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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Made a bunch of changes recently

           As you may have noticed this website has been changed around quite a lot and that is why it was a very busy weekend with updates to you guys and as you know the 10th anniversary has been moved over to the about section and the schedule has been moved over to the main bar so it's been moved about. Also 10th anniversary has a main page for both pages with interactive clickable images on there by clicking on it. 

         Also the schedule, due to some privacy issues with the calendar, appointments I have booked has started to show up so what Jim suggested to me is to put a table with the schedule for events and the content schedule and that is what I did and was done actually done live on a stream so you guys got to see how the page looks and its not HTML it's a table and I'm getting better with the tables so I don't care what my naysayers say! Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, August 1, 2022

Changes To

                 So over the weekend, I made some changes to the website. Just minor changes, nothing that affects the website. Anyways, ChrisBOnTheWeb & is now under a separate email and run under that account. It has been separated from my personal life which has  nothing to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb. So now it is split up, it makes things a ton easier to work with moving forward. Also there is another page that has been updated that I wanna talk about is the Contact Page. That has now been updated with the new emails, both inquiries and Entertainment Man Podcast. First the Inquires is for any questions pertaining to the blog, website or the contents within the website itself. This is also includes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as well. Because the collab is only exclusively on, I have merged the old Power Rangers Collab email with the general inquires. Entertainment Man Podcast is for that podcast and podcast only.

              Please when contacting me or my team, to use the proper email. I have found that the emails have been not used properly. I didn't use the word abuse but I mean it hasn't been used properly recently hasn't been used the right way, with the use of the wrong email. I am sure I did label it properly but it is important to use  it correctly not incorrectly and please remember that. I will touch base on Thursday with my next blog post. Those are the two basic things that has changed here on the website and it is the correct move for me to go down to two work emails and a personal email. Was too much to handle with 4 or 5 different emails and this way it is a little less then overwhelming. Still gotta put the email on my computer mail system I use to read all your delightful emails and also on both of my devices, IPhone and IPad. There is some emails I need to change around but all in due time I'm sure. Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Monday, July 18, 2022

Changes Made To!

          What you see to your right is true! Schedule is now mounted in the about drop down menu now along with About CBOTW, Team which is now as that changed now dirastically now. I know it seems cluttered but maybe in time I will declutter it but maybe I will not. Maybe I will leave it as it is perhaps? What matters now is I am making room for something on there. I had to play around with the website a bit and the code especially for the CSS Code for the menu bar, I had to actually kind of shift things around and knowing me, you guys will see another change later this week as welll. Yes I said change, there is still some more adjustments and will be removing one of the pages that I feel isn't relevant to ChrisBOnTheWeb in 2022 and the past is the past is the past and you guys will find out more soon as ideas are now flowing and we're about to really blow ChrisBOnTheWeb & up. Trust me, big stuff is on the horizon.

As you can see on the left, the menu bar is less crowded now as I have kind of picked away all the unnecessary items for the website and made the website a lot more simple then it has been recently. Schedule remains under the about section and actually if this post makes no sense, I apologize cause something was there but is now removed off the website at a last second. Something is on the horizon for it  and cannot wait to explain it. Also I have removed past projects and will explain at the end of the week but anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.          


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Support Change Slight Changes...

              I just wanted to touch base with you all. Today I want to cover and touch base on the Support Chat that we have on the website Contact page which mind you, it has done fantastic and tons of views on that page so this proves it has become a successful chatroom. The problem we have now that Chloe isn't Community Manager no more and Tori sister of Chloe which is kind of ironic I had two sisters together but the issue her and the team have had is the posting of personal information, outlandish accusations towards me which are not true and it will not be allowed on that chatroom. Tori has been brought on and now that you guys know her name and who she is, she will remain under CBOTWMod and will be listed under Moderation for ChrisBOnTheWeb.  

          Tori has have brought this to my attention even with my busy, busy schedule that we are planning to put it where when there isn't a moderator available in the chatroom the chat will lock or close down automatically unless there is a Staff member or Moderator Staff that is in the room. This is something we are actually exploring especially when holidays come by and we close down but we will probably put the chat right into broadcast mode if worse comes to worse. However this needs to stop, we are talking about setting it to close when there isn't Staff or Moderators available but don't mean we will doing it. We've discussed it and when she's not in the chat, it will lock and you will either have to wait or use the email system to contact us. Another duty is she will be working the email system That is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow and thanks to the former community manager for making me redo the post. That is all talk tomorrow 😠


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Start of An New Era!

