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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

What TV Shows Do I Want To Watch During Quarantine?

                Trust me while we are still in Quarantine or Isolation whatever you guys want to call it, what show do I want to watch during Quarantine? Well I have completed almost two seasons of Survivor; I have completed Survivor Amazon and have or still working on Survivor Philippines at this moment. Anyways here is my list and there is no order really.

Survivor: Season 9, Survivor Vanuatu; Season 13, Survivor Cook Islands; Season 5, Survivor Thailand; Season 3, Survivor Africa; Season 8, Survivor All-Stars; Season 11, Survivor Guatemala.

Super Store: A show, Eric actually introduced me to, all I know it is a Comedy or American Sitcom so I will have to wait and see if I like it. I gotta watch 6 seasons to get all caught up with.

Facts of Life: Another show I wanna watch from start to finish and really I need to watch the entire series from start to finish. I have seen episodes in the past and really enjoyed them.

Last Man Standing: As I heard the series is sadly coming to an end after a lot of seasons and I wanna watch it from start to finish and another big series to be caught up on and I am sure I will get to it eventually between working on Power Rangers Collab Stuff too I'm sure. 

Home Improvement: Working on this series currently and laughing hard at Tim's stupid comments and shenigans and always a great laugh to have honestly. 

 Monk: Wanna watch it from start to finish once again as watching the YouTube channel is wanting me to watch the entire series again for old time sake.

Super Girl: I have seen Seasons 1 - 3 so far and I need to watch Seasons 4 & 5  on my list so I am ready for the 6th and final season which has already started taping the final season as I know of according to Eric.

War Documentaries: I have DVD's from my uncle about the World War and they are quite interesting and are on top of my priority list so I can get them back to him soon as possible.

Amazing Race 7: I wanna re-watch this seasons as I am a Boston Rob and Amber fan since All-Stars and I wanna hear his infamous "THAT'S TOO BAD!" line in Episode 1. That was a great season honestly.

                There is my list and sorry for a very endless post and I can get to these shows and get them done and this list can get smaller and I can start another list unless we continue to be in quarantine and I am sure it will be for a while now so least this gives me something to do on my extra time besides working on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as once I finish Dino Thunder, I will not be working on that till February.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What TV Show's Will I Watch Next?

             I am close to finishing up Home Improvement and hopefully it was finished as I am talking like I have completed the show but if not definitely when I return back to Ontario as I am currently still out of the country down in the East Coast in Boston, USA. Now the question is what is next and I do got a few ideas in the back of my mind to what I would like to watch and this is why I am doing my list. So I know I probably did write something like this before but let's just say this is an updated version of my list and maybe I will actually watch the series I mentioned this time around. Anyways here is the list of shows I would like to watch, the updated version:

1) Monk-  I would like to actually re watch the entire season from start to finish as I haven't seen that show in a very long time.

2) Frasier-  I have never seen the show before and would like to give it a shot at watching it and seeing if I really am enjoy the show but I can always say no if I do not like it whatsoever I can always stop.

3) Last Man Standing-  I watched the entire season 7 of the show and highly enjoyed it. It felt like the Home Improvement show minus Tool Time, also Tim breaking things every time he supped up things with "More Power" smh. Either way it is similar but instead of Tim having 3 boys its 3 girls. 

4) Seinfeld- Funny show and I have seen episodes here and there when I visited my aunts when they were still with us before they passed on in 2008 and 2015. But they both loved that show and I think we still got the DVD's here in the house. 

              There is my list and I am going to start with these and I think I may start with Last Man Standing as I wanna kind of get the gist of things so I will be starting that probably soon but I do have to work on the Power Rangers Podcast for the fall first but soon as I am finished both of those seasons I will be definitely getting into it even if it crossed during the new season I will still binge watch the older seasons. From there who knows what I will wanna watch next, that isn't determined but we will see how things are as I'm sure November or December I will be back preparing for the next June recording so time is limited but when I get time this is what I do with my time honestly.


Friday, March 22, 2019

Watching a Few Different Shows

            This weekend, I am going to be watching a show that is different and I have never seen before. It was recommended by my friend here and I will definitely give it a shot but of course if I do not like it or it is not my cup of tea, then I will not be watching it anymore but the show I am talking about is the show called Schooled. I do not really know what it is about honestly but it is always worth giving a shot. I am always good in that way to trying out new TV Shows, I may like it, I may not. I will have to wait and see what it is like. I am also started watching since last year Last Man Standing and so far I am liking it. Of course it is because Tim Allen is in it and there has been appearances in the past seasons with Patrica Richardson and one or two other cast member from the TV Show, Home Improvement from the 1990's sitcom. I think comedy's and some drama shows  are really more my type, not all. However I am excited to see Schooled when I have the time to watch it which more then likely tomorrow night as the Live feeds are going to be down tomorrow in the late afternoon into the evening so I will have time to see what it is like. I need to catch up on Last Man Standing as well but probably tomorrow I will have time for it. 

             Either way those are the two shows that I am currently am watching currently and I am enjoying at the moment and oh I almost forgot, I am also watching Live PD and really getting into the show now and boy I tell ya some people are not smart on that show. Really shows some of the people that do the craziest things. It is nice to have a couple of shows on the list for this season and never know I may add more down the road and I have one with Kevin Hart that I am planning to watch this summer called TKO with Kevin Hart so I am really am excited as I am starting to question the future of Big Brother US which I will be announcing something soon as I know if it is coming back or not but right now I cannot say much but another blog post for another day. I am sorry this is cutting it close to midnight but here is a late post. Tomorrow I will be back on track once again.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Which Show Will I Watch After Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers Turbo?

              As most of you know I have been watching Big Brother Canada from Season 1 to 6 before the next season comes out in the spring, so I am preparing ahead of the next season. What show will I be watching next after I am finished well right now I am working on both Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers and I am not far off from finishing Power Rangers Turbo to start typing up notes for for the podcast but after both of those what is the plan next for me? Well I plan on watching and binge watching Last Man Standing up to the point of working on Power Rangers In Space as well but Last Man Standing is on the list and I covered it on The Last Man Standing Recap Podcasts on The CBOTW Show that I need to get more familiarized with the show as at times when I do record, I still struggle with who is who on the show so that is why I am making it a priority to get familar with the show and when it is done between the holidays and New Year I will have more time to watch em back to back to back and get to know the characters on the show much better then I do now. Maybe just maybe I will get more into the show as I find myself struggling with The Last Man Standing Recap Podcasts right now this is why I want to make the move to get familiarized with the show and I actually starting to understand the timeline of events during the show and when Boyd came in especially and which of Mike's 3 girls had Boyd which i never knew who it Kristen that had him so it answers my questions in my head and the most recent episode of Season 7 which is what I am recapping currently.

               I may in the New Year in January or February I will be watching Power Rangers In Space before recording in April the final Power Rangers in the Zordon era which then there will be a hiatus between recordings as I want to focus on the other recaps I am doing but I will talk more about it in a new post another day some point of this week as a new week has started. I am enjoying the show's earlier seasons and have time as I have watched a couple of the episodes already but put it on hold as I am working on Big Brother Canada and finishing that up first before working on that and also Power Rangers Turbo which time is starting to tick away. After Last Man Standing? Who knows! I may watch every Apprentice Eh vlogs on YouTube for all I know but who really knows I haven't gotten that far yet as I just started Last Man Standing and finishing up other shows. Yes I realize I got 3 of them on the go at once right now.. ha ha.