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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The CBOTW Show- New Development

             The newest development before all of Chris walking away from ChrisBOnTheWeb is he is/or was planning on bringing on 2 hosts one for Survivor 44 and Big Brother Canada. He was planning to go that route but not sure what the story is behind that podcast now whether he is still planning this or not. Like I mentioned yesterday, he's now gone, not sure how long or if he is planning to return right now. I really like the fact he wants to involved other people on The CBOTW Show and trying to grow that podcast.

              There is not much else I can say as right now he's stubborn like a mule refusing to answer private messages both outside of the group chat and in that group chat so right now I do not have the answers you guys are wanting so it is quite difficult to provide answers. I wish he wouldn't be so stubborn especially with the team. However I have known him for 10 + years and when he says he's done, he's quitting something he will be back in a week from now. I know him too well. In the meantime if I get more information, you guys will be the first to know and I will talk to you at 11 am EST for another post. 

Mark, CBOTW Team

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Favorite All-Time Survivor Players!

                 Survivor is still one of my favourite shows to watch and still is for many of us. 43 seasons in and I thought I'd do an updated version of my favourite Survivors of all time. I have decided to split it top 10 women and top 10 men so here it is and I am not going to explain everything, it'd be a long post. I will explain a couple at the end:

Men:                                                           Women:

1. Rob Mariano                                               Sandra

2. Tyson                                                          Amber (Rob's wife)

3.  Ethan                                                         Parvati

4.  Rupert                                                        Cire      

5.  Colby                                                          Stephenie (Palau)

6. Russell Hantz                                               Sarah (Survivor Cagayan)

7. Ozzy                                                             Kim (Survivor One World)

8. Malcolm                                                        Michaela                                                  

9. Tony                                                              Kass    

10. Ethan                                                           Aubrey

                      There is my list and With Rob I didn't not know what to expect in the way of comments he made throughout the seasons. Still one of my favourites even his post Survivor and support him through his adventures and follow him on social media. Sandra cause Queen stays the queen and just overall loved her in the season. I had to add in Rupert to my list as he is still one of my favourite old school players. Anyways that is my list and please let me know below your favourite players in the comments below if you watch the show and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Friday, February 12, 2021

Survivor 41 Greenlit!-- What Do We Know So Far?

                There has been rumors that Survivor Production has been greenlit to go to Fiji and film Season 41 of Survivor. There is nothing from CBS or Survivor or Jeff's Twitter about this rumor if it is true but there is an article stating in the coming days, crew will be heading to Fiji to start building sets or prepping for the upcoming season of Survivor. Could this mean possibly that it could air in the fall and we go back into the old schedule we had before the show was put onto Hiatus last year due to this pandemic. That is really all we know and the article you can Google Survivor Green Lit to Return to Filming or I hope this rumor is true and I believe it is true and I already knew they were aiming for taping the new season in March or April of this year so they are right on schedule as they said which is great! This is great for ChrisBOnTheWeb's Podcast The CBOTW Show.

               I am excited to see things get back to a sort of normal schedule with Survivor as I've missed Survivor, I can be honest with you. It has been quite odd the fact that we do not currently have a season right now and it will be nice when it does come back on the air. We do not know a lot of information right now as CBS hasn't said anything in particular but least there is something in the way of news. They do have to have all the gear ready for challenges especially and they also have to start building the Tribal Council within the Island so it will take a few weeks to do that. However I hope to get some news again soon and we can  give you dates when Billy is going to be starting out with his RECAPS but I am guessing and speculating that it would air this fall for Season 41. That is what I have to say about Survivor returning to filming and I cannot wait for it to return! I truly miss Jeff saying: "You wanna know watcha playing for?" and "The Tribe Has Spoken."


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

What TV Shows Do I Want To Watch During Quarantine?

                Trust me while we are still in Quarantine or Isolation whatever you guys want to call it, what show do I want to watch during Quarantine? Well I have completed almost two seasons of Survivor; I have completed Survivor Amazon and have or still working on Survivor Philippines at this moment. Anyways here is my list and there is no order really.

Survivor: Season 9, Survivor Vanuatu; Season 13, Survivor Cook Islands; Season 5, Survivor Thailand; Season 3, Survivor Africa; Season 8, Survivor All-Stars; Season 11, Survivor Guatemala.

Super Store: A show, Eric actually introduced me to, all I know it is a Comedy or American Sitcom so I will have to wait and see if I like it. I gotta watch 6 seasons to get all caught up with.

