Sunday, January 31, 2021

The End of Daily Blogging....

               This is my last post on a Sunday as we change into a  different timetable which I know will be a ton better and we are changing things up after blogging daily for the last couple of years. It has been a lot of fun blogging on a daily basis but also exhausting coming up with ideas on a regular basis. This is why I am making the change now to 5 days a week not the full week. Now this doesn't have to be permanent, it can change at anytime if we wish and you never know we can get the Staff Involved with the blog if we wish but that is for later. As you guys know this blog started in 2014 so it has been a crazy adventure the last 6 years. Change is good and I think this will be the best decision for me and what a better way to start a new era by starting tomorrow on Feb 1st, 2021. You know I was thinking about the change over on Jan 1st of last year? Yeah I was thinking about that all together before the New Years hit and wish I did it sooner but I needed time to think things through and I will be talking about that on next week's podcast on Sunday which is already pre-recorded and ready to go.

               Like the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new and as I previously said nothing is permanent, I can change it back if the views go back up again and I start to get more ideas in the top of my head but for right now this is what has to happen and I thank you all who supported the blogs on a daily basis and I hope you guys will continue to support the blog Monday - Friday which is a normal work week for us here in the studio and the other staff's home studios as well. Now for the weekend of no blog posts what does this mean, well I may sit down and record a video to post up on both Facebook and Instagram once a week that is an idea I am working on and may be a few weeks or I could also put up some of the BTS (Behind The Scenes) Look at The Entertainment Man Talk Show which I could post up every week if I wish. I do have a couple of those. I could also do a Facebook Live on Saturdays at the end of every month to talk to you guys, there are a ton of ideas really I could do with that extra time. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this ramble blog and talking about the end of blogging and what is next for CBOTW moving forward. Tomorrow Charlotte our resident Site Admin will be making her first on the new day and I will be talking to you guys on Tuesday.


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