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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Shows & Movies I Want To Watch This Summer!

              On the theme of TV Shows besides Big Brother 25, here are a list of movies and TV Shows I want to see:

Amazing Race Canada: As I have spoken about covering the show on The CBOTW Show and mostly sure I will be covering it on my podcast. 

America's Got Talent: As always it is a tradition for both my mom and I to watch and love love this song especially the banter between Howie and Simon, ha ha!

Masterchef: Another one of my favourites with my mom and I watch every summer and with the way the Jays are playing we are probably will have a ton of time to watch. 

Gordon Ramsey's Food Stars: A new show which I do not know a lot about but look forward to this new show, any Gordon Ramsey we love.

Now Movies:

Indiana Jones: Destiny of The Dial: I look forward to the final movie of the franchise after just over 40 years of the franchise I cannot wait to see what this adventure entails. To hear the theme song one last time unless I watch the movies later. 

Transformers: Rise of The Beasts: I saw a few of the other movies and is on my list to watch but with my busy schedule may have to wait till it comes out on DVD but I do want to see this movie.

           There is my list I know it's long but I think that I will get done for most on my list maybe minus one isn't realistic but least its on the list. I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Big Brother 25 Chat

           As Big Brother Canada has now come to a close few weeks back on May 11th, now the focus is on Big Brother 25 in the USA. Now I've heard and I'm sure everyone has heard there are now rumours it will be starting in August. As a fan not the Reality TV podcaster I once was I know this may have to do with the writers strike but again it's a Reality TV show, how much writing in there involved, minus the competitions they do, Head of Household, Power of Veto, etc. 

         However there is a storyline in the game of Big Brother and still it's a show and there is a lot of things that go behind the show. This has happened before with BB10, Dan's season that he won in season 10. That was aired in the winter the last time and this is probably going to be the same situation. Also I should mention on here the time frame for the season is August to November what I heard of.  So I do believe it but we will have to wait and see. Excited what this season brings but there has been a lot of promos on TV so their already advertising it so I cannot wait to find out when it will air. That is the post, thank you for continuously reading my posts every day, Monday - Fridays, sometimes on Saturdays and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Friday, September 18, 2020

Been Binge Watching Malcolm In The Middle Lately...

                 Lately I have found myself watching numerous series and got so many on the list, Supergirl, Big Brother Canada, Monk, CSI and Married With Children but in time I will get them all done and I am promising myself to not add on to the list at this point as it will be endless and I already have enough on the list as it is at this point. Anyways one of the shows I am watching right now is Malcolm in The Middle which I know is an old series 20 years ago which I was just prior to being in High School when I started watching the series. Anyways I definitely feel like it is a very dysfunctional family and one of moments I just saw was Lois going off at Reese and Malcolm and Reese mocking Lois yet there was a mirror on the door so she knew he was mocking her which honestly was pretty funny. Guess the saying goes you cannot fix stupid but the look on Reese's face like oh crap moment but it was priceless moment. However it is such a crazy series and funny in the same way.

                 I mean who in the world doesn't like a crazy family that's out of their mind. It sure makes for a great TV Show and to be honest, I miss this series and it has been a long time now 15 or more long years since it went off the air. However there is other shows that I can watch and I can do exactly what I am doing right now. I know my list is kind of on the endless list right now but I am sure in time I will be finishing up series. I do not really have a list of the shows I wanna watch in chronological order. I just do not know which one order but either way I am going to enjoy this show first and watch the Lois yelling at the boys and freaking out. I can tell you this, she ain't stupid that's for sure. She knows exactly what the boy are doing but either way. I am enjoying the series and first time I've watched the series back to back to back. I sure can use a laugh that's for sure especially with these hard times we're all going through. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Feel Like Some TV Shows Are Meant To Be Left As It Is....

