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Thursday, June 8, 2023

When Will The Community Manager Role Be Filled?

                 As you know Sophie recently passed away and the question we have been getting is when is the Community Manager be filled and who will be taking it over? Now I have considered Joe to help me on the site work and bring someone else on but that's just me thinking out loudly to myself but here are the answers to your 2 questions:

1) When will the Community Manager?: Pretty quick as I feel like I have hardly the time to answer messages and emails so I hired someone and I know I am still dealing with the loss of Sophie and Joe's been answering emails to help me as you didn't know I have been away from the day to day operations since Sophie passed away. 

2) Who be will the new Community Manager? Good question Joe has taken over the role and it was clear from the get go he was here to help in the long run even though we have had stress lately in this community.

           I will talk to you all on Saturday for the end of the week updates as it is a Joe take over in the blog tomorrow to explain things to you all, I will talk to you all then, have a great rest of your day!




Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Discord Server Re-Done and Being Worked On!

Well the old original server was deleted all together but due to request it is back online. Not everything is finished yet as I am focusing on a podcast for Thursday right now. But in due time I will work on things but there is some new ranks and here is what they are:

Boss Man (Me), the boss of ChrisBOnTheWeb- Light blue   

Staff, Who makes ChrisBOnTheWeb Tick- Red  

Bots, Bots in the server that post up YouTube links and help with the moderation of the server- Purple

, who keep the chat, clean and a positive community. 

Fans, Fans of ChrisBOnTheWeb

Those are the roles and most of the channels and voice channels we had will remain as they are just have to add roles to the list at this moment and I will in due time. I just need some extra time to work on it. That is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

I'm Preparing For 2023!

             With 2023 getting closer and the New Year is this weekend, I am finalizing things for 2023. I am figuring out things for The CBOTW Show and I think I may just keep things simple and either do 1 show on there weekly or monthly. I want to simplify things and make things easier. I am over thinking on things and I should be on a more simpler side of things. Start out slowly then grow it from there on out.

               2023 will be a year of growth and 0 drama and 0 problems moving forward. This year has been horrendous running things and I am just ready for a stress & drama free year with no problems. 2023 will be another year of growth. Cause the last half of this year things have been on the up and up despite the non stop drama in the community. I am ready to continue growing this and with the addition of Discord this community is just getting better and better everyday. That is the post for today, will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, February 11, 2022

End of The Week Updates [02-11-2022]

               Another week has gone by and time for another end of the week update. Been an busy week with interviews on the weekend and Monday to editing and having em ready to go to post up this weekend and yesterday as well. Anyways here are the updates:

Website: As you know there has been issues with the blog links and it is the correct links are set on there and it is correct but there seems to be a bug in the system with the website where it changes the link which messes it up for you guys and it seems to do that when the link to the blog is longer. So now I need to take extra measures and check the links and make sure and be up in case it does this again in the nearby future. I also added emails for both Entertainment Man Podcast General Inquries and also The CBOTW Show General Inquries. Also Amy's email is there for The Other of The CBOTW Show: Survivor After Show.

The CBOTW Show: An announcement podcast is coming on Monday at 2 pm EST where Amy and I will be talking about what is coming up for the podcast and how we are planning to re-launch this podcast which will be at a slower pace to start things back off. I think the last time, we actually went a little too fast with rebuilding the TV and Reality TV Podcasts and we just gotta take it slow and let things progress the way they will. 

Community Manager: We have a Community Manager that will be helping answer emails as they have been going through the roof lately and hard to handle every inqury on my own so she has been hired on to help me with handling at least the ChrisBOnTheWeb inquiries side of things for the most part and it can be found on the contact page of

               That is the update for this week, a lot has transpired and this community continues to grow on a regular basis just gotta work on rebuilding the Twitter followership which has kind of plummeted on me where interest in my content has gone down so now I have to try and get some new followers. I try to be as active but my busy schedule I try to fit it everything if I can. Anyways I will talk to you all on Monday, have a great weekend in the meantime.


