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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Blog Post Schedule Later This Week

              We do not usually give you guys the schedule but with his return Thursday to the blog I have gotten his schedule from him and he wanted me to share with you what he has in the schedule:

Thursday: "Eagles Tribute Concert" 

Friday: "Polish & French Canadian- Fiesta Week 2022"      

Saturday: "End of The Week Updates" 

              So that is what is planned and nothing too exciting for ChrisBOnTheWeb just him working on things and getting things finished. I know he needs to finish up the book so he can finally do the interview with Chidi as well and I do not know what's going on with him for that to be quite honest. That is a mystery and a half  and we do not know what goes through Chris's mind around the clock but we are excited for his return to the blog to tell his stories of his adventures he has been on. Things are a little backwards in posts but he will explain it at the end of the week I'm sure. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on my last post before his return. 

Sophie, Community Manager

Monday, February 21, 2022

ChrisBOnTheWeb's 1500th Post!

                  Wow, time has flown by with posts. I never thought even with 5 days a week with posts that I'd never get to 1500 blog posts. It is quite a feat getting this far and I just continue to pump out posts every day during the week and sometimes on weekends. It is very crazy to be this far and now with Amy aboard on the team, she has been added to the blog here on and you can see her listed on the right hand side just below the logos, search bar it is there and 2 of us are listed, myself and Amy. I may ask Larry to reaccept the invite to the blog so there will be definitely 3 of us listed for right now and they can post up whenever they want they just gotta tell me when they wanna do a post on the ChrisBOnTheWeb blog so I can properly schedule it on social media so it goes out to you guys. 

                   So we have gone a long way with ChrisBOnTheWeb & since it started. When we started I blogged sporadically which means not that often and I think the fact I was primarily focusing on YouTube at the time and was the only thing I wanted to focus on at the time. As my YouTube career started to fall apart, I moved more into the blogging side of things here on the website. I am happy with the way things have turned out with ChrisBOnTheWeb and proud of every moment along the way. I probably will not do anything special for a post till the 5000th blog post at this point and I know I said this before but I am making a promise there will be post for that too. Anyways that is the post for today, hope you enjoyed this and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post!


Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Story Time... (My Dentist Experience This Week)

               Wednesday morning, I had to go to the dentist due to a cavity that needed to be filled in. So I did the routine of getting up and going to the dentist knowing I was going to get a filling put into my tooth on my wisdom tooth. Anyways the wait was quite long as the dentist office was quite busy that day which is fine honestly with me and I wasn't due to be with my friends till 1230 pm that day anyways and I was in no rush whatsoever to actually get to the mall as I wanted to work on a couple of things before I even left for the afternoon to see friends and what not. Now don't get me wrong, I have had a not so good experience at the dentist before and I have now forgotten it even happened since it was years ago since that has happened and I am not worried about it now anyways, it is water under the bridge at this point. 

                 So I finally got into the chair finally and once again I had to wait for a good 10 - 15 minutes my dentist came in to do the filling in my mouth. So this was the patience test for me and I think I did quite well actually. I think I passed the test of being very patient during this experience which mind you was an experience and a half and trust me it was quite an experience and a half and it is good to have these experiences in my life as I live and learn from em all. Anyways it turns out that my wisdom tooth is dropping and if they fill it it will just come back in a year or two so he recommended that it gets yanked from my mouth so I obviously agreed there and I told him to just pull it out as it will be one less tooth to worry about down the road and no more problems.

                  As you have read this has been quite an interesting experience and I wasn't expecting to have nothing done but least my dentist was apologetic for having me go there for no time and wasting my time. He's a really good dentist and I have had him for 20 years now and had been a good dentist all these years and I do not plan on changing dentists at this point of time. I hope you all this little Friday story time as I enjoyed writing this post for you guys. 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Autism Story...