             This is definitely a start of a new era for ChrisBOnTheWeb & I know you guys are use to the 7 days a week but like I stated with the post I did on the weekend that we are currently losing viewers on a daily basis and also the ideas are not there anymore hence the reason why we are slowing down on posts and it is logical solution to this very problematic issue. Since the end of last year I noticed this. So I will tell you guys the blogs are Monday - Friday which opens the doors for the return of The CBOTW Show podcasts coming back both Reality TV section and the TV Show Section as well. With this change we will have a ton more time to actually to work on fixing this website as the views have been down lately on and maybe this is because it goes out way too early? This why I am making the changes to try and gain the followership back?

            Anyways time will indeed tell when things get back with the views and with this post going up at 6 pm EST, this might just be the right time to post up a blog as everyone is home or even at 3 or 4 pm EST. I am excited for what's next and like I said this gives me time to work with my Site Admin and help her on big decisions for the next version of this website as we're always tweaking the website quite often. All we wanna do is make sure it is up to date with this new project taking off, I got a ton more time to actually work on the content and we've got more time to improve the quality of the website. There is more information but you all have to wait till next week. Here is to a new start in this NEW era for CBOTW and plenty more to come in the near future. I wanna talk more about the website on tomorrow's blog post so stay tune for that. It'll be up on time tomorrow, I promise!


Sunday, July 5, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Updates [07-05-2020]

                 I am pretty sure you guys are getting sick of hearing from his Staff and not Chris himself. Well alas he is going to be returning tomorrow for a post after being on and off last week due to countless drama which hasn't wavered away in the last few weeks and probably the reason why he's refused to do posts and had to dump at least 2 - 3 posts last week and is in his to do list. However the more content  the better that is coming for you guys. So the updates:

- As you know Everything About Reality TV Podcast has ended after a 4.5 year, 13 seasons, 265 episode run which is amazing which we have been hinting the plans moving forward and The CBOTW Show and Entertainment Man Podcast but probably he will be touching base on that more this week what he is doing to get ready for it.

- Chris will be back tomorrow on the blog and social media finally after being absent since Wednesday night when he suddenly disappeared from social media again for the second time this week after the decision of the end of Everything About Reality TV.

- Not much has changed with the website, everything has stayed the same minus the removal from the Podcasts drop down of Everything About Reality TV Podcast to make way and room for the two podcasts Chris is bringing back and definitely is going to be airing for you guys.

-  The CBOTW Show, he has spoken about redoing, well he wants to actually redesign The CBOTW Logo with new colors and add both him and Larry's faces onto the logo but he has a bigger plan with that and he feels it is about time for a new logo and a rebranding on that logo which he is working on this weekend to his liking.

                  There is the updates for the week, not really as much going on just a missing Founder and Owner for the last 4 - 5 days now, a podcast ended, 2 others are returning to the lineup. We will continue to list any updates that we may have on a weekly basis but right now we are laying low right now in the way of Podcasts and we have these blog posts for now and he will be recording hopefully 2 as I said. This is a new chapter for ChrisBOnTheWeb as one door closes another one has opened.  We cannot thank you guys enough for the love and support you have given us and we may have ended one podcast but 2 more has just begun!

- CBOTW Team

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Website Menu Bar Was Tweaked A Bit...

               As you know, ChrisBOnTheWeb & is always rapidly changing. There is a reason behind the Menu bar looking different under the Tab, "Podcasts" However I cannot say anything yet as we need to tie up the loose ends for this project. Trust me I had a heck of a night with frustrations and what not working on this and I thought it had to do with the menu coding itself but it wasn't. After 2 hours, I was ready to just give up and force the project to one certain platforms but now that has been resolved now, it's green lit. I really wanna tell you guys what we got in-stored and even some of our members on the Discord Server got to see what we were doing technically. However once we get confirmation and the host is setup and been tested then we will be announcing where you can listen to him on the air and yes I said he. Let's just say it's an old friend from the chat website I use to be involved. Anyways I can hint all I want really. I know you wanna know but soon you all will know whats up and the plan that is ahead for us. 

              However the changes are live here on the website and just scroll over podcasts and you will see the big gap which in time will be filled in. Please patient with us while we continue to plan and get things setup with our new hosts. Mind you this menu bar is still in BETA Testing right now and we're ironing out all the bugs and issues. We're new to the entire building your own and the entire CSS Code thing so please do be patient with us while we deal with all the bugs and issues. Please do send us a message or email if you see any bugs or issues with the website so we can take a look into it. We haven't had complaints but with the recent work we put into the website last night, you never know when a bug will appear on our website.  Anyways I will see you guys tomorrow in our next post.