Facts of Life: Another show I wanna watch from start to finish and really I need to watch the entire series from start to finish. I have seen episodes in the past and really enjoyed them.

Last Man Standing: As I heard the series is sadly coming to an end after a lot of seasons and I wanna watch it from start to finish and another big series to be caught up on and I am sure I will get to it eventually between working on Power Rangers Collab Stuff too I'm sure. 

Home Improvement: Working on this series currently and laughing hard at Tim's stupid comments and shenigans and always a great laugh to have honestly. 

 Monk: Wanna watch it from start to finish once again as watching the YouTube channel is wanting me to watch the entire series again for old time sake.

Super Girl: I have seen Seasons 1 - 3 so far and I need to watch Seasons 4 & 5  on my list so I am ready for the 6th and final season which has already started taping the final season as I know of according to Eric.

War Documentaries: I have DVD's from my uncle about the World War and they are quite interesting and are on top of my priority list so I can get them back to him soon as possible.

Amazing Race 7: I wanna re-watch this seasons as I am a Boston Rob and Amber fan since All-Stars and I wanna hear his infamous "THAT'S TOO BAD!" line in Episode 1. That was a great season honestly.

                There is my list and sorry for a very endless post and I can get to these shows and get them done and this list can get smaller and I can start another list unless we continue to be in quarantine and I am sure it will be for a while now so least this gives me something to do on my extra time besides working on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as once I finish Dino Thunder, I will not be working on that till February.


Friday, July 17, 2020

The CBOTW Show Team & Podcast Updates!

                 We have been discussing things, between Larry, Chris (Reality Teas) and myself and a new member of the team and we have decided on a couple of things and in this post. There has been so many different developments around CBOTW and the production of sides. It is truly exciting to be honest and been holding onto this for clearly 4 - 6 hours before preparing for this big announcement post. Anyways here it goes:

- Platform Wise- We are staying Audio ONLY as the team think it is the best move even from the Producer's standpoint, meaning Executive Producer and Senior Producer that do all the Behind the Scenes prep for the podcasts and shows you hear on a regular basis. It isn't going to work now with Survivor on hold and Big Brother 22 in limbo, it isn't seen right to try and open up a channel and it is really just unknown and we're better where we are.

Larry: He has been named the Podcasts Senior Producer as he also is the Co-Founder of the Podcast. but he has a bit more of a say with the behind the scenes decisions for platforms etc with the shows that we put on. Also he helped me decide which shows to put into a temporary archive for the time being which are Survivor and Amazing Race are on hiatus till next year so it is in a temporary archive at the moment. 

- Other Hosts: On top of hosting their own shows which I will address in a moment, but they will get full reign of their shows, they get to produce and host their own shows. In no way shape or form will Larry or I will be involved which they will be responsible for their own shows. They will have to follow our guidelines for shows which is a guide for them and I know they got no problem with that. 

              Now the shows is the next questions you may ask is who is hosting what with the podcasts? Well here is the list of who is hosting what and what shows still need to be filled eventually:

Shows & Hosts:

Survivor: Billy
Big Brother U.S: Chris (Reality Teas)
Tough As Nails: Chris, Executive Producer
The Simpsons: Chris, Executive Producer
Power Rangers: Host: Chris, Executive Producer; Co-Host: Larry, Senior Producer

Shows That Are Open And Looking For Hosts:

Big Brother Canada
Amazing Race (Will Be Hosting Amazing Race Canada as well) 
Amazing Race Canada (Will Be Hosting Amazing Race as well)


Friday, June 26, 2020

Survivor & Big Brother Canada 9 On Hold, Amazing Race Canada To Air Next Year!

                 So much going on and this nightmare is far from over. Yes I am making reference to "Everything About Reality TV Podcast."  Yeah it's not been the greatest year for the podcast and I will get into that on another post on Friday here on the blog. Today I wanna talk about some of the Reality TV Shows I watch and also cover on the podcast. Anyways here is what is going on:

Survivor 41: I know it has been in doubt when they will be bringing back Survivor. I had word they were going to start filming it but now what I heard last it is now on hold which I found out from another fellow podcaster of mine. So I wonder and hope they get time to at least film Survivor 41 for this fall so this doesn't hurt my podcast whatsoever.

Big Brother Canada 9: What I have heard is they are putting Big Brother Canada on hold according to Big Brother Maple and MyIClick which you can find or for the entire article. However they are not sure they will be able to afford to air it as they are highly depend on sponsors etc but anyways you can read about it in the two articles I sourced on here. Yes I am sad to see this happen and I will again address why on the Friday post.

