Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Feel Like Some TV Shows Are Meant To Be Left As It Is....

            Eric and I got into quite a debate yesterday about reboots and I want to talk about this honestly. I enjoy some of the reboots but some I just said nah, definitely not. I want to highlight some of them here on the blog that actually have worked and some that I have watched so here it is:


1) Fuller House: It was like a continuation the Tanner Family saga. This time instead of 3 girls Danny Tanner had, DJ has 3 boys. Also it was neat to see DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy 29 years later the show alone has been nostalgic from back the 90's especially.

2) Last Man Standing:  Another show I picked up with no problem and it was easy to get into and of course I found the show funny and I understood the storyline each week and cannot wait it returns for a 11th season.

Not Watching Or Shouldn't Be On The Air:

1) The Connors: After the whole thing with Roseanne the show should of just stopped. No spin-off nothing. I just think it was or better off to leave it alone after a while. Watched a bit and it just didn't feel the same honestly. 

2) Murphy Brown: A show that did well back in it's day but it didn't last as long with a reboot and this is part of it that they should of just left it alone. Like I said some work some do and this isn't part of it.

                Now those are some that I feel that work and don't work and honestly I hear rumors that they are planning on bringing back Frazier which was another popular 90's TV Show which it was said that they are honoring the actor who played his Father recently passed away. Now there is nothing wrong with that just my worry they bring it back but how long will it last? Some people do not like the idea of a reboot. They rather just leave the show alone honestly. What about some of the actors that has passed on, how can they work around that. However it wouldn't be the same with those actors that are no longer with us and passed away. However this is only my opinion and let me know what you think about TV Show Reboots in the comments below, are they great or not great and why. 


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