Thursday, October 28, 2021

I Need To Do Better With Problem Solving In This Community!

                     I know at times, I have hidden and not said anything on social media or moments I go entirely "radio silent" on most platforms, you know something is up. I tend to go quiet when I go into one of my moods or some drama went on, I do not take it on directly, I avoid the situation and not deal with it. I've noticed I have distanced myself more and more from this group and I should remain active but sometimes it is just hard for me to deal with so much going on. I need to stop distancing and problem solve. Also I find myself not listening to both sides of the story, I just overreact and drama ensues. So I have to start being more assertive and actually face the problem head on, rather then go ban happy and I have been going ban happy on the group especially. I counted at least 8 to 10 people have been banned but I have taken majority of the bans off minus 2 individuals. 

                 Trying to make it right especially in this community and starting now is a clean slate, I wanna start over as I have been too unfair with some of you and communication is key. I do not want to come over strict and that is how I feel I have been feeling like I have abused my power as Founder/Owner and losing too many followers and I gotta stop the bleeding to be honest. I mean I have to fix this community before it crumbles like The Video Projects Team once did which was one of the reasons that community crumbled which drama was  a factor as well in the last year of it's operation. That is the one thing I am scared of is when CBOTW hits 8.5 years it will all coming crumbling down once again and I do not want that to be a repeat but fair warning any issues gone forever. Consider this a fresh start as I banned so many people on the group and now only 2 are currently under a ban. This is a fresh start for all of us and this year has been hard for all of us and so many changes with podcasts and hopefully moving forward things will be better. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, March 8, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-08-2021]

               Another week has come and went and this means it is time for another weekly update for you all. I haven't been merely impressed in some of the behavior seen here on the website and I will explain:

Website: With the chatroom here on I am not impressed. The amount of disrespect that has been given towards myself, Chris and the team in general and I know this is one of the # 1 reasons why he has stated he's considered not being as involved with the chatroom community and his stress has become very very high. I had to ban 6 trolls over the weekend and starting to question the chatroom existing. Now we have it on where you have to login at this point and we haven't changed it back since and are leaving the chat where you have to login to chat with everyone and this might be the best thing moving forward for all of us. This has to stop before we end up shutting the chatroom down or suspending operations of having the chat open to the public. This inappropriate behavior isn't acceptable and we have to do better as a community. Chris wants a clean, positive and happy community. There is no ETA when we will allow guests again and I am in constant contact with Chris about this and when we feel ready we will be sure to let you guys know but for right now guest chat is suspended.  

The CBOTW Show: As you know Chris has become backlogged with podcasts right now as we just posted up Thursdays eviction on Sunday morning before Entertainment Man Podcast went up. Now do not forget we have another podcast to go up and the reason behind that is because he had some things going on Saturday that needed his attention this is why we are backlogged or he is backlogged and he's jeopardized his sleep to just get this content out to you guys. Chris promised to get back on a schedule this week for the podcast in the way of scheduling to record and no more tech issues whatsoever.

                   This is all I have to really say for this week, not much for updates, honestly as we are readjusting to 3 - 4 podcasts and we will get better as the weeks go on as we have so much amazing stuff going on right now. We gotta continue the positive love and support for this community. I will see you guys next week, have a wonderful week in the meantime.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Friday, March 5, 2021

Talking About Chatroom Rules Ban Lengths....

                We have gone a little ban happy recent with the trolls and we needed to remove em. However we had no real guidelines and both Chris and I came up with the chat rules and we are going to be adding times to the bans and here they are:


1. No spamming the chatroom.  (6 hour ban)

2. No being disrespectful to Staff or Any Other User In the Chatroom. (12 hour ban, if use of offensive terms will be permanent ban from chat and not able to return)

3. No asking for Moderator, we have enough Staff to keep an eye on things. (Chat message removed & warning. 1 hour ban if continues)

4. No posting inappropriate links is allowed. (24 hour ban, if continues, Perma Ban as this will not be allowed whatsoever)

