Friday, January 29, 2021

The Recent Changes and What You Need to Know!

                 I know with the decision to end daily blogging a lot of questions why would I end something that has been a part of your daily lives for the past 3 - 4 years? 1) Views are not there as they use to at one point and the 2nd point I'd like to say, I am starting to run dry on ideas with topics for posts on a regular basis so that has become a common issue for the last 6 months. I still got ideas but the fact I only post 4 days a week Tuesday - Friday with weekends off, I think this will help my mental health especially and I think this is the right move. I know there will be upset people with the decision but you have to realize I have been doing this for 3 - 4 years non stop so I kind of knew this time would come where I would have to stop daily blogging. This means a change in my routine. So the Schedule you guys wanna know the Official Schedule as it hasn't become public but this weekend, we wrap up weekend posts and get to new timetable as of Monday. So today is the normal post and tomorrow will be my last Weight Loss Update on a Saturday and Sunday a reflection on Daily Blogging every single day. I know there are questions about events and on Tuesday, I will get into it at a later date when I start going back to posts. Anyways here is the schedule for moving forward:

Sundays: Weekly Updates from our Site Admin

Mondays - Thursdays: Normal Posts from me

Fridays: Weight Loss Updates

Every Other Fridays: Regular Post as I do not wanna make it on a weekly basis at this moment. 

             I am looking forward to this change and I know there will be upset people and this opens the door for other opportunities within the website community and you never know what is planned for the future! Expect the unexpected.


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