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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X New Predictions

    I have been holding off this blog post for about 2 weeks now as I wanted to wait until the right time to post about this and right now is probably the best time to break down my new predictions for the remainder of the season as my picks to win aren't there now with the latest vote out of Chris. So first of all I am very disappointed in myself for not picking better players and I think in future seasons of Survivor I will maybe even pick some underdogs for the heck of it but I think I wasn't thinking smart of picking and I have to start picking smart now, so with that lets get into my picks to make it to final 4 and to win.

     To Make Final 4, I believe Ken as he's been playing a very low key game now hasn't been in the spotlight of being a potential threat compare to Zeke and David being a threat in the game now and nobody knows that Ken also has the "Legacy Advantage" as Jessica got eliminated, will not say voted out since she got eliminated due to drawing a black rock, but Ken will have this advantage for on Day # 36 which is close and only 6 days away in the game currently. Also I think Hannah will be in the Final 4 as shes really laying low as well and not in the way of being a threat to be voted out. Also she's been protected by Adam a bit I believe she might be aligned with Adam. But since this week's episode and Zeke threatening to vote her out next tho. Next would be of course Adam, hes playing a really good game and has the advantage to steal a reward which has never happened in the history of Survivor. Finally I would say Bret would be the 4th pick to be in the final 4 as hes laid low and made a bunch of friends on the jury and his fellow tribe mates right now too.

       Now to make final 3 situation I would think Ken, Adam and Bret to potentially be there as they have all been playing good games but of course Hannah could surprise the heck out of us and start winning immunity challenges and start to dominate and show shes there to win. You're all wondering why didn't I pick David and Zeke who are both playing a good game, well I think Zeke is in trouble and could potentially be voted out soon enough and also David who's another bigger threat, I decided like I said at the top of my blog post today I would pick an underdog which I am doing now. Let's see if I am near correct and I will do a follow up post second week in December.

Have a great rest of your Saturday!