Amazing Race Canada 8: Finally on the list is Amazing Race Canada which they recently announced on their social media that they will be back next year for Amazing Race Canada 8 so this means they aren't able to film the show this year due to this Pandemic.  However this is why I already have Tough As Nails and hopefully one other show but I am fine with this but I understand why. 

             I know it took them sometime to announce but least we are now getting some news on the shows we love and watch. However we are still awaiting on Big Brother 22 and I just hope Big Brother 22 happens so this won't end up losing listeners especially with our Reality TV Podcast. It is frustrating indeed to have all this spare time of no Reality TV Show so I am trying to make the best of my time to be honest.


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Scheduling Announcements

                      Big News has come our way! I am very excited about this and I think this warrants this announcement! I am happy to say I can reveal Part of the Summer and the entire Fall lineup and also shows that we are currently waiting on at this point. You guys should of seen my reaction to the news of Survivor and Amazing Race 32 and I wish I darn well recorded my reaction to it and I was quite happy about it actually. But let's start with the Summer to what is confirmed followed by the Fall Schedule and finally what is awaiting to be confirmed:


Tough As Nails- A New Reality TV competition and Everything About Reality TV is proud to say I am going to be covering myself. It will be on the Audio ONLY side of things for right now as we are just introducing you guys to the show at this point and it is new to our podcast programming and we wanna see if you guys like the idea of us recapping. What I heard it is running for 10 weeks so it will be a true test. Like I said with Music City please give me time to adjust to things.

Fall 2020:

Survivor 41- Now we do not know the theme or name for Survivor 41 as this was sprung on to us the other day and I guess it will be a surprise season for us! However as I said in the Winners At War, Billy will be taking it over and yes I promised him I'd come on for a recap one day and that will be done in the coming months.
Amazing Race 32- As you know I was ready to go with the recaps this week and it was pushed off to the fall. I will be hosting those and I also promised Larry I'd have him on as a promise to since there was no Finale Party as him and I do every year for Big Brother Canada. You will be hearing his voice on the podcast this fall at some point. 

Waiting Confirmation:

Big Brother 22- We are waiting on confirmation if they will do the season and this might of/been updated since this was written Wednesday morning during the night as I was up and couldn't sleep whatsoever. However Chris, Reality Teas is waiting my OK to get testing done on the channel for him and also his preview podcast done and recorded. It will be live on YouTube + Audio ONLY here on and other amazing platforms.
Amazing Race Canada 8- No confirmation yet and the Wiki Fandom said it doesn't seem likely it will happen this year and if it doesn't, it doesn't. Nothing we can do and I totally understand why they didn't do. 

              Either way we still have a great lineup and this podcast will not be going on a stand still, we will not be shutdown. We are going to be continuing to entertain you guys as much as we can and try give you that distraction. My team and myself will continue to keep you guys up to date on the two show but either way, we're all excited with this exciting news!


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Everything About Reality TV YouTube Channel Is Coming Along Nicely!

                    So I want to provide you guys with some updates regarding the rumors of Everything About Reality TV Podcast on YouTube as you know there was rumors speculating we were indeed to return to the platform after a 4 year Hiatus. It has been a crazy few days but anyways here are the updates:

1) We have added the banner which had to be recreated and its another story for another time. But it looks really sharp and I cannot wait to start promoting it but right now I am waiting for the right time to bring it up as we are currently in mid season for Survivor and not the right time to promote it.

2) Also I have been streaming a bit here and there to test it and Billy who is on Staff of the podcast has seen it and even the Podcast's Co-Founder has noticed that it went live.

3) I still gotta work on the channel trailer and I need to get that last element done before we  are ready to start doing podcasts live.

                      There is still work to be done and I am sure a lot of questions about the channel what is going to be Video and Audio ONLY and to what will be Audio ONLY, who is doing what and I can answer that right here, right now:

Video and Audio ONLY: 

- Survivor (Billy, as of Survivor 41)
-Big Brother (Reality Teas aka Chris)
- Big Brother Canada (Chris, Me)

Audio ONLY:

Amazing Race (Chris, Me)
Amazing  Race Canada (Chris, Me)


Friday, January 17, 2020

Survivor Will Be On For 10 More Years?!