Thursday, May 14, 2020


                 As you can tell with my recent post on social media, we have officially completed the website work. Every page is up and running and the entire menu bar is functional and working but just the menu isn't too responsive but it works at some point and going to start work in the coming weeks but honestly that is for my website admin to do as most of the work and design of the menu is complete. As you can see there are two Sections: 'Everything About Reality TV" which houses a ton of pages of podcasts we do.  We finally have our "Other Podcasts" which even includes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast and the Archives of past podcasts. Trust me we can house more and you never know what is in-stored for the websites moving forward, new projects, new hosts. It took us weeks to get the menu to function and drop down but alas we got it working. Still a couple of bugs in it but in time we will get it working. You can use your arrows and it does help for now. 

                 During the construction phase of the page, noticed the number of views have been up lately which is truly a good thing. I looked at the pages and they all have gotten good views. The Hours we put in, the lack of sleep we have had to endured it was indeed worth the hours of hard work and dedication. I'm surprised this big project took us weeks and got it done. Took a lot of patience and we had a couple of bugs to iron out on the pages as it wouldn't save but that is besides the point as everything is now fine. I hope you guys enjoy the rebuilt menu bar that we worked hard in the last couple of weeks and we're excited for what is next for the website. Any issues, concerns or questions please contact is and we can answer any question or concern you may have. 


Monday, May 11, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates [05-11-2020]

                     I know I was going to start doing this but I have decided to keep it to the blog as usual and talk about other topics on Entertainment Man Podcast which I will talk about. There is a lot going on and emotions running high this week with this being Finale Week for us for Everything About Reality TV and again I will cover it. In this update, I will provide you guys the updates on everything that is going on with us and the website.

1) Website: This is the first crucial step for us and we have been so busy with other projects and this weekend myself and my website Admin were suppose to work on the website but got busy with family stuff and especially Mother's Day yesterday. However I worked a bit of it before bed last night and working on The Amazing Race Page to get that one completed. We currently have the Survivor, Big Brother and Big Brother Canada pages created and done and not sure if all of them are active as of yet but we will be checking soon as we finish both Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada pages to ensure they are all active and running and with a post that it is indeed active on the website. Then we will be jumping away briefly to be working on Entertainment Man Podcast Page, then jumping back to "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast pages with Off Season Podcasts and 2 shows: "Music City CMT" & "Celeb Big Brother US" pages that were covered on the podcast. Then finally the archives page on the far right side. This will complete up the website page work and we will have an official announcement the site work is done. Right now you guys are working off the links page right now on which is going to be eventually a discontinued page and will not be active on the website anymore.

2) Entertainment Man Podcast: As you guys noticed, the Re-Launch date for this podcast being weekly is June 1st, 2020 at 1 pm EST. The reason why is so we can finish up the site work and also fix any of the platforms the podcast may be on. So this can take up a few weeks of my time to get it fixed on any platform the podcast is on. I believe, ITunes,, Player FM are all up to par and not sure about Spotify and I do not even think it is on Spotify and has been removed so I will have to put that on my list of platforms to put it on. Either way, I am close to the Re-launch but still a couple of things to do to ensure the platformsit's on and up to date as I never told em that I changed the RSS Feed as the main feed was originally deleted. Good News is I still have the episodes that I did record and are on the external hard drive of mine in storage.

3) Everything About Reality TV Podcast: As you know this is Finale Week for us and we will be on a bit of a hiatus. I wanted to say, we are recording an episode LIVE on our YouTube channel Wednesday night @ 11:15 pm EST to make it officially launched but having second thoughts as we will be on a hiatus for a while. I need to talk to Larry, Billy & Chris (Reality Teas) about doing some Off Season Content for both Video and Audio, Live and even video and Audio (Pre-Recorded) where I can either post it or even do a Premiere but might wait for Premieres for a while. Either way I need to talk to them and that is the reason we will be off air for a week or two to get things in order for what is next and hopefully we find something out Big Brother US Season 22 and Amazing Race Canada Season 8. 

                  There is the updates that I have for you guys and we continue to work on the site and content. I know I didn't mention Power Rangers Podcast but here is the thing as of today, I will be working on Time Force today and getting it on a role as July we are suppose to be recording and need to get watching this season and Wild Force if we are to make the Mid July target but when I got updates, I will give you guys more updates. For right now these are the current updates and what is being worked on and with extra time to really work hard on the collaboration Podcasts and get it ready for taping. Anyways I will see you in the next post tomorrow at our usual time.

