Monday, May 11, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates [05-11-2020]

                     I know I was going to start doing this but I have decided to keep it to the blog as usual and talk about other topics on Entertainment Man Podcast which I will talk about. There is a lot going on and emotions running high this week with this being Finale Week for us for Everything About Reality TV and again I will cover it. In this update, I will provide you guys the updates on everything that is going on with us and the website.

1) Website: This is the first crucial step for us and we have been so busy with other projects and this weekend myself and my website Admin were suppose to work on the website but got busy with family stuff and especially Mother's Day yesterday. However I worked a bit of it before bed last night and working on The Amazing Race Page to get that one completed. We currently have the Survivor, Big Brother and Big Brother Canada pages created and done and not sure if all of them are active as of yet but we will be checking soon as we finish both Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada pages to ensure they are all active and running and with a post that it is indeed active on the website. Then we will be jumping away briefly to be working on Entertainment Man Podcast Page, then jumping back to "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast pages with Off Season Podcasts and 2 shows: "Music City CMT" & "Celeb Big Brother US" pages that were covered on the podcast. Then finally the archives page on the far right side. This will complete up the website page work and we will have an official announcement the site work is done. Right now you guys are working off the links page right now on which is going to be eventually a discontinued page and will not be active on the website anymore.

2) Entertainment Man Podcast: As you guys noticed, the Re-Launch date for this podcast being weekly is June 1st, 2020 at 1 pm EST. The reason why is so we can finish up the site work and also fix any of the platforms the podcast may be on. So this can take up a few weeks of my time to get it fixed on any platform the podcast is on. I believe, ITunes,, Player FM are all up to par and not sure about Spotify and I do not even think it is on Spotify and has been removed so I will have to put that on my list of platforms to put it on. Either way, I am close to the Re-launch but still a couple of things to do to ensure the platformsit's on and up to date as I never told em that I changed the RSS Feed as the main feed was originally deleted. Good News is I still have the episodes that I did record and are on the external hard drive of mine in storage.

3) Everything About Reality TV Podcast: As you know this is Finale Week for us and we will be on a bit of a hiatus. I wanted to say, we are recording an episode LIVE on our YouTube channel Wednesday night @ 11:15 pm EST to make it officially launched but having second thoughts as we will be on a hiatus for a while. I need to talk to Larry, Billy & Chris (Reality Teas) about doing some Off Season Content for both Video and Audio, Live and even video and Audio (Pre-Recorded) where I can either post it or even do a Premiere but might wait for Premieres for a while. Either way I need to talk to them and that is the reason we will be off air for a week or two to get things in order for what is next and hopefully we find something out Big Brother US Season 22 and Amazing Race Canada Season 8. 

                  There is the updates that I have for you guys and we continue to work on the site and content. I know I didn't mention Power Rangers Podcast but here is the thing as of today, I will be working on Time Force today and getting it on a role as July we are suppose to be recording and need to get watching this season and Wild Force if we are to make the Mid July target but when I got updates, I will give you guys more updates. For right now these are the current updates and what is being worked on and with extra time to really work hard on the collaboration Podcasts and get it ready for taping. Anyways I will see you in the next post tomorrow at our usual time.

- Chris

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