             First of all a few people has inspired me to write this and I have talked about it on YouTube which that video is no longer on that platform as I've deleted the channel almost a year ago. You guys probably can tell via Twitter, I sometimes am moody on Social Media quite often but for those who didn't know and I do not talk about it much online anymore as people have given me grief over it but I shouldn't been afraid to tell people and usually I get bitched at, saying I am making things up when I am not. I've had autism since 8 or 9 years of age which was like back in Grade 3 or 4 when my teachers noticed something off that wasn't normal to what they usually seen during class. So after I left my Catholic Elementary School I went into the Public School system from 1998 right till 2001. When I entered my 2nd elementary school, I was tested and I was diagnosed with Persuasive Development Disorder, also known as P.D.D. I finished Elementary School went into High School near home, which the school is now closed many years later after I finished High School. I got such a stupid suspension there and my parents pushed to get it lifted & they did. After Donovan High School, I went back to Duffin's Bay P.S. for the remainder of the year. They up'd my progress putting me into 2 different integration classes with the Grade 8's and met really nice friends, still connected with 2 of them to this day which is really amazing.  I even joined the Musical called the Highlight Zone and I really put myself out of my comfort Zone, I was very nervous at the first 2 performances for the school 

             After my Grade 8 graduation, yes I actually got a Grade 8 Graduation this time around compare the first time I left Duffin's Bay I was off to O'Neill and the rest the history, made tons of friends and connecting to a whole pile of them, still connected to my EA, and even Kellie who seemed to follow me from Duffin's! Just kidding! Was such a small world her and I ended up in High School and I almost had her as my first ever Girlfriend, too bad I didn't give her a chance. I met the most amazing teacher, Mr. Plishka, yes he was a pain in my ass but he got the best out of me and had such an amazing time with him in both Grade 10 Gym, Canadian History & Civics class and he also was my Homeroom Teacher. I still got so many memories of High School and my friends were ever so understanding with me having a disability. Also I got reward after reward and even a metal for having high marks for the semester and I still got the medal upstairs in my room to this day. After High School, I started The Video Projects Team up and obviously the rest is history which you can find on 

            So moving into 2010 I went into the Community Integration Throughout Cooperative Education for 2 years and studied Pre-Media with some General Studies like Creative Writing, Communication 1. But Media was my primary focus and I learned so much over the 2 years met so many friends in the CICE program. From there I continued on with my group till the end of it, then you guys know the remainder of the story. I have had a lot of hard times dealing with friendships ending, people turning their back on me but not only that putting me down, I got right back up on my feet and continued to strive myself on a daily basis. I had my very first job at a Book Store that lasted 4 weeks but was one of my most major challenges having a disability and even now I still have my challenges but manage through them one thing at a time.

Have a great Wednesday!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Grand Theft Auto IV Vs. Grand Theft Auto V Comparison!

As most of you know, when I am not podcasting or blogging on my website, I play video games for fun when I am not spending time with the family or out and about and at appointments. It gets my mind off things of the website, podcasts, blogging, it really gives me time for myself for when I was on YouTube I didn't have much time for myself when I was planning constantly with projects talking to new potential Staff members to join the crew!  So on my spare time I spent tons of time playing Grand Theft Auto V and just recently completed all the missions including the 3 choice conclusion which are very interesting, 1) killing Trevor which was the essential choice I picked cause of him being crazy and interesting character. But I gotta admit tho that there is more characters then the one character in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. Going back to 4 or back towards the first ever one you only get to control one character. However they definitely did an amazing job with each Grand Theft Auto and it always makes me wonder what to expect next on the game. 

Grand Theft Auto 4, the primary focus is on Niko, Roman, Mallorie & Little Jacob, Packie, Brucie, Dwayne and Kate but you are the entire time Niko which is fine with me I was use to it. There was a lot of killing characters like Vlad, Dimtri which was the major Antagonist in the story arc throughout the entire game but was there till the end of the story arc. There was a lot of characters killed off Mr Faustin, Vlad, Kate which was unfortunate at the Funeral scene, however if you did option 2 it would be Roman's fate that happens. Same with I either had to kill Derrick or Francis and obviously I picked Francis, I got sick of him bossing Niko around, LOL. But the fact that you get 2 options in the game at certain points of the game, I absolutely loved!  And the fact I was Niko the entire time I go to the location made the game easy to navigate.

