Wednesday, December 30, 2020

600 Views On The Community Lounge!


Hey! I decided to take over the blog today and give him a break from blogging. Trust me he's been working long hours with the site plans, Collaboration Podcast and also Entertainment Man Podcast so he's got 3 things going on right now and honestly he's stated he will be working on January 1st, 2021 hoping to take time off on the weekend on the Sunday. Anyways the reason why I am posting today is to bring amazing news with this website. The Community Lounge continues to grows with the website and within a month of this site having the Community Lounge back on we have hit 600 + views (602 Views to be exact.) Which is incredible to be honest. That was a screenshot of the page stats from the back end of the website. I know, the chat isn't active with ton of users but the fact people are popping on that exact page is amazing and I am always hiding out in chat and I always keep my name in there even when I sleep. 


                The One thing that needs to be done is get the chat moving is promoting the Community Lounge and getting people in there. Now we continue to commit to having it open to guest chat even with the past history of guest trolls but that seems to be fine. We have had some issues even with the VPN not allowed on the website that seems to be a problem as we had a bunch of trolls and we did a lookup as both of us can see who is who on the website. It says it's a VPN or Proxy and yet we banned that so the trolling would be limited. We may have to reach out to Chatango about that but the trolling has limited down. I wanna thank you all for the continued support on behalf of myself, Larry, Billy and Chris and it's because of you guys you make ChrisBOnTheWeb a success on a daily basis.


Matt, CBOTW Site Admin

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