            My friend said that he's heard that Survivor which is one of the shows that is covered on Everything About Reality TV will be around for at least another 10 years?! I looked and nothing at all and honestly I need him to show me where he found this information but if this is true this is good news for the podcast for being around for many more years to come. Some how I just cannot find anything so something seems fishy but I will ask Eric he knows where to find the source of the article. However you know I would like to keep this podcast going for many more years to come and honestly as you know I have been feeling down a lot more last year worrying about the future of the podcast and what would I do afterwards but that is all figured out and not to worry about it till the time comes. Honestly this does make me happy to know the show is going to be around longer so this means the podcast will definitely around but again I just do not know what to expect if it will be back but for crying out loud we haven't even start Season 40 yet and we do not know if they will go beyond Season 40 years we just do not know! 

             It is all about the network if they want to renew it and also of course it is about the viewership if they are getting the views which they have been around the 8 - 10 million views as I did check so I can definitely see it coming back but I just do not want to get too ahead of ourselves right now. The thing we need focus on is Survivor: Winners At War, Big Brother Canada 8 and Amazing Race 32, followed by Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada so we have to focus on now not later and him telling me this did get me excited and at the same time overwhelmed and anything gets me overwhelmed very easily but I will be keeping this in the back of my mind but I am currently focusing on the present and you never know this could happen as the show hasn't really gone dry yet and it's always exciting every single season and it really makes me think hey they are coming up with new and exciting ideas and definitely makes worth watching the show each week that it is. There is a bit of what I have heard but do not know if it's true and if you hear or find the article please put it in the comments below as I want to see something stating this.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What Do I Think Will Win Survivor: Island of The Idols?

             I know posts right now are all over the place at the moment but with finale for the podcasts but I was really thinking about things today or yesterday actually and since my picks are now no longer in the running to win the game so I have two people in my mind that I even mentioned to Eric on Monday who I think I will win it all. So without further ado, here is who I think I will win the game:

Tommy- He has been solid with the people he was loyal with: Janet, Dean and Dan which at this moment Dan was ejected that leaves the 3 but I think there could be a definite final 3 situation with them come finale tonight but we will definitely have to wait and see for ourselves to what happens.

Dean- Yes he has been a target but Dean has played it pretty cool and I think he could do some damage and give someone that fake advantage and someone's game could be more then done.

Lauren- Played a very strong social and strategic game and I think she can take it to the end if it isn't Janet it could definitely be her and do not forget there is a fire making challenge too that they do have to play so anything is possible.

                Now Noura, I do not really think she will go to the end of the game but if she does then she can be beaten I am sure. Again it comes down to the final Immunity Challenge and also that dreadful fire making challenge. However do not forget Janet has her idol and Dean has that idol nullifier and I think it will definitely be played and Dean will end up using it and nullifying Janet's idol which could honestly send Janet to the jury. I honestly have that really, really odd feeling Noura and Janet will be sent to the jury but in the end I just think Tommy has a better case to the jury why he should win but do not forget the new format so it will be a tougher time but out of the 3 above, I'd put my bets on Tommy winning it all and articles even say Tommy is more then likely will be the winner and I just have that real gut feeling that is what will happening.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Favorite Survivor Seasons!

                 I do not think I ever did a post about Survivor talking about my favorite Survivor seasons I have watched on TV and I have a pile on my list of favorite seasons and I cannot list everyone of them but I will try my best to post as many as I can without making this post a text book to read and I promise you guys that too. Also there is no particular order in the episodes hence the reason I didn't list it 1, 2, 3 and so on but anyways here is the list 

  • Survivor Pearl Islands- Was one of the second seasons i ever saw and I loved the twist of having the outcasts twist in the game 
  • Survivor All-Stars- Only reason this season made the list this was the first season I watched and got right into the TV Show and haven't missed a season since. I have watched every season since!
  • Survivor Cook Island- Penner going at it with Jeff Probst when he was wasting the cannonballs in the challenge.
  •  Survivor Gabon- The fake idol on Randy and him saying all 3 of you kiss my --- Also the fact Bob was oldest winner on Survivor at the time and still is still the oldest winner to this day.
  • Survivor Palau- The first season a tribe is decimated to 1 member and moves to the other tribe, Koror tribe. First time there is no merge either and the first appearance of Exile Island.
  • Survivor Heroes Vs. Villians- Loved this, love the returnees in this season for this 20th season of Survivor on it's 10th year. I would love to see a Heroes Vs. Villians 2 down the road too! 
  • Survivor Blood Vs. Water Seasons- Both seasons of Blood Vs. Water from Colton suddenly quitting to the return of Rupert and his wife Laura it was such an interesting season to watch indeed.

