Tuesday, December 29, 2020

My Favorite Rock Songs

                There is a ton of Rock Songs I can even mention from the top of my head that I can even bring up but in today's post I will mention a few and I know already a few but anyways I will quit stalling and here are some of my favorite songs which mostly are old school songs but nothing wrong with that:

Turn Up The Radio by Autograph: Heard this on a live show the Raunchfoxxx Foxxxcast which he has passed away 5 years ago. Either way one of my favorite songs regardless and still am listening to it to this day when I am not listening to Christmas music as I am doing right now but it will be one of the first songs I will play.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC: I admit it is one of my favorite songs and also my nephew's fave and I think I got him into it as they heard some of the classic rock I was playing in my studio when he came down to see me. 

Knockin on Heaven's Door by Guns N Roses: One of two G n' R short for Guns N Roses and I know that isn't the original song and I have the original song by Bob Dylan on my ITunes so I got both versions. Also this is NOT and yes I put NOT in bold and caps because this is one of two songs from the band which is my 4th song that is my favorite.

Sweet Child O' Mine: Was one of my Staff Sue's favorite song and every time I listen to it, I think of her and remember the good times my team and I had with her when she was still alive. 

Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi: Honestly first time I heard this song was in a show by a fellow Podcaster friend of mine, Jimi which he has an awesome podcast. Anyways soon as I heard this I requested this on his show. I like any of the Bon Jovi songs really.

                      There are more songs that I could add into my list but again this blog post would be endless post like usual but hope you guys enjoyed this post and it is good to get back on track with posts and I'm sorry about yesterday being late but today it's back on track.


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