Thursday, December 31, 2020

Change of Plans! Chat Is Gone Permanently and We've Got A Discord Server Now!

          Chris has allowed me to slip in this bonus blog post this morning before the normal post from him goes up. As you probably have noticed with the website that the Community Lounge has disappeared and it was a decision by the entire Management Team and Chris to remove it once and for all for several reasons why really and here are the reasons behind our decision:

1) Chat was inactive: I was the only one in there recently despite the views have been extremely well but just not activity minus the occasional time Chris is in the Lounge from time to time.

2) Trolls: We have had our share of trolls recently spamming the chatroom with VPN's after we banned VPN's and we frown upon the use of them as it makes it easy to troll the chat.

           So with the Discord Server, it already has become an active community on there and also the Management Team of myself, Chris and hopefully Billy and Tiala on there today. A week Monday we hope to get Larry on there under the Alum title as well. The link can be found under the Discord logo to the right hand side next to our our Social Media's or by going to to join our wonderful community. This will prevent trolling because one ban and not just your account but your IP is banned since the server is based by IP and not just your username and there is no way to come back unless Management or Moderation (Moderators) unban you. I think this is the better decision to have a server and even Billy is getting people to join this community. I know a chat on the website brings in views but this also clears up room for what we have planned in February with the reconfiguration with the website. I wanna say we had concern we wouldn't be able to fit it in but now we can. Please feel free to sign up with Discord, it's free and join our Community. We will post up the link on Social Media so you can join and pin it to the top of our posts.

Anyways have a Happy New Year,

Matt, Site Admin

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