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Thursday, May 11, 2023

New Studio Looks Great!

             Now a little over a month or 2 now, the CBOTW Studio is busier then ever with two desks and now 2 computers in the studio itself. It is a very busy and hectic studio space with the limited space but it is a good busy space and I have been going back and forth from the new computer to the old one for certain things like editing the video side of things of the podcast to typing and creating notes for podcasts on Microsoft Word. My vision for this studio is exactly what I was thinking when I envisioned this.

              But about minus a few things such as the desk is half on the rug and the stool is hard to move around at times. However there is only certain space in here we can use and I do not want to take up Larry's or the guest mic space whatsoever and there can be room for a shift in the main desk possibly and moving it right a tiny bit so my big chair doesn't bang or the other idea was to get rid of the side wheelie desk perhaps and move my grandmas desk over a foot but not sure if that will work much so for now I am leaving everything as it is for now. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life After The Studio Renovations

                  Since my space has been recently renovated and I've been back, life is great at this point. Utilizing the space on a regular basis and been working non stop and been in my studio majority of the quarantine when I wasn't upstairs watching TV or playing games. Recently added a to part of and old desk piece to my side desk and trust me it's helped me a lot recently especially with storage. I need the extra storage but really I have a ton more room then I did before which is a great thing. Honestly I have recorded a bunch of podcasts even before the shelves went up but the point is, I love this space and been taking care of it on a regular basis. Even been wiping things down like the phone with the wipes to ensure no germs on it whatsoever. Dusting and vacuuming the rug that is under half of the furniture but with our super duper vacuum it made the floor really makes the cleaning job awesome!

                  Don't get me wrong, I love this studio and there will be a ton of recording done in here! Only thing is there will not be any guests in studio at this moment and I am excited to continue to record podcasts and the future and many memories we will make with this studio. I am sure we will have a lot of new memories. It is nice to have back the studio lights that use to light up the green screen which really renders useless at this point as there is no way to hang it up with the ceiling now so I kind of wish I had my chair against the wall and the green screen against the wall unit but would of been a bit difficult and quite a setup to do. However I have adjusted to the background that I have behind my chair and gotten adjusted to it honestly. This is probably the best setup I have ever had ever have and this is probably my favorite setup out of them all to be honest!


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Moving Back To The Corner for My Studio (Throwback Thursday Story)

                So it has been a little over a week, about a week and a half now that I have been back in my space in the corner which mind you its been weird feeling for the past week in the space being surrounded by the 2 boom arms and mics again and just an different setup overall I am just not use to it honestly. It does have that cosey feel to  it and love it. Since moving back, I have been tweaking the mics and setting things up. I actually twist tied the mic wired together, so I do not have all this wired slack behind the desk. Actually it was Tuesday when I moved everything back, I had to get the desk down first as that was the first priority was the rug which is 6 x 8 or 6 x 10 but its pretty good size really and it covers up the side desk along with the drawers too so it covers up a good size. Then we put in the size desk to the side then followed by the main desk which had to be lifted over the rug then setup my new drawers and go through all my stuff and put it in there, paper, Christmas lights, microphone stuff, etc. Finally I put up the 2 stackables that is taped so it wouldn't move.

              That is besides the point really and this throwback Thursday story has really derailed itself. Either way I am really enjoying being in the studio and now I can enjoy the studio and utilize it since it has been done in my area and actually sit down and record podcasts with my team or even alumni for example and this weekend, I will be sitting down with Larry to record a podcast for The CBOTW Show as we are very much overdue to record a Power Rangers Podcast. Honestly I have said it once and I will say again it is long coming for us to start recording and it has been a long wait, 8 months to be exact and it is about time that we get back to normal around here. However with the setup complete minus the ceiling and shelves, but I can still record and what not one way or another. So next week I will have an announcement when the next one is out and released to the feeds.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Studio Update 2 [11-27-2019]

           So I have made some changes and got some unfortunate news on the desk I used for the last 5 years. So in this post I will cover everything with where the studio is at right now:

1) Insulation completed for the walls. Walls are finished with the insulation however the ceiling isn't finished and we are still needing to do the ceiling above my area where I am going to have my desk at and where all the recording is going to be done. 

2) The computer has temporarily been moved to my dad's old desk and it is quite a tight squeeze for me but it will have to do for the next while until the work is done with the space and trust me I am sure it will go fast enough I'm sure. Once my space is done and painted then we have to work on the next part.

