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Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Story Time... (My Dentist Experience This Week)

               Wednesday morning, I had to go to the dentist due to a cavity that needed to be filled in. So I did the routine of getting up and going to the dentist knowing I was going to get a filling put into my tooth on my wisdom tooth. Anyways the wait was quite long as the dentist office was quite busy that day which is fine honestly with me and I wasn't due to be with my friends till 1230 pm that day anyways and I was in no rush whatsoever to actually get to the mall as I wanted to work on a couple of things before I even left for the afternoon to see friends and what not. Now don't get me wrong, I have had a not so good experience at the dentist before and I have now forgotten it even happened since it was years ago since that has happened and I am not worried about it now anyways, it is water under the bridge at this point. 

                 So I finally got into the chair finally and once again I had to wait for a good 10 - 15 minutes my dentist came in to do the filling in my mouth. So this was the patience test for me and I think I did quite well actually. I think I passed the test of being very patient during this experience which mind you was an experience and a half and trust me it was quite an experience and a half and it is good to have these experiences in my life as I live and learn from em all. Anyways it turns out that my wisdom tooth is dropping and if they fill it it will just come back in a year or two so he recommended that it gets yanked from my mouth so I obviously agreed there and I told him to just pull it out as it will be one less tooth to worry about down the road and no more problems.

                  As you have read this has been quite an interesting experience and I wasn't expecting to have nothing done but least my dentist was apologetic for having me go there for no time and wasting my time. He's a really good dentist and I have had him for 20 years now and had been a good dentist all these years and I do not plan on changing dentists at this point of time. I hope you all this little Friday story time as I enjoyed writing this post for you guys.