Monday, February 1, 2021

CBOTW Weekly Updates [02-01-2021]

            Well here we are with the first update blog on a Monday with a brand new blog schedule on the 1st of February. A lot has happened in the last week with changes after changes and trials and tribulations of this new channel as Chris has been using the CBOTW Network channel. Anyways I will explain all of this:

YouTube: Chris has made the YouTube channel active with Entertainment Man Podcast, from regular episodes to the interview with Jasmine despite some issues with the brightness and double audio but Chris thinks he has corrected that issue. The Live feature has not yet been used but it will be not this week but next week they will be going live for a Podcast.

The CBOTW Show: With the return of this podcast after 2 year hiatus I am sure there are questions and I will answer them. One yes Power Rangers Podcast and The Big Brother Collaboration Podcast is being shifted on this one feed. We also will be adding into the Survivor Recaps into the loop. Power Rangers Podcast will be host and co hosted by Chris and Larry, Big Brother and Big Brother Canada Recaps will be hosted and co-host by Chris and Jasmine and Survivor Recaps will be hosted by Billy.

Website: Now the website for the obvious reasons have been moved back to the newer version of the menu bar and because of the past Reality TV podcasts we will keep the one feed this way there is 0 confusion unless we end up coding a single page for the former Everything About Reality TV but the way we currently have it it a ton better.

               There are the updates and I'm sorry it's late by 2 hours but got distracted with other projects that the boss man has given me and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week and I will be talking to you guys next Monday for another update.

- Site Admin

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