Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Start of An New Era!

             This is definitely a start of a new era for ChrisBOnTheWeb & ChrisBOnTheWeb.com. I know you guys are use to the 7 days a week but like I stated with the post I did on the weekend that we are currently losing viewers on a daily basis and also the ideas are not there anymore hence the reason why we are slowing down on posts and it is logical solution to this very problematic issue. Since the end of last year I noticed this. So I will tell you guys the blogs are Monday - Friday which opens the doors for the return of The CBOTW Show podcasts coming back both Reality TV section and the TV Show Section as well. With this change we will have a ton more time to actually to work on fixing this website as the views have been down lately on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com and maybe this is because it goes out way too early? This why I am making the changes to try and gain the followership back?

            Anyways time will indeed tell when things get back with the views and with this post going up at 6 pm EST, this might just be the right time to post up a blog as everyone is home or even at 3 or 4 pm EST. I am excited for what's next and like I said this gives me time to work with my Site Admin and help her on big decisions for the next version of this website as we're always tweaking the website quite often. All we wanna do is make sure it is up to date with this new project taking off, I got a ton more time to actually work on the content and we've got more time to improve the quality of the website. There is more information but you all have to wait till next week. Here is to a new start in this NEW era for CBOTW and plenty more to come in the near future. I wanna talk more about the website on tomorrow's blog post so stay tune for that. It'll be up on time tomorrow, I promise!


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