                Rules are not hard to find and there is only 4 golden rules to follow and so easy to follow. We only perma ban from here on out on severe infractions of the rules. We have the most conservative rules out of any other chatroom. Right now we are not making mods till the chatroom is active but the bans are very reasonable times. Please follow our rules it is not that hard. You guys wonder why we have removed our chat off the website so much is because of the chat problems. Chris also mentioned if the trolls get too much for us then what we can do is not allow guest chat and we will implement that you sign up with and we will not be allowing guests in our Community Lounge from here on out. We have a lot of tools with this chat we have on the site and one of em we even do not allow VPNS cause it would be easy for trolls to get back into the chatroom so that has already been implemented! That is everything I have to say about the rules in our chatroom please follow em so we can keep guest chat open and I will speak to you guys Monday, have a wonderful weekend!

Charlotte, Site Admin

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Statement About The Community Lounge's Return!

                With the RETURN of the Community Lounge here on I wanted to make an statement about the chatroom returning and will answer questions. Now there has been so many issues lately whether it was a chatroom here on the website or Discord server there has been either drama or just trolls being demanding and disrespectful towards the team in general. LET ME SAY THIS: It will not be tolerated. Now to a couple of the questions you guys may have regarding the chatroom:

1) When are staff around- That is hard to know as we're very busy team but we are around when we are around and typically between 9 am and 7 or 8 pm EST but there will be nights where we may end up being up late so it varies when we are in the chat but sometimes we leave our names just say hi in the room and we do not answer within a few minutes we are either busy or asleep. We work odd hours especially with Big Brother Canada 9 now underway, Chris is online a bit longer now with the Live Feeds up he will be up listening to them so between now and Mid May our hours are now going to be 12 pm and 9 pm at the most.

2) Rules- There are rules below the chatroom and that always seems to be an issue to follow them and we hate banning but we have no choice. We are going to be making a Ban times list that way you guys know how long you are banned and we will be taking notes who is banned and win along with username and two of us know who is who with the bans and that is myself and Chris. 

3) Chat Being Weird- We have added a button next to the chat on the website that looks like this to the left of this text. It is hyperlinked and all you gotta do is click the logo and it will take you to which is more capable to chatting within the community. We made it easier for mobile users but if you are on Tablet or IPad then it will be a ton easier for website use. This was an idea between both myself and the Founder & Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb & This took weeks of planning and Late January/Early February we started to plan and work on this feature and it took us weeks to slowly plan and execute this.

           So tomorrow, Chris was originally going to post but he has given permission to do two days in a row. Tomorrow I will be talking about the rules and how long we are going to ban on the chat so you know. We do not wanna make it permanent unless it is a very severe rule broken. I will then be back Monday then you will be hearing from Chris Tuesday. Have a great rest of your day and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Change of Plans! Chat Is Gone Permanently and We've Got A Discord Server Now!

          Chris has allowed me to slip in this bonus blog post this morning before the normal post from him goes up. As you probably have noticed with the website that the Community Lounge has disappeared and it was a decision by the entire Management Team and Chris to remove it once and for all for several reasons why really and here are the reasons behind our decision:

1) Chat was inactive: I was the only one in there recently despite the views have been extremely well but just not activity minus the occasional time Chris is in the Lounge from time to time.

2) Trolls: We have had our share of trolls recently spamming the chatroom with VPN's after we banned VPN's and we frown upon the use of them as it makes it easy to troll the chat.

           So with the Discord Server, it already has become an active community on there and also the Management Team of myself, Chris and hopefully Billy and Tiala on there today. A week Monday we hope to get Larry on there under the Alum title as well. The link can be found under the Discord logo to the right hand side next to our our Social Media's or by going to to join our wonderful community. This will prevent trolling because one ban and not just your account but your IP is banned since the server is based by IP and not just your username and there is no way to come back unless Management or Moderation (Moderators) unban you. I think this is the better decision to have a server and even Billy is getting people to join this community. I know a chat on the website brings in views but this also clears up room for what we have planned in February with the reconfiguration with the website. I wanna say we had concern we wouldn't be able to fit it in but now we can. Please feel free to sign up with Discord, it's free and join our Community. We will post up the link on Social Media so you can join and pin it to the top of our posts.