- Chris

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Why Did The Collab Podcast Page Went Away?

               As you know the collaboration podcast went away recently and there is a reason as an idea came to me, yes an idea to me and with Steven and I doing that one collaboration which is now part of The CBOTW Show Podcast that is where this idea came to me putting Steven as the Exec Producer as he is going to be running things for the most part and I trust him enough. As you know hes covering Masterchef, Masterchef Junior, Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back and Hell's Kitchen and of course the addition of Power Rangers Podcast in the mix, that is one of the reasons I decided to do this endeavor and I think it is a great idea and never know this could be something that I could be doing for many years now, new shows and old even if Everything About Reality TV Podcast stops at anytime, I certainly have something to fall back on and honestly just doing collabs here and there it won't be much to do in the long run and it would be pretty quiet so this is definitely opportunity not just knocking but banging the door right down and I cannot take away this opportunity. So if you understand where I am coming from with this post, this sets things up for me for the future. 

                So I did all of this for a certain reason but mind you nothing is changing, Power Rangers Podcast is here to stay and we got ton of content on that podcast. One other thing I had some technical issues with the player catching the views as it updates every 7 - 10 days which it never did before and honestly people wasn't listening in honestly so this is where this entire idea for The CBOTW Show came into play. Honestly I think the more platforms that we are on the better we get more listens and fans all together. I have so many more opportunities with the podcasts being on one dedicated feed and I honestly think Steven can do this running the podcast as the Exec Producer as I cannot run two of them so that is why he is named the Executive Producer with me still named as the Founder as I Originally started this podcast 2 years ago almost. I think in the end this is the right decision to make and I am just happier with the plan moving forward and hope this explains a bit why I made this move and I kind of figured Everything About Reality TV won't be around forever as shows will end at some point but yes new shows will come out but least this brand new idea, I have options now and that is what matters.


Monday, February 10, 2020

Contact Page Has Been Updated!

           The contact page on the website here has indeed been updated. It was time for a long overhaul of the page. Now I used tables which you cannot see the lines due to the theme of the website at the moment but the tables are what I believe invisible as you cannot see em but gives it that cool effect and honestly it does a heck of a lot for the site too as it gives me the opportunity to goof around with the way the site looks and I honestly really cool and if you haven't seen it I did put a screenshot on the right hand side but you can check it out on especially if you have to contact one of the podcasts. Honestly you can see that there is 3 sections that we have broken down the contact page into 3 different things:

Website and Blog: Main contact for the website or blog. Mainly I will be the one that answers that email as I am the Administrator to the website and run everything.

Everything About Reality TV Podcast: To Answer any questions related to the podcast and if you want to come on as a guest especially this season as we are about giving back to the fans but will get into that later on in the week about this. The ones that mainly will answer this is myself and Jasmine who is a producer on the podcast. I think I will get Jasmine to answer the emails for the most part but if they can't then I will be the one to answer it.

The CBOTW Show: The newest of the podcasts on our list; as you guys know, myself and Larry and not involved too much right now as Everything About Reality TV Podcast, so this will be to answer any questions, or concerns towards this podcast. The main person and I will be around if he needs he help that is Steven will be the main one to answer any emails about the podcast.

               So with saying that, the contact page is updated and excited were a team once again and any comments or concerns you can direct it to me or leave a comment but there is one other project that is planning to start but once I have confirmation then I will be adding them to the list for contacts as well. Again got any questions for us do not hesitate to get in touch as we would love to hear from you guys!


Monday, November 11, 2019

Schedule Page Has Been Re-Coded!

             Yesterday afternoon, I took down the "Schedule" for some major maintenance as I was not happy with what I was using which their service has gone down this morning for some odd reason and you know what service I am referring to. However I am grateful for having that calendar embedded on my website for the last several years and it was time for change. So obviously I took the entire page down and at first when you clicked it it said page cannot be found but yet the menu bar was up... Well I forgot to take down the tab off the menu bar code so I did that and re-added it when it was complete which only took me an hour to code together but their is probably tweaks I can make to it still as I am not 100% confident the page is done and there is tweaking to do with it still. However the new page is now up and I am happy with it for right now, even tho I am very picky with it but in time I will get it perfect but for right now its pretty much in beta testing as it was entirely done by code for tables. I not afraid to say it I am pretty much coding everything myself now these days and I am not going to rely on third party sites now moving forward for features within this website.

