Monday, February 10, 2020

Contact Page Has Been Updated!

           The contact page on the website here has indeed been updated. It was time for a long overhaul of the page. Now I used tables which you cannot see the lines due to the theme of the website at the moment but the tables are what I believe invisible as you cannot see em but gives it that cool effect and honestly it does a heck of a lot for the site too as it gives me the opportunity to goof around with the way the site looks and I honestly really cool and if you haven't seen it I did put a screenshot on the right hand side but you can check it out on especially if you have to contact one of the podcasts. Honestly you can see that there is 3 sections that we have broken down the contact page into 3 different things:

Website and Blog: Main contact for the website or blog. Mainly I will be the one that answers that email as I am the Administrator to the website and run everything.

Everything About Reality TV Podcast: To Answer any questions related to the podcast and if you want to come on as a guest especially this season as we are about giving back to the fans but will get into that later on in the week about this. The ones that mainly will answer this is myself and Jasmine who is a producer on the podcast. I think I will get Jasmine to answer the emails for the most part but if they can't then I will be the one to answer it.

The CBOTW Show: The newest of the podcasts on our list; as you guys know, myself and Larry and not involved too much right now as Everything About Reality TV Podcast, so this will be to answer any questions, or concerns towards this podcast. The main person and I will be around if he needs he help that is Steven will be the main one to answer any emails about the podcast.

               So with saying that, the contact page is updated and excited were a team once again and any comments or concerns you can direct it to me or leave a comment but there is one other project that is planning to start but once I have confirmation then I will be adding them to the list for contacts as well. Again got any questions for us do not hesitate to get in touch as we would love to hear from you guys!


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