Anyways have a Happy New Year,

Matt, Site Admin

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

600 Views On The Community Lounge!


Hey! I decided to take over the blog today and give him a break from blogging. Trust me he's been working long hours with the site plans, Collaboration Podcast and also Entertainment Man Podcast so he's got 3 things going on right now and honestly he's stated he will be working on January 1st, 2021 hoping to take time off on the weekend on the Sunday. Anyways the reason why I am posting today is to bring amazing news with this website. The Community Lounge continues to grows with the website and within a month of this site having the Community Lounge back on we have hit 600 + views (602 Views to be exact.) Which is incredible to be honest. That was a screenshot of the page stats from the back end of the website. I know, the chat isn't active with ton of users but the fact people are popping on that exact page is amazing and I am always hiding out in chat and I always keep my name in there even when I sleep. 


                The One thing that needs to be done is get the chat moving is promoting the Community Lounge and getting people in there. Now we continue to commit to having it open to guest chat even with the past history of guest trolls but that seems to be fine. We have had some issues even with the VPN not allowed on the website that seems to be a problem as we had a bunch of trolls and we did a lookup as both of us can see who is who on the website. It says it's a VPN or Proxy and yet we banned that so the trolling would be limited. We may have to reach out to Chatango about that but the trolling has limited down. I wanna thank you all for the continued support on behalf of myself, Larry, Billy and Chris and it's because of you guys you make ChrisBOnTheWeb a success on a daily basis.


Matt, CBOTW Site Admin

Monday, October 5, 2020

I'm Back and Changing My Routine A Bit!

            Well I'm back to running the day to day operations and me being the Owner once again. Now I know what you guys will say you need to take time off for myself and honestly things are going to change moving forward. On weekends, I am doing nothing regards to ChrisBOnTheWeb on weekends and why Jim our Community Manager will be keeping an eye on things answer social media questions and email inquires over the weekends so this way I can relax a bit more and take weekends off. Only time I'd work on a Sunday is if I recorded Power Rangers Podcast episodes and he is here in the studio but recently with CoVid-19 we're currently recording via Skype during the week at this time. However that is besides the point really. Also if it really comes down workload I will work the occasional weekends but I am not going to push the envelope as that is one of the reasons why I took 2 weeks away from the day to day operations of the website and group. Not only that but the trolls started to get to me and disrespect towards my staff and people being rude in general. 

            Either way I am very happy to be back to the day to day operations and being able to talk to you guys without not saying much minus a couple of posts on social media post and the one blog post that I did recently. That kind of helped me make that decision to return to ChrisBOnTheWeb and I am glad I did. I am really happy that I made that decision to come back sooner then I thought. I honestly thought it would of been a month before I returned to CBOTW and I really have been struggling to decide to come back but now is most definitely the time to make the return to ChrisBOnTheWeb. Now is the time for me to make the move to continue to grow this thing and I honestly it has even with me away from the day to day operations handed to Jim things progressed well under his leadership. However I am back and that is what matters. I am not going to push myself too much in the first. I do not wanna have a relapse of being stress and already started to stress myself out entirely but I am taking my time one thing at a time and my main focus this week is to get that darn Wild Force that is not even remotely near finished. I may have to work one or two weekends to get these notes as I plan on recording the following weekend after our Canadian Thanksgiving but we'll see how I do this week. 


Monday, September 28, 2020

Let's Try This Chat Thing Yet Again! SMH!

