Saturday, January 30, 2021

YouTube and Collabs Updates!

               I know the old channel got banned and it wasn't my doing, yet the part I didn't tell ya's my account wasn't even attached to it, it was removed and the person who got into it is out west so that's different location all together and yes it was someone that I knew all together too. If I get banned, I get banned so be it if that is what happens to me then that's fine with me but so far, so good with the channel and it's growing like a weed right now that is what matters and the views are very good, maybe even better then what we have on the Audio ONLY platforms. However as long as people enjoy it that is what really matters... YouTube seems to be a ton more popular for the podcasts then our Twitch channel but I am sure that will pick up eventually but we just have to be patient with this transition of change.

             Now to the collaboration podcast as you probably noticed they disappeared from the Audio ONLY Podcasts all together and that is because we are merging them together as one, Power Rangers Collaboration & Big Brother Collaboration Podcasts will be merging into The CBOTW Show which once was on the air at one point and is making it's return after being off the air for 2 years now and excited for this new venture. Already created the new logo that looks so much sleeker and nicer then what we had originally and it was time for change and change is honestly good. Also on this podcast we will be having Survivor Recaps again done the road but not right at this moment and maybe just maybe down the road we can add Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada down the road. You never know. There will not just be Reality TV Podcasts but also TV Podcasts and we are open to new opportunities down the road just reach out to us! I will talk to you tomorrow on the final post on a Sunday here on!


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