Wednesday, June 22, 2022

We've Discussed The Help Chat Returning

              There has been discussion about the help chat returning and he has discussed it with me in the past week and he has put it on the long list of things to really think about as he has to literally reopen the accounts the main Admin account, his staff account etc. Plus I would have to make an account on the chatroom but more details will be coming soon I am sure and maybe he will mention it and I will bring it up to him this week and the Studios group he runs on the side besides the CBOTW Facebook fan page that he runs. So I am sure it is now in the plans again but he has to reconfigure the entire "Contact Page" so it fits in there and I believe there is an email he is adding back to the list which is "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast's" new email he has made up. 

             So this is a work in progress right now and it will be done when it is done. I think his priority is to get Entertainment Man Podcast done, finish Megaforce and Super Megaforce, then type it up and also getting the book finished and typed so this is a very low priority at this moment. Yes this will bring in views but we plan on slowly reintroducing it back to this website eventually.  One step at a time and the chat will be open 24 hours a day but we will be not always available so that will be when we need to use the emails provided. I believe it will be a similar layout as before but again he's not mentioned the layout. I want to thank Chris for this opportunity to post and I will see you guys around his community as he is returning to posts tomorrow.

Sophie, ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Manager

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