get myself back into the 220's to start with so I am going to have to restart or rethink things through before I put something in my mouth I guess but I will lose weight and for right now, I want to keep to every 2nd week for Weight Loss Updates not every week till I start really losing the weight and get myself down. That is my updates for this week and I will be talking to you guys on Monday's blog post.


Friday, December 4, 2020

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid (First Impressions ONLY)

               This is only first impressions as I haven't played much in the game recently with me being a very busy person with working on content for you guys whether it is Power Rangers related or just the regular weekly podcasts. It is not easy to work on two different podcasts at once so I haven't had time to play. So Far I have had Jen Scotts, Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Lord Drakkon, Magna Defender, Goldar (yes Goldar), Ranger Slayer, Kat Manx, UDonna, Mastodon Sentry and Dragon Armor Trini to what I remember at this moment. Those are the characters I have worked with so far and honestly I am having fun and actually Larry would love this game and he is gonna have to play it when are able to start seeing one another again in the very near future. I can say this I personally do enjoy the game and I am finding the game quite fun and very enjoyable. There is a ton of action in this game and to be honest I am having a ton of fun.

               Those are my first impressions and when I get a chance and I am sure I will have a review in the New Year at the most when I get some time to play a bit more and see how far I can get. Not sure where the end of the game is but we will see. Either way I am enjoying this game and I found myself playing with my remote control and it's a lot easier then using the mouse and keyboard in the end. I prefer the remote over the keyboard and some games I am good with the remote some I am not good with keyboard and mouse mouse and I prefer the remote over it any day of the week. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post for the first weight loss update in weeks!


Thursday, December 3, 2020

Do I Prefer Another Version of A Song or Original?

              This is the easiest question for me to answer as yes I am a music fan and enjoy it on my spare time when not recording my own personal podcast or Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. I know there is different versions of the song for example Knockin on Heaven's Door which was done by Bob Dylan which I actually have in my collection of music that I have accumulated over the years. Another one I can give as an example is Na na na na hey hey hey kiss him goodbye there is numerous versions of that song. That is not the point that I wanted to make the point I wanted to make some of the other versions are good, sometimes even better but you cannot go wrong with the original version, it is where it began and yes I do prefer the original but always listening to other versions and I like quite a lot of them actually and they are good. 

              Either way music keeps me distracted during all this pandemic and keeps me busy but for the answer to the question I am more into the original but again the other versions I do not mind to be honest but maybe it depends on my mood from day to day but I have no idea what in the world I am saying honestly as I am just rambling on right now but music seems to keep my mood good at times and I it is hard to come up with the right words to get my normal everyday length of a post but today is truly hard. So in conclusion of this post I could go either way with the songs and again maybe it depends on my mood from a day to day basis. Sorry this post is late but better late then never really.


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

This Website Has a Terms of Use Now In Effect!

                I know Chris more then likely did a post about the new "Terms of Use" on this website. This is why I am making a mid week appearance as I am the one that put together the TOU (Terms of Use) and Chris gave me the yes looks good or thumbs up on the entire wording. Not everything was changed but added in our own rules for the Social Media aspect of the TOU and also the Website aspect of the Terms. The Website was a bit more work as we have two elements to the website in the way of communication, the chatroom which is our Community Lounge and also the commenting on the blog that go between myself and Chris from a day to day or week to week basis. The Terms of Use was created by Chris and I because of the Terms of Service because of the disrespect and drama towards both of us. This all happened over the weekend into the early week and we both agreed to implement this so you guys have to follow rules now thanks to the drama and disrespect. Honestly we do not have time to actually deal with petty drama and it can stay off Chris's website because his site has done amazing and it hit over 10K for the month again and it keeps hitting that stride for the last 2 months which is incredible it's getting the views. I know the last couple of days numbers are lower then usual but it's that time of the year.

                 You are wondering where you can find the Terms of Use? Well at the very bottom where you can find the Terms of Use and it is a yellow word which is linked by You can also find it by going here: I expect and ask you guys to give Chris a break. He is working countless hours on the podcast and he is working a lot of long hours, giving up sleep for you guys, going to bed early to be up at the wee hours of the night to get a head start so he can get the podcast recorded and yes I am referring to the Collab which is near it's hiatus which is coming in January. We recently saw an influx of spam in the chat as a guest or anon and we had to ban due to spam if I remember correctly it is in the Terms as well we won't put up. Some rules we are going to be more stricter then others. We wanna make sure this website stays clean and the trolls can simply STAY OUT as I am now protecting Chris from the trolls that have been around the community. We thank you guys for your support and I will talk to you all on Sunday and the boss will be back blogging tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Entertainment Man Podcast Season 2 Announcement!

                      That time has come for the big announcement! Season 2 is getting near and I wanted to ensure you the podcast will be back in the new year for a 2nd season. With the success of the 1st season even though it was only 20 episodes short it was a very successful first season and we or I am returning for a 2nd season. I hope this continues on for years down the road and it grows even more and more platforms it gets on and I already noticed it has gotten on other platforms even now which is truly amazing and exciting for me especially. Season 2 will see some interviews and if you would like to be on the Podcast and promote your content, whether is it Podcaster, blogging, YouTube, Twitch, Radio or DJing this is an open invitation to come on my podcast in the New Year to promote your content or stream. I making it clear that I opening up to interviews with my podcast and I will also make an formal post today in the afternoon about this.

                    So the point of today's post is when is the podcast returning and I have been really thinking about this and when the date and I know the Podcast could return Jan 3rd but that would take over my time off from podcasting and my break. It really all comes down to when New Years falls and that happens to be on a Friday in the New Year. I know, I know get on with it. With me explaining the logic behind the date I am happy to say that Sunday, January 10th, 2021 @ 1 pm EST. I am sticking to the same type of schedule for the podcast for 2021 and I can OFFICIALLY say that next year will see 50 brand NEW episodes and it's gonna be even bigger then this years 20 episodes that I did and just wait till January. So with the announcement of the date as I conclude today's post I look forward to the final 3 episodes left of the season before I wrap up the first inaugural season of the podcast and wrapping up this very rough year for podcasts all around. I will talk to you all tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.