           This was all Chris's idea in the way of chat of returning to the website and I had a couple of ideas which I will not get into as we're in the early stages of the chat's return and we do not want to rush it. However it is back up and running and yes guest chat is an option for right now but if the spam and disrespect returns then we will be locking down the chat once again and we are not afraid to do that whatsoever.  There is no holding back and we wanna grow the website and build this community. This is one of the reasons we brought it back was to start growing the community and the website. Now the views are up this is a great time to expand on the website so we made a few tweaks to the menu bar and the About is under it's own drop down menu to make way for the chatroom which was released right away.

           The chatroom can be found on and staff is around typically during the daytime but sometimes we will hide out in the chatroom from time to time but depends if we are awake we may answer but keep checking back in our community chat. We hope one of these days if we can get the chat really busy that we can start doing Community Nights on our chatroom but that is part of Phase 3 of the plan as we are only in Phase 1 which is growing the community. We also will be looking for Moderators but in due time. The Only Moderator we have right now is LarryR82 as he is a former staff member of The Video Projects Team and ChrisBOnTheWeb and he has Moderator status on our chatroom and is around when he can be on. Let's regrow this community and grow this website even further!

Jim, CBOTW Admin/CBOTW Community

Monday, September 21, 2020

Chris Is On A Partial Leave of Absence...

           Well, you trolls won... You drove poor Chris to insanity and stress. He pours his time and effort into content, to continuing to grow this website, give him a darn break! He works countless hours without a break whatsoever, he works day in and day out and you tell him to get better content when he is working hard. It has been nothing but trolls and insults and rudeness towards him and the entire team. We lost one staff cause of ex staff being rude... It's driven him to a mental breakdown. I'm sorry but I have to vent because enough is enough with all of this. So the news I have is that Chris has decided with my help and suggestions to take a leave of absence from the administration side of things. However he will not be steering away from podcasts notes, Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and he will tweet updates from time to time when he's not busy to say hi or any updates on the podcast planning but I will also be tweeting and posting to social media as well. 

            Chris has been unhappy for nearly 2 months now and I saw this coming even before I took over the role of Community Manager and been around the ChrisBOnTheWeb Socials and the website. I may be taking on a bigger role within the team as Administrator but I will also be still pertaining the Community Manager role as normally. I am just taking on a second role while boss man is away getting better and dealing with his depression. Honestly I can say this, Chris has thought about giving me full Ownership and stepping down as Owner of the website and group but glad he has decided to do this and I've been trying to get him to take time away from the admin side of things to focus on the project aspect. Do not worry I was one of the 2 between myself and Mark who helped and built the menu bar and social media buttons on the website so I do have experience in coding and I previously helped him with the Original on that other provider that Chris doesn't really like... Finally you will be seeing more posts from me unless Chris decides to pop on to say hi and do a post. Do not worry, he is going to be back and when is the question as I cannot really tell you guys at this point when he is planning to start doing his normal everyday duties. Let's just hope he doesn't have to take another leave again cause of you trolls. Let me give you a warning, you once insult us or disrespect us, you will be banned and not allowed back. We have no room for trolls as wanna keep things flowing well and have been flowing well with new programming coming soon to the website. I will address that this week at some point. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates For 06-07-2020

            It is time for the weekly updates for Chris B On The Web for this week and it has been a stressful week for not just me but Chris. He's been under so much stress, there has been so much drama with some staff and  fans but he's fixed things with one of his fans and he wants nothing but the best for the team and the fans. 

1) He's made changes which I will not talk about publicly but it was a tough decision for him. He has to do what's right for the podcast and he's on the right track honestly and he's doing the right thing right now. 

2) The discord server erupted in drama and to the point we had to make the decision to shut down the server. We may make one down the road but we may not but it is a big thing to do. Him and I both deleted our accounts and I think it is the right direction for right now. 

3) Chris recorded a 2 hour and 28 minute podcast last night and currently being worked on. He was up most of the night editing Everything About Reality TV Podcast as he was really just wound up from the last night. 

4) This brings me back to the top topic of the recent drama and problems. Chris has taken some time off social media and left the team and myself to watch the Facebook and Twitter Pages. He hopefully will be back this week and myself, Larry and Chris (Reality Teas) will be keeping an eye on things while he is off Social. I will be taking over the blog for a few days till he's ready to return. 

