Thursday, June 23, 2022

Eagles Tribute Concert A Week Ago...

               I am finally back after being absent but I wanna thank my Community Manager for watching over things and posting up earlier this week but I am back to post. As she said I will be doing an additional post Saturday but anyways today I am talking about the Eagles  Tribute Concert. Now the band is a great, love their music and I said there was only 1 song I knew which was Hotel California but wroong there was several including a song from Don Henley, "Heart of The Matter" which is one of his own solo songs he did between the Eagles break as they were on and off over the time but are back as a band and Glenn Frey's son is involved so that is really cool his son has joined the band. So this helped me realize the time frame what they did after they broke up as a band as they gave some of the history of the Eagles band too. Believe it or not, they were a tribute band since the Eagles started so that was really awesome! 

               Anyways off topic, the concert was amazing they really made up for the mishap and what do I mean by this? Well with this pandemic they've had to cancel two or three times over the last 2 years and the last time, we went and they cancelled with a sign on the door that the concert was cancelled due to some of the band members ill. So they really made it up to it little over 2 hours of a performance with an encore of 2 songs which was awesome to hear.  So they made up for the show we have missed during this pandemic. We enjoyed oursleves and ran into our neighbors next door to us and we ended up chatting for about 20 minutes before heading home so was nice to catch up with them. Anyways that is today's post and I will talk to you all tomorrow for the Fiesta Week post as I am doing things a little backwards this week but it will all make sense to you guys when I do the end of the week update on Saturday instead of Sunday. 


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