                  There is some of my favorite seasons that I really enjoyed and mind you I have seen some of the seasons before Pearl Islands such as Amazon, Borneo and Australian Outback. I only had 3 seasons from the pre idol era and the rest is more the recent seasons of Survivor season but I hope you guys enjoyed this post as I enjoyed writing it for you guys. 


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Post Winter/Spring Season

              Now that Everything About Reality TV is now on HIATUS until June 30th, exactly 27 days from today, yes! I am definitely counting down and excited to be recording Big Brother US 19 & Amazing Race Canada 5. I am always happy to be covering Reality TV shows but it is nice to be off for a few weeks to rest and get ready for the upcoming season! It also gives time to wind down and keep an eye out for the cast for both shows and prepare for the Preview Podcast the week before it begins. I do got confirmations on shows for the Fall but waiting for the late summer to post it up officially announce what I will be covering in the Fall but got an idea what will be covered and what will not and Hell's Kitchen will be not returning back on the EAR TV Schedule but is coming out this fall but will be watching it in the fall though. I want to make my primary focus for Everything About Reality TV to Survivor, Big Brother Canada, Big Brother US, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada. But you will always be seeing me tweet or even blog about Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef US, Masterchef Canada & Masterchef Junior.  I am very, very happy with the results of this Reality TV season I covered on Everything About Reality TV this season that just concluded, however a few things that I could probably most likely improve on this summer when the podcast returns:

1) Redo the intro to the podcast and improve on the intro to the podcast, same intro theme which is royalty free obviously, wanna stay legit with it and has worked well for the podcast, just my voice over part needs to be updated and maybe a bit better and the volume of my voice through my mixer could be a bit lower then it has been but this intro has worked and you guys seem to like it but I wanna change things up a bit and I got a few ideas on my mind how to do this new intro and trust me you will actually like this one too! 

2) Work on my sound, tweaking my sound over the next 2 - 3 weeks between preview podcasts and making my sound is good quality and ready to go when recaps start back up at the end of the month of June. 

             So as you can see, I am working around the clock still and blogging still but also tweaking my sound and the intro to the podcast and getting the preview podcast ready for recording the week before the BB19 game begins for us fans and The Amazing Race Canada starts! I am not planning any other type of podcast for the next 2 weeks until the Preview Podcast comes out and including talking about the rumors and what my friends Eric and Dave told me. But hopefully by the preview podcast you will hear the new intro. Finally this is insight what is to come for this delightful and fun podcast talking about Reality TV!

Have a great Saturday! Might do a second post later on today!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why I Watch Reality TV!

There is really a lot of reasons why I watch Reality TV and why I love it! The first of all is the strategy behind certain shows such as Survivor, Big Brother US and Big Brother Canada. They lying, the backstabbing, the strategy behind it all. Being in a house for 70 or more days or for Survivor 39 days on an island trying to survive the elements while competing as a tribe and individually, also voting out a tribe member 3 days apart! Also I got to know quite some memorable faces, Rob C, Boston Rob, Russell, Tony and so on! What I am trying to say is I love to watch such amazing characters develop each and every season of Survivor. Some seasons I am shocked to see a big move being made where a player is sent out of the game either before Jury or when the Jury has started. Also I love to see and hear the final tribal council each season to what the jury has to say whether it is a statement or someone is really pissed off for being back stabbed in the game when they made a deal or not.  

Now Big Brother, whether it is the US or Canadian version, I love the alliances that are made from Newport, The Chop Shop, The Brigade, The Sheyld, The First Five, Chilltown so many Alliances have either done well or crumbled fast or gone a long way but was broken up at some point of the game it is so amazing to watch Alliances succeed or fail. Also now adding a chance to get back into the game which really twists the game up. Also especially Big Brother Canada, the funny moments especially with Talla's 191999 meltdown will go down as the most memorable moment in Big Brother Canada History.

Next is Hell's Kitchen, now you will say its not cause of Chef Ramseys constant yelling and cursing is it? Of course not! I like to pick out the strong crop of chefs and go with them for my picks each and every season, yes I do yell at the TV screen quite a lot when someone gives Chef Ramsey Raw food or over cooked. I do complain a lot about the attitude and the way the chefs treat each other but that is about right for me to say something.

Finally The Amazing Race US and Canada, I love watching the places they go, the places they visit and see on each and every season. Also the UTurns are amazing to watch whether they use it or not, I like to see the looks on the faces and makes me think, if I were on the show, would I use it or not? Would depend really. But watching Reality TV sure makes me think what will happen next and who will be the next to go, also who I would like to see go next.