2B) Which brings me into the point of this post: The desk I have been using for the past 5 years is falling apart, it is weak on the top and has cracked underneath. The next thing is the desktop on the right side isn't being held by anything at all so that raises for a ton of concern. 

            Once the space is painted and finished then I will decide what the heck to do with the desk or give up and buy a brand new desk for myself. However I am going to try and fix the desk and strengthen it so it can last me another year at the most before I make that decision to replace it but it is neither here or there on the decision right now that I should make the decision to make the changes right now. That will come in the next few weeks and hope to get it repaired in time for me to make the move back quite quickly. Today we got one panel installed and we will be continuing on with this on Friday so were trying to get it done several times a week and we will finish this im sure in a few weeks before Christmas but I told my dad I do not wanna move anything back till the desk is repaired so that means the monitor stands will be sitting on the side till then. There is the update and by Sunday I should be able to update with pictures to what has been done here in the studio.


Friday, November 22, 2019

Studio Renovations Update! [11-22-2019]

             I know I have been very quiet lately with the studio renovations and no real update. All I can say is right now it is a big appalling mess behind me right now.  There is pretty much very little room to maneuver right now down here with all the stuff placed to the one side but either way I cannot move too well down here but with all this mess comes one wicked kick ass studio space for podcasts. I also already know what I am getting for my b day that has to do with the studio and that is a monitor mount for both of my screens here in the studio. As you can see the walls been torn off exposing the inners of the studio walls. Still gotta tear some wall down but that is besides the point as my space comes first and I am sure the studio will be set in place for the rest of the time it is down here till I move out on my own but I am excited for the new studio and it will look 100% so much better. However I need to get a stronger and better desk to be honest as this one is a cheap Walmart one but hey it did the job for the years I have had it for!

                   So the second part of this update is if you have noticed I have been very, very quiet around social media and that is the reason is I was with my dad today dumping a bunch of crap that we didn't need that was sitting around here in the basement and also the fact that we have busted up drywall that we threw away and I am sure that isn't the last as I said there is another part of the wall that needs removal but that is coming later on and right now the focus is squarely on my space, my area is the first step then we have to work on the rest of it but either way if it takes a couple of months then so be it. So that is the update that I do have for you guys and as you can see between the podcasts and blog posts I have been a very busy person with working around the studio with my dad getting things repaired and raring to go for the next version of the studio. When I have more updates I will be sure to make another post or keep an eye out to my Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

Until Tomorrow's post, have a great TGIF!


Friday, September 27, 2019

Have Ton of Ideas With The New Studio!

             After thinking about it for a while now I certainly have a good idea what to expect with the new studio. I am planning to have myself and guest chairs facing out with the wall unit having the green screen pinned to the wall which is the initial thought and that is what I am planning. However the question is how is the lighting going to work so that is definitely a concern however there is a plan B in effect but I rather have the wall unit with the green screen attached to the wall unit as it probably work a lot better then the other plan. The second plan was to put the desk against the wall unit and the curtain directly behind me that could be an issue as there is nothing to hold up the rod up in the rafters so I am leaning towards the first one as that will be the best move but now how the heck in the way of spacing going to work? That is definitely going to be a challenge for me and I am sure both Larry and I will figure it out as hes going to help me pack up stuff in the studio in a week and a bit from now when we pack up stuff and certain mics will be removed and I will be switching the mic for a while.  Either way I have an idea where the white board will go as you know right now on the right side of me when I am sitting at my desk currently. However I could keep it as it is but then the green screen I would need to probably put it sideways so the guest in the studio would have a green screen. However again the lighting would have to change too.

            Either way I am excited for the next version of the studio and what I may have to do is get that lighting from Amazon as this lighting may or may not work for me as I do not know how the wiring would work and I would definitely have to make some changes to the studio especially with the new version of the studio but it will all be revealed in time I am sure as I am not sure what the exact plan is but right now my main focus is to get things packed up for the renovation which will be on going through the entire month of November and yes there will be a day I take off to go to the Royal Winter Fair. I promise you guys once I do get the actual studio done I will do an official tour on Instagram TV for you guys of the newly renovated studio and what it is going to look like. Final words on this post for today, Larry and I are planning to do a blue print of a plan for the newly renovated studio once it is done and everything is in place.