Now Grand Theft Auto 5, I love how you can switch characters in and out of the game and the different comments the characters makes, especially Trevor who is an character in himself and is very very hilarious character! I Love the craziness between all 3 characters and a lot of shooting and action happens in the game, always some kind of action that happens within the game. I like how if you run into someone as you know when you did that in 4 or before then, they could open the door and pull you out to start a fist fight, well now when you hit someone you can end up in a car chase or the person rear ending you in the game so that sure makes it interesting. If you just start start making any noise whatsoever in Grand Theft Auto 5 a dog can come and attack you and same with a wild animal which is completely different. Finally in this version of Grand Theft Auto you can customize a car to your liking with many options like engine, transmission, brakes, customize in colors and secondary colors, its crazy, I went to town and I re-created Trevor's Mustard Truck, Micheal's Lava Car and Franklin's Sprite car & Sprite Bike and gave it the highest level of upgrades which made it fast and so wicked! That is my review between the 2 and I would take GTA 5 over 4 any day of the week but again I liked both thus far! What do I know right? Ha ha!

Have a great Friday (TGIF!)


    Monday, February 13, 2017

    Staying Organized, Keeping On Track of Things!

    First of all, I am sure you guys are going to ask, Chris, how are you so organized with the podcasts, blog posts, events you go to, scheduled recordings of the podcast and so forth? Well I always use and utilize my calendar/agenda/planner, whatever you guys like to call it. But it helps, I put in my appointments like YMCA in the 2 pm and so on. Also when I record my podcasts I set a time to sit down and really record the podcasts. I usually tend to record in the afternoon so its ready to go onto,, & However when I schedule my recordings I put this in at the allotted time, for example Everything About Reality TV Podcast, Recording. When it comes to a podcast being released I put it in both my calendar that sits on or near my desk everyday as it is easy to access, but also it is in my Google calendar which you can see on my website on the front page below the image slide show on the left side next to the twitter feed. What is good about having both my physical calendar here on my desk, but my cell phone is hooked up to, which actually does make my cellphone beep when a podcast or an event so either way it reminds me something is coming up within an hour as it is set to go off one hour or half hour before the event or for me to post up my podcast up comes up. So both are a big big help and i highly recommend it!

    Now you will ask me how do I know what needs to be done on a regular basis, Well, I have my black folder that has a line pad of paper in there and I write down what needs to be done, along the line of having a list of different topics when there is nothing on my mind, I can do some of them and I have been inspired on ideas for the near future as well. Now not only I write them down I use an app on my computer called Sticky Notes and I tell ya it is great! I love to use them all the time, it helps me keeps me organized! If you got windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, I highly recommend to use it. It is worth it! Anyways thank you guys so much for reading this blog and I will do another post a little later on.

    Have a great night,


    Saturday, February 4, 2017 Updates!

    I know I haven't posted as much as I would of liked to but been busy fixing and trying to get it back onto Maintenance screen. I understand and I know its been a week and a half since the site has been down but working on bringing it back soon as possible. Site has propagated and is awaiting launch a week today at 7 pm EST! When I was switching providers, however it showed a flipping virus, if this doesn't work I will go to a free website and wait for the domain to expire and go with someone else and someone that has a web builder and email system within the site just 000webhost had till they changed the email system to email forwarder not email system, which if you may ask me it is kind of dumb. However the new email to contact me is since the .com emails are no longer there but I rather use Yahoo anyways. This morning I was on the horn, well support chat with HostGator which I highly recommend them for a domain host. I understand all of your frustrations with my website close to a 2 week shutdown but had issues with the web provider a tad bit also issues along the line with my internet browser there was virus's that appeared on the site but i think it was the provider that was causing this or Chrome telling me there was an virus! 