5) We are still monitoring the Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada and to when it is going to happen so that is one of the other things that is stressing him out the most and he's under immense pressure especially with the YouTube Channel starting but we think it's in a good phase and this first episode that's going up is going to probably explode the channel right outside the gate. Then followed by the preview for Tough As Nails. So if Big Brother 22 isn't going to happen then he has Tough As Nails. We're trying to bring content and Chris (Reality Teas) may pop up here and there for a podcast but it hasn't been discussed fully but it is in the works! We're going to make it work. If Amazing Race 32, and there is no Survivor 41 due to the circumstances of the virus then he has a second plan in his mind and you guys will definitely like it. 

6) Finally he is working on Power Rangers Podcast but has struggled as he has been editing non stop the last couple of days but he is going to watch it this week and he plans to be on track for Mid July if not that early Fall. With everything going on he may be forced to put the production on hold but he's working hard to stay on track and wants to get it done by next week. There is my updates and I will chat with you all tomorrow.

- The CBOTW Team

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Moving Chris B On The Web Updates To Sundays!

                      So I have made the executive decision to move the weekly updates to Sundays instead of the usual Monday. Trying something different and I think it wasn't the right fit on Mondays but there is a bunch of reasons too but as you know Entertainment Man Podcast is on the horizon to return to the line-up here not just the website but on the other platforms and there has been proposed projects so this means I gotta make more time to post up them so definitely think the update on the first day of the week is the best move. Don't worry same kind of format, nothing is changing really to it and no plan to change the way I do the weekly updates. I really wish I did this sooner on the Sundays originally when this idea came to me for a weekly update on the happenings around the "CBOTW Community" however we are making this change now before any other major additions to the website. We're trying to gradually expand the website not expand so fast this is why we're taking our time on the pages. 

                    Either way, CBOTW is always evolving and always making the necessary changes that comes with the growth of this website as recently we have officially peaked over the 80K in the last year which is crazy for a small but now huge website. So again we're moving the updates to Sundays and one other thing to add on, it will not be me who does those, it will be one of my team members who does the updates. I have decided as the Founder/Owner to hand the reigns over to the Website Admin to make the necessary updates to the website each week so you will be hearing from me 6 days of the week. This is good too as I have been along with my team swamped with work and updates and just growing our brand even more. I know you guys understand and will enjoy the posts on Sundays as you guys enjoyed them on the Mondays and I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow. 

- Chris 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Back To Blogging Daily!

                 As you can tell on Thursday, I went back to daily blogs on a daily basis. It is very exciting to be back to normal again with posts and keeping regular on the posts. I think I actually did not follow majority of the schedule as last week I went all over the place. However that is OK tho! Sometimes being random is a good thing but that is besides the point. It is good to be back in the daily grind with the posts and honestly I enjoy it. I really do enjoy it and talking to you guys on a regular basis and with what is going on with me and also the Chris B On The Web Community. Tomorrow, I am planning to update you guys on things around CBOTW, Staff wise and some new and familiar faces involved with the website and of course the graphical side of things that you have recently seen. So I have a ton of updates to make for you guys and excited to tell you guys some things that has happened behind the scenes.  I think I would like to do a weekly update blog post for you with the happenings around the community and I think that is what I am planning moving forward.  I actually already have put up on the whiteboard the update posts and Monday (tomorrow) I will have an update for you guys on things around the community.

               Also I would like to start doing more throwback Thursday stories and see if I can incorporate even some past stuff regards to YouTube series I worked on in the past as I am sure there is a ton of stories I can tell and I can think of some on the top of my head. So basically Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays will have set topics while Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday's will be up to my list of posts and again, I am open to ideas for the blog here on the website. Either way it is good to be back in the grind and currently combating a head cold which is very odd how I ended up but that's a story for Tuesday's post for you guys as that is an open day on our list. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and see you on the post tomorrow.