Thursday, February 13, 2020

Moving Back To The Corner for My Studio (Throwback Thursday Story)

                So it has been a little over a week, about a week and a half now that I have been back in my space in the corner which mind you its been weird feeling for the past week in the space being surrounded by the 2 boom arms and mics again and just an different setup overall I am just not use to it honestly. It does have that cosey feel to  it and love it. Since moving back, I have been tweaking the mics and setting things up. I actually twist tied the mic wired together, so I do not have all this wired slack behind the desk. Actually it was Tuesday when I moved everything back, I had to get the desk down first as that was the first priority was the rug which is 6 x 8 or 6 x 10 but its pretty good size really and it covers up the side desk along with the drawers too so it covers up a good size. Then we put in the size desk to the side then followed by the main desk which had to be lifted over the rug then setup my new drawers and go through all my stuff and put it in there, paper, Christmas lights, microphone stuff, etc. Finally I put up the 2 stackables that is taped so it wouldn't move.

              That is besides the point really and this throwback Thursday story has really derailed itself. Either way I am really enjoying being in the studio and now I can enjoy the studio and utilize it since it has been done in my area and actually sit down and record podcasts with my team or even alumni for example and this weekend, I will be sitting down with Larry to record a podcast for The CBOTW Show as we are very much overdue to record a Power Rangers Podcast. Honestly I have said it once and I will say again it is long coming for us to start recording and it has been a long wait, 8 months to be exact and it is about time that we get back to normal around here. However with the setup complete minus the ceiling and shelves, but I can still record and what not one way or another. So next week I will have an announcement when the next one is out and released to the feeds.


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