    Just this morning I have completed and will be re-launching Monday, February 6th, 2017. It will have been a 2 weeks and 2 days since it has been shutdown. I am so hyped for the re-launch of the website now, no matter how much people put down my self & my team, telling me to fire them when they are doing what they are suppose to do as their description of their roll within the site. I haven't told you much along the line of who's on "Staff" Well Myself, Justin been working behind the scenes since December, as he has been on a hiatus since my change over from YouTube to blogging then eventually podcasting. Also I have brought an old friend Jeff from down in Pennsylvania where eventually he will be the Co Host of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which is in the plans in the near future. Also my ex and friend Heather has been eyes and ears for me and is starting to do small tasks for me which will bring the Dragons Piece which has been the long anticipated piece for the last 5 years at least.... LOL! You do not want to know how many times I've called off that project but this time I know this will happen this time around. So as you can see I am very very busy, excuse me we are a busy team getting things done and building the website back up.

    Have a great rest of your weekend,


    Monday, January 2, 2017

    Happy New Year! | 2017 New Years Resolutions/Goals!

    First of all Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years and were safe throughout the holiday. I actually relaxed for once and played some video games spent time with my parents as it was once again a very very quiet New Years as we didn't have the neighbors this year once again but I am sure we will see em at some point to celebrate New Years.  With 2017 being here now, there are a lot of things I would like to put behind me and work on as a New Years resolution. With that here are my New Years Resolution for this year. 

    1) Continue to lose weight and try and aim for my goal by the summer if possible. I know if I put my mind to it I can do it.

    2) Put all the Ex Staff Drama behind me and not even worry about them and I got the opition to not talk to them and/or give them the silent treatment. 

    3) Try and build on to my website and move on from YouTube and try and get over the fact my YouTube Channel pretty well went downhill after my staff quit on me.

    4) Be more positive as a person and be more open to how I feel when frustrated.

    Those are my New Years Resolutions, what are your New Years Resolutions/Goals for 2017? Let me know by commenting! And once again Happy New Years! I am sorry I am a day late from posting this up, was busy and unable to post up.

    Have a Great Night!


    Tuesday, December 20, 2016


    Lately, I have been feeling really depressed with people accusing me of starting drama when they are the one's messaging me and starting the conversation. Then losing 4 friends over that situation, so I think I am staying with the people who care about me, because every time something like this or a friend turns their back on me like the one person did recently and I tell you, when I get depressed it lingers for 4 - 5 days sometimes more... Sometimes I can go out of it where I don't smile anymore... I haven't smiled much lately with the recent drama in my life... Also friends turning on me for no apparent reason as well that is making me a bit on the depressed side. 

    That is not the only thing that I am depressed about is the fact I have not been in a relationship with anyone since my EX Girlfriend down in Ohio. I have found it hard and a struggle to find someone I can share with and has the same passions as I do. But someday soon I hope to find a girlfriend and never know where that will take me, I could end up married and maybe even find myself being a dad in the near future. But honestly I just gotta remain being myself and try to laugh a bit more and I have in the last 24 hours now watching the Meathead, Arrrrchie, Little Gorl and The Dingbat aka All In The Family from the 70's. For those who don't me that well yet and who read my blog didn't know I love the old TV comedy shows. So that is my positive get away from the life drama being thrown at me watching a few or in my case almost an entire season of All In The Family. And it lifts up my spirits quickly. Other thing that helps is me listening to T Swift (Taylor Swift)- Shake It Off or Avicci- Wake me up!  Hope this helps you with depression if you got it and feeling depressed, take a listen to it. 

    Have a great Tuesday!


    Sunday, December 4, 2016

    Survivor 34 Predictions...

    I have been thinking about it and I will not put out another post about last week, I am over last week and I will just not hang at the mall with friends. So with that in this blog post I would like to talk about my Predictions for Survivor 34 and what I think it will be. I've heard that it is all returning players and I think it is an all returnee season, which I am sure a lot of you Survivor Fans out there are speculating some ideas what this up coming season will be on March 8th, 2017, so here are my thoughts exactly what I think it could be: 

    1) An All-Stars 2: Why you may ask, well we are long overdue for one since the last All-Stars was Season 8 and I think it due time for an All-Stars Season and I do not think it will happen anytime soon, but we all can be hopeful for another All-Stars soon!

    2) Heroes Vs Villains 2: Yes it has been 13 seasons since the last Heroes Vs Villains and would love to see another one out there as the first one was one amazing and wicked season. The battle between Russell Hantz and Boston Rob Mariano within the Villains Tribe, I'd more then happily see another season like this! I can even name a few villains off my head... RC & Abi Maria are two I can off the top of my head as of right now... 

