Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Chatroom Has Returned On The Website!

                Probably noticed over the last almost week there has been a chat implemented on the website and absolutely no reasoning why it is on the website right now. Well, it was told by one of my staff that it would be a great idea to bring back the community and I think it has been long coming for the chat to return to the website finally. I kind of missed that void of having a chatroom to communicate with you guys outside of social media and email. Now the question I have been debating is whether to open it to guests or anons so if you do not want to sign up you don't have to. However the problem with me having a chatroom is the fact I use to get trolls in the room so probably and I am about 95.9999% sure it will remain where you will have to login or signup for an account which it is free to sign up. Now if I do that it means the amount of trolls will be cut down and I do got moderators and Staff that do monitor chat so that is a good thing. I couldn't even list who's on staff as we got quite the crew actually on the website but they are a big help to keeping the chatroom a clean and very positive community as that is what I want to make it is a very clean and positive experience for the visitors to the website. Obviously the last chat there was so much drama on the last chatroom I owned which at a point it kept getting delisted from being promoted on the main page of the website. However this time it will not be delisted nothing as we have all the power with the chat and it is 100% better. Any bans on the chat you pretty much cannot come back unless contacting the contact page.

                So either way the trolling will be down from the last time and wish we would of found this chat service which is free to get soon and we would of changed over sooner and probably it would of been a better place to be actually. However we ended up on Tinychat for a bit before IRC then obviously no chat whatsoever. It is good to be back and even if I am not logged in I am monitoring the chatroom well ghosting my own chat and just a click away to log into the chatroom on the website. Hope you guys enjoy this feature as it is now officially back. Mind you only few rules to follow and I have to put them in but the rules are 1) No spamming, 2) No being disrespectful includes racist remarks 3) No posting inappropriate links. Pretty simple rules and there is only 3 as I do not want to bombard you guys with too many rules on the chat and I think I am one of the only people with very little rules and honestly I do not want to add a lot of rules to the chatroom. Enjoy and I will see you around the CBOTW Community here on!

- Chris

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