Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Been Taking It Easy This Week!

             As you guys have noticed, I have been taking it easy recently and as you know I have been busy with working on the Power Rangers Podcast a lot, long day and overnight shifts of finishing up the notes for this weekend. Honestly I can into so much details that we were planning on recording the weekend of the Super Bowl but I was still on the other desk at the time. However it is done as you know and this week, I have done absolutely nothing at all minus the blog posts every morning for Noon Eastern and the podcast which is out tomorrow evening 9 pm EST and posting up Steven's podcast at 6 pm EST but besides that I am just doing nothing at all. I have been playing ton of video games, The Sims 4 fooling about with the files I have made, watching the Sims get suspended from University which is a different story for another day. Anyways I have also been working on a project on Minecraft building my own version of the Big Brother Canada House and it is work in progress as I am even building the actual house in a studio warehouse too so it is a massive building and will take me a long time to build but right now I have the time to work on it as I do not start working on Time Force until next week so right now I can enjoy the time off and enjoy my fruits of my labor? Maybe that makes absolutely no sense really and I am pre-writing this before as by the time you guys see this, I am on the road to Eric's for the night as I am watching the Survivor Premiere at his place.

                I have done a bit of work around the site but nothing else from fixing the schedule page to the email system that we use, we have had a couple of issues from our end as we kept on getting locked out of the email, so we have switched from Yahoo to Outlook to now Gmail which Gmail will work a ton better so I have made the switches and updated the addresses and if you have an issue please do not hesitate to contact us about this as we do have a team now and always active answering your questions and concerns or technical issues about it. Either way if it isn't me that answers, it will be one of my staff on Facebook or E-Mail while I am away for the next 24 hours before I get back home to record the podcast. Podcast will be the number 1 priority when I get back then I can do whatever I want really want. 


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