Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Moving Chris B On The Web Updates To Sundays!

                      So I have made the executive decision to move the weekly updates to Sundays instead of the usual Monday. Trying something different and I think it wasn't the right fit on Mondays but there is a bunch of reasons too but as you know Entertainment Man Podcast is on the horizon to return to the line-up here not just the website but on the other platforms and there has been proposed projects so this means I gotta make more time to post up them so definitely think the update on the first day of the week is the best move. Don't worry same kind of format, nothing is changing really to it and no plan to change the way I do the weekly updates. I really wish I did this sooner on the Sundays originally when this idea came to me for a weekly update on the happenings around the "CBOTW Community" however we are making this change now before any other major additions to the website. We're trying to gradually expand the website not expand so fast this is why we're taking our time on the pages. 

                    Either way, CBOTW is always evolving and always making the necessary changes that comes with the growth of this website as recently we have officially peaked over the 80K in the last year which is crazy for a small but now huge website. So again we're moving the updates to Sundays and one other thing to add on, it will not be me who does those, it will be one of my team members who does the updates. I have decided as the Founder/Owner to hand the reigns over to the Website Admin to make the necessary updates to the website each week so you will be hearing from me 6 days of the week. This is good too as I have been along with my team swamped with work and updates and just growing our brand even more. I know you guys understand and will enjoy the posts on Sundays as you guys enjoyed them on the Mondays and I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow. 

- Chris 

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