Have a great night guys!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Survivor 34 Predictions...

I have been thinking about it and I will not put out another post about last week, I am over last week and I will just not hang at the mall with friends. So with that in this blog post I would like to talk about my Predictions for Survivor 34 and what I think it will be. I've heard that it is all returning players and I think it is an all returnee season, which I am sure a lot of you Survivor Fans out there are speculating some ideas what this up coming season will be on March 8th, 2017, so here are my thoughts exactly what I think it could be: 

1) An All-Stars 2: Why you may ask, well we are long overdue for one since the last All-Stars was Season 8 and I think it due time for an All-Stars Season and I do not think it will happen anytime soon, but we all can be hopeful for another All-Stars soon!

2) Heroes Vs Villains 2: Yes it has been 13 seasons since the last Heroes Vs Villains and would love to see another one out there as the first one was one amazing and wicked season. The battle between Russell Hantz and Boston Rob Mariano within the Villains Tribe, I'd more then happily see another season like this! I can even name a few villains off my head... RC & Abi Maria are two I can off the top of my head as of right now... 

3) Finally, a Survivor Second Chances 2: I think this is probably going to be the top choice of having is a Second Chances 2 but we would of been voting already for who we would like on, so this has to be out of the question, but however can be a season in the near future. 

Which of these 3 could it be? Guess time will tell when finale hits and we find out who wins Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X and we also find out what is going to happen in Survivor 34! Cannot wait to see the finale and fine out who wins and also what is in stored for Survivor Season 3. Could be something for all we know too! You never know!

Have a great night everyone!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tentative Schedule for Winter 2017- Everything About Reality T.V. & CBOTW Gamers Podcast

This is a different post from the recent posts of negative things I posted up on this blog recently,but that is why I got this blog to rant, thoughts and happenings around Chris B On The Web. As you guys may have heard and if you have been keeping up with my Twitter posts I have been recently talking about Amazing Race 29 and with the announcement of Season 29 of The Amazing Race I sort of got an idea of when the podcasts will come out so here is a tentative two different schedule ideas for Everything About Reality TV- Winter 2017:

Plan A:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 


Plan B:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 

It is still unknown when Big Brother Canada is coming out but Amazing Race 29 is confirmed and CBOTW Gamers Podcast as well. It is sounding like I will have some time off between the end of Hell's Kitchen and the start of Survivor and Big Brother Canada so looks like CBOTW Gamers Podcast will be the only thing on the schedule. I hope by January to know what the timetable is for sure by sometime in January and I will write an update when I have a chance.

Until the next post, have a great Thursday!


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X New Predictions

    I have been holding off this blog post for about 2 weeks now as I wanted to wait until the right time to post about this and right now is probably the best time to break down my new predictions for the remainder of the season as my picks to win aren't there now with the latest vote out of Chris. So first of all I am very disappointed in myself for not picking better players and I think in future seasons of Survivor I will maybe even pick some underdogs for the heck of it but I think I wasn't thinking smart of picking and I have to start picking smart now, so with that lets get into my picks to make it to final 4 and to win.

     To Make Final 4, I believe Ken as he's been playing a very low key game now hasn't been in the spotlight of being a potential threat compare to Zeke and David being a threat in the game now and nobody knows that Ken also has the "Legacy Advantage" as Jessica got eliminated, will not say voted out since she got eliminated due to drawing a black rock, but Ken will have this advantage for on Day # 36 which is close and only 6 days away in the game currently. Also I think Hannah will be in the Final 4 as shes really laying low as well and not in the way of being a threat to be voted out. Also she's been protected by Adam a bit I believe she might be aligned with Adam. But since this week's episode and Zeke threatening to vote her out next tho. Next would be of course Adam, hes playing a really good game and has the advantage to steal a reward which has never happened in the history of Survivor. Finally I would say Bret would be the 4th pick to be in the final 4 as hes laid low and made a bunch of friends on the jury and his fellow tribe mates right now too.

       Now to make final 3 situation I would think Ken, Adam and Bret to potentially be there as they have all been playing good games but of course Hannah could surprise the heck out of us and start winning immunity challenges and start to dominate and show shes there to win. You're all wondering why didn't I pick David and Zeke who are both playing a good game, well I think Zeke is in trouble and could potentially be voted out soon enough and also David who's another bigger threat, I decided like I said at the top of my blog post today I would pick an underdog which I am doing now. Let's see if I am near correct and I will do a follow up post second week in December.

Have a great rest of your Saturday!