                 So if you see something out of place on this please report it via the contact page or my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram. I am sure there is something that is out of place that I missed as I was extremely tired at 3 in the afternoon as I was in bed at 6 and up around 4 ish this morning. So it was a long hour yesterday trying to figure out how to do the scheduling so it took me some time to figure it out. However in the end I am happy with the end product but the issue I have is how I will add in events but I think it is possible and I probably will put it in for the month as I have things written down or in the actual calendar here on my PC so I know what is what with events especially which I know for right now is 2 more events are on the list for 2019 before we end events for the year. So what I think I will plan I can list them for just the month this way you guys aren't confused at all what is going on and what not. 


Thursday, February 1, 2018 Is Back Up And Running Today!

               After 3 weeks of the that stinkin website down... LOL, it's back up finally and boy I had my concerns with it re-launching after quite the struggle with problems during the re-build process and it was an interesting experience working with problems left right and center but rest assure you, I never gave up at all and today marks 3.5 weeks of it being down is done... The wait is over, the site is up and running. In tonight's blog post I will highlighting and talking about the changes made to the website and why I made those necessary changes and also will be talking about what has stayed the same for the website.

               First the changes that were made to the website were the blog page which use to be under the tab "Blogs" which is no longer there, since I do not blog on the other website that offered me a spot but I pulled out due to circumstances. Next, I changed the contact page to an email address , due to abuse of the form and let me tell you, I think I honestly made a mistake putting that form up as it was nothing abused and spammed constantly so the email is directly on that page so I took some action towards it and I decided to pull the form off and replacing it with the contact email, hoping this abuse will stop and I think it will as I can block email addresses when there is abuse. So I got the full power. This also includes I got the power to "IP Ban" people who wanna be abusive within the website. I will not tolerate and I hate to bring this up on here but enough is enough. This website outage came at the right time, so I, the website owner or admin of the site can make things better, improve the quality of the website and I think I did that very well.  My image at the top of the website next to the banner and also the "About Chris" page image was also changed to that same image like the top of the website. Also updated my Bio on the About page to recent information and easier to understand then before. 

               What is staying as it is? Well first of all, I am leaving the podcasts. interviews under the On-Demand tab if you roll your mouse over top On-Demand when the website re-opens tonight it will pop up with interviews, if you roll interviews it will list the interviews I have done and so forth, so that hasn't changes whatsoever.  Home Page still the same, but other then that a lot of changes and tweaks made to the website has been made and trust me I am excited to see what you guys think of these changes that have made and hopefully this makes things easier for not just me but you guys as well! 

Have a great Afternoon!


Friday, January 12, 2018

No ETA on Re-Opening (I'm Sorry...)

             Today's blog I would like to touch on a few things this afternoon as I know, there has been delays with re-building the website at this time and I understand you're frustration. Like I have said on social media, it's definitely growing pains my website has been experiencing and this year is officially the year of growth and I am excited to see what the future brings for and as you know I am planning on moving over to a different web builder with the domain, once the domain expires then the move begins to the new web builder and will have to build the website again.

                  But this is not about the future of the website, it's more I at this time do not have an ETA to when the site will be back up and running, but please note I am working on it, just been running into problems, left right and center with the web builder servers going down the other day. Trust me I am eager to move to a new and more effective provider in late 2018, early 2019. But I ensure you, I am working on the website each and everyday, my website is growing and with growth comes growing pains and that is what my website is currently experiencing at this time even while it's down and the website is being rebuild. 

                    Now will there will be changes to the website? Yes! CBOTW Blog will be back as a single page not under a drop down menu like before as I am currently only blogging on the website due to me dropping the other blog last year after a short time with them. Also the contact page, the form will be removed due to abuse last year of making false statements and threats so the email will be provided to contact me in an email, so this will cut back the number of abuse within the website. On Demand Feature will remain as it is, the Everything About Reality TV will be the main feed for the active season of Everything About Reality TV with Archive Page being the page for the Archives for the podcast. 

                     Is there an ETA for the website being released? Not at the moment. It is a lot of work, the site is very much very complex with the amount of archived episodes of Everything About Reality TV, 90 episodes to this day have been archives, so to re-code and add in all the archives, it's not easy task at hand and plus you guys know I am on my own with working the website, blogs and the podcast, so it is tougher to get things done at a faster pace. Once the website is done, I gotta do some BETA testing make sure the bugs are not on the website to where there will be problems but you guys can contact me if you notice a bug on my website. I will do an announcement blog post to when the website will go live and I have more information. 

Have a great night!