    3) Finally, a Survivor Second Chances 2: I think this is probably going to be the top choice of having is a Second Chances 2 but we would of been voting already for who we would like on, so this has to be out of the question, but however can be a season in the near future. 

    Which of these 3 could it be? Guess time will tell when finale hits and we find out who wins Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X and we also find out what is going to happen in Survivor 34! Cannot wait to see the finale and fine out who wins and also what is in stored for Survivor Season 3. Could be something for all we know too! You never know!

    Have a great night everyone!


    Saturday, November 26, 2016

    Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X New Predictions

        I have been holding off this blog post for about 2 weeks now as I wanted to wait until the right time to post about this and right now is probably the best time to break down my new predictions for the remainder of the season as my picks to win aren't there now with the latest vote out of Chris. So first of all I am very disappointed in myself for not picking better players and I think in future seasons of Survivor I will maybe even pick some underdogs for the heck of it but I think I wasn't thinking smart of picking and I have to start picking smart now, so with that lets get into my picks to make it to final 4 and to win.

         To Make Final 4, I believe Ken as he's been playing a very low key game now hasn't been in the spotlight of being a potential threat compare to Zeke and David being a threat in the game now and nobody knows that Ken also has the "Legacy Advantage" as Jessica got eliminated, will not say voted out since she got eliminated due to drawing a black rock, but Ken will have this advantage for on Day # 36 which is close and only 6 days away in the game currently. Also I think Hannah will be in the Final 4 as shes really laying low as well and not in the way of being a threat to be voted out. Also she's been protected by Adam a bit I believe she might be aligned with Adam. But since this week's episode and Zeke threatening to vote her out next tho. Next would be of course Adam, hes playing a really good game and has the advantage to steal a reward which has never happened in the history of Survivor. Finally I would say Bret would be the 4th pick to be in the final 4 as hes laid low and made a bunch of friends on the jury and his fellow tribe mates right now too.

           Now to make final 3 situation I would think Ken, Adam and Bret to potentially be there as they have all been playing good games but of course Hannah could surprise the heck out of us and start winning immunity challenges and start to dominate and show shes there to win. You're all wondering why didn't I pick David and Zeke who are both playing a good game, well I think Zeke is in trouble and could potentially be voted out soon enough and also David who's another bigger threat, I decided like I said at the top of my blog post today I would pick an underdog which I am doing now. Let's see if I am near correct and I will do a follow up post second week in December.

    Have a great rest of your Saturday!


    Saturday, September 3, 2016

    New Blog Look! | Added a Second Podcast To The List! | Dropped

    Well it has been a few days since my last ever post and I have had to transfer blogs so the direct link to this blog is a bit different but it wouldn't matter to those who are on But with this change came a new "Blog Look" and boy I really like the new fresh look from before where I think the dark color was a bit much if you ask me, but it is updated to a lighter color and it brings the site right out when you are reading this blog so it a positive thing. As you can also see Ive updated the graphical end of the website, meaning the banner the front page image rotation which hasn't been changed as I need to work on graphics for the front end, Twitch and the podcasts I do. As you can tell it isn't bannerfans I use no more I do my own graphics from a program recommended by a streaming site owner I had a argument with since 2014.... LOL! But in all positivity I am glad he recommended it as it has been an amazing program and I am using it to the full potential my creativity is bigger then it has been and I got full control over my graphical end of the site and stream as well and of course the podcasts.

    Now you are wondering what is with the Ive added a second podcast?! WTF is that Chris? Well I have been talking to a few people and we are working on a podcast called CBOTW Gamers Podcast talking about gaming once a month! Myself and 1o1Adam which you can follow him on Twitter is going to be joining me once a month with guests and you will never know who will be coming on the podcast each week. We will be taking it slow at first to see how you guys like this and if you guys enjoy it then we will continue on a month basis, I sure it will be loved by you guys as the second podcast within! 

    Until the next blog, have a great Sunday tomorrow!