            Eric and I got into quite a debate yesterday about reboots and I want to talk about this honestly. I enjoy some of the reboots but some I just said nah, definitely not. I want to highlight some of them here on the blog that actually have worked and some that I have watched so here it is:


1) Fuller House: It was like a continuation the Tanner Family saga. This time instead of 3 girls Danny Tanner had, DJ has 3 boys. Also it was neat to see DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy 29 years later the show alone has been nostalgic from back the 90's especially.

2) Last Man Standing:  Another show I picked up with no problem and it was easy to get into and of course I found the show funny and I understood the storyline each week and cannot wait it returns for a 11th season.

Not Watching Or Shouldn't Be On The Air:

1) The Connors: After the whole thing with Roseanne the show should of just stopped. No spin-off nothing. I just think it was or better off to leave it alone after a while. Watched a bit and it just didn't feel the same honestly. 

2) Murphy Brown: A show that did well back in it's day but it didn't last as long with a reboot and this is part of it that they should of just left it alone. Like I said some work some do and this isn't part of it.

                Now those are some that I feel that work and don't work and honestly I hear rumors that they are planning on bringing back Frazier which was another popular 90's TV Show which it was said that they are honoring the actor who played his Father recently passed away. Now there is nothing wrong with that just my worry they bring it back but how long will it last? Some people do not like the idea of a reboot. They rather just leave the show alone honestly. What about some of the actors that has passed on, how can they work around that. However it wouldn't be the same with those actors that are no longer with us and passed away. However this is only my opinion and let me know what you think about TV Show Reboots in the comments below, are they great or not great and why. 


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

My Favorite Monk Episodes!

               Today's post I would like to talk about some of my favorite Monk episodes. Now a small back story to how I get into the show. Now I got into the TV Show because of Eric, he introduced me into the show and I was wondering what the heck I was technically watching but as I kept on getting further and further into the show, I got right into the show and I have seen all seasons on Monk from start to finish. Anyways here are some of my favorite episodes that I enjoy:

1) Mr Monk On The Air- Mr. Monk goes on radio during his investigation and of course he got embarrassed when with a remix of him saying "Wipe, Wipe, Wipe" Which I found pretty hysterical to be honestly. 

2) Mr. Monk Stays In Bed- Poor Monk sick in bed with what I think is the flu bug. Anyways Julie, Natalie's daughter gave him a get well card that had a musical interlude to it and drove Mr. Monk insane to a point he tried to hide it and eventually threw it out. At the end the card came back to save the day and probably haunt Mr. Monk.

3) Mr. Monk A Contestant On Game Show- I know what you're going to say, I do not remember the name of any of these damn names of the actual episodes but he was trying to figure out how the one contestant is cheating and of course he went in there and he kept on cleaning off the smudge off the button and of course the button kept going off which was funny and personally one of my favorite episodes to date.

            There is a few episodes and like always with these kind of posts, I do not want to over do the posts and I try and not do that with these posts but those are at least my top 3 favorite let's just say and it is nice but I really hoped to add in more but that's OK, I am happy with the final product and I really hope you guys have enjoyed today's post as always I enjoyed writing this post for you guys. 


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What TV Show's Will I Watch Next?

             I am close to finishing up Home Improvement and hopefully it was finished as I am talking like I have completed the show but if not definitely when I return back to Ontario as I am currently still out of the country down in the East Coast in Boston, USA. Now the question is what is next and I do got a few ideas in the back of my mind to what I would like to watch and this is why I am doing my list. So I know I probably did write something like this before but let's just say this is an updated version of my list and maybe I will actually watch the series I mentioned this time around. Anyways here is the list of shows I would like to watch, the updated version:

1) Monk-  I would like to actually re watch the entire season from start to finish as I haven't seen that show in a very long time.

2) Frasier-  I have never seen the show before and would like to give it a shot at watching it and seeing if I really am enjoy the show but I can always say no if I do not like it whatsoever I can always stop.

3) Last Man Standing-  I watched the entire season 7 of the show and highly enjoyed it. It felt like the Home Improvement show minus Tool Time, also Tim breaking things every time he supped up things with "More Power" smh. Either way it is similar but instead of Tim having 3 boys its 3 girls. 

