Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Why Did The Collab Podcast Page Went Away?

               As you know the collaboration podcast went away recently and there is a reason as an idea came to me, yes an idea to me and with Steven and I doing that one collaboration which is now part of The CBOTW Show Podcast that is where this idea came to me putting Steven as the Exec Producer as he is going to be running things for the most part and I trust him enough. As you know hes covering Masterchef, Masterchef Junior, Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back and Hell's Kitchen and of course the addition of Power Rangers Podcast in the mix, that is one of the reasons I decided to do this endeavor and I think it is a great idea and never know this could be something that I could be doing for many years now, new shows and old even if Everything About Reality TV Podcast stops at anytime, I certainly have something to fall back on and honestly just doing collabs here and there it won't be much to do in the long run and it would be pretty quiet so this is definitely opportunity not just knocking but banging the door right down and I cannot take away this opportunity. So if you understand where I am coming from with this post, this sets things up for me for the future. 

                So I did all of this for a certain reason but mind you nothing is changing, Power Rangers Podcast is here to stay and we got ton of content on that podcast. One other thing I had some technical issues with the player catching the views as it updates every 7 - 10 days which it never did before and honestly people wasn't listening in honestly so this is where this entire idea for The CBOTW Show came into play. Honestly I think the more platforms that we are on the better we get more listens and fans all together. I have so many more opportunities with the podcasts being on one dedicated feed and I honestly think Steven can do this running the podcast as the Exec Producer as I cannot run two of them so that is why he is named the Executive Producer with me still named as the Founder as I Originally started this podcast 2 years ago almost. I think in the end this is the right decision to make and I am just happier with the plan moving forward and hope this explains a bit why I made this move and I kind of figured Everything About Reality TV won't be around forever as shows will end at some point but yes new shows will come out but least this brand new idea, I have options now and that is what matters.


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