Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Blog Post Schedule Later This Week

              We do not usually give you guys the schedule but with his return Thursday to the blog I have gotten his schedule from him and he wanted me to share with you what he has in the schedule:

Thursday: "Eagles Tribute Concert" 

Friday: "Polish & French Canadian- Fiesta Week 2022"      

Saturday: "End of The Week Updates" 

              So that is what is planned and nothing too exciting for ChrisBOnTheWeb just him working on things and getting things finished. I know he needs to finish up the book so he can finally do the interview with Chidi as well and I do not know what's going on with him for that to be quite honest. That is a mystery and a half  and we do not know what goes through Chris's mind around the clock but we are excited for his return to the blog to tell his stories of his adventures he has been on. Things are a little backwards in posts but he will explain it at the end of the week I'm sure. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on my last post before his return. 

Sophie, Community Manager

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