4) Seinfeld- Funny show and I have seen episodes here and there when I visited my aunts when they were still with us before they passed on in 2008 and 2015. But they both loved that show and I think we still got the DVD's here in the house. 

              There is my list and I am going to start with these and I think I may start with Last Man Standing as I wanna kind of get the gist of things so I will be starting that probably soon but I do have to work on the Power Rangers Podcast for the fall first but soon as I am finished both of those seasons I will be definitely getting into it even if it crossed during the new season I will still binge watch the older seasons. From there who knows what I will wanna watch next, that isn't determined but we will see how things are as I'm sure November or December I will be back preparing for the next June recording so time is limited but when I get time this is what I do with my time honestly.


Monday, July 8, 2019

My Favorite Simpson Moments

             Today's post I would like to talk about my favorite moments on The Simpsons which yes it is still on air and will be back for a 31st and 32nd season which they originally said Season 30 was going to be the end of the series but I guess Fox wanted more seasons which is amazing and I will be tuning into the show in the fall when it returns and it has been years since I have seen the show honestly. Anyways here are a list of my top 5 favorite moments on the show:

1) Homer Mocking Mr Burns- Homer standing up doing stand up comedy and failing and had to do I'm Mr. Burns, Blah, blah, do this do that, blah, blah. I think I'm so great, blah, blah, blah.

2) Homer Vs. New York City- Homer vs. New York City  and him using the bathroom and one tower out of order then him running from the one to the other then him looking down and saw the police officer giving him yet another ticket and he lets a loud Doh!

3) Bart Passes With a C Minus- Bart doing not so well in school ending up with a snow day and he decides to buckle down and study to pass as if he didn't he would of had to repeat the 4th grade again. At the end he passed just slightly and ended up kissing Krabappel his teacher.

4) Mother Simpson- Homer's mom is in this episode, he goes to what is suppose to be where she is buried as Homer knew she had passed away but when he started freakin out when it was Walt Whitman. Also the city of Springfield thought Homer wasn't alive anymore.

5) Homer In Space- Homer in space eating potato chips to the tune Blue Danube which is a classical and well known piece.

              That is my top 5 list as like I say for majority of these lists, I do not want to make it too long as I say as always, it would be a very long post and I honestly do not wanna make this a overly long post but it has proved that longer posts you guys do enjoy so I think I am planning to write a lot more. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today's post as I enjoyed writing these and I will talk to you guys in tomorrow's post.


Friday, February 22, 2019

What Shows Am I Binge Watching Right Now?

            You probably didn't know this much but right now I am binge watching Malcolm in the Middle. Right now I am currently in the 5th season out of 7 seasons. I will be going between that and Power Rangers In Space which needs to be done as well. I wanna start Malcolm In The Middle, I haven't watched this show since it went off the air in 2006 which is like almost 12 years ago since the show went off the air. I love this show as it is just a dysfunctional family during each and every episode. I have had my comments at Lois while watching the show. I remember this show during my high school years, I watched it on top of the Simpsons and King of The Hill as well.  I find it hard to not laugh at moment's during the show.  Since starting to watch the show I have remembered a bunch of the episodes but again remember it has been a very long time since I have watched the show but it is nice to get back into this show again and it gives me something to do on my spare time between all this work I have put into CBOTW.

             Also between Malcolm The Middle, I am going to start watching Power Rangers In Space as the collaboration podcast will have to come back so I am going to be preparing before Big Brother Canada  Even during Big Brother Canada when the feeds are down I will most definitely watch episodes in order to get it done. So I will be able to get it done between the feeds being down. So I will be going between the two shows and if I finish Malcolm In The Middle which I am now half way through the season now, I have Power Rangers In Space to work on. After Power Rangers In Space, I do plan on starting Lost Galaxy and preparing for the next phase of things. One way or another there is always something to watch one way or another and I am always continue to be very busy person no matter what is thrown in front of me and that is fine with me.