Friday, November 22, 2019

Studio Renovations Update! [11-22-2019]

             I know I have been very quiet lately with the studio renovations and no real update. All I can say is right now it is a big appalling mess behind me right now.  There is pretty much very little room to maneuver right now down here with all the stuff placed to the one side but either way I cannot move too well down here but with all this mess comes one wicked kick ass studio space for podcasts. I also already know what I am getting for my b day that has to do with the studio and that is a monitor mount for both of my screens here in the studio. As you can see the walls been torn off exposing the inners of the studio walls. Still gotta tear some wall down but that is besides the point as my space comes first and I am sure the studio will be set in place for the rest of the time it is down here till I move out on my own but I am excited for the new studio and it will look 100% so much better. However I need to get a stronger and better desk to be honest as this one is a cheap Walmart one but hey it did the job for the years I have had it for!

                   So the second part of this update is if you have noticed I have been very, very quiet around social media and that is the reason is I was with my dad today dumping a bunch of crap that we didn't need that was sitting around here in the basement and also the fact that we have busted up drywall that we threw away and I am sure that isn't the last as I said there is another part of the wall that needs removal but that is coming later on and right now the focus is squarely on my space, my area is the first step then we have to work on the rest of it but either way if it takes a couple of months then so be it. So that is the update that I do have for you guys and as you can see between the podcasts and blog posts I have been a very busy person with working around the studio with my dad getting things repaired and raring to go for the next version of the studio. When I have more updates I will be sure to make another post or keep an eye out to my Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

Until Tomorrow's post, have a great TGIF!


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