Monday, February 13, 2017

Staying Organized, Keeping On Track of Things!

First of all, I am sure you guys are going to ask, Chris, how are you so organized with the podcasts, blog posts, events you go to, scheduled recordings of the podcast and so forth? Well I always use and utilize my calendar/agenda/planner, whatever you guys like to call it. But it helps, I put in my appointments like YMCA in the 2 pm and so on. Also when I record my podcasts I set a time to sit down and really record the podcasts. I usually tend to record in the afternoon so its ready to go onto,, & However when I schedule my recordings I put this in at the allotted time, for example Everything About Reality TV Podcast, Recording. When it comes to a podcast being released I put it in both my calendar that sits on or near my desk everyday as it is easy to access, but also it is in my Google calendar which you can see on my website on the front page below the image slide show on the left side next to the twitter feed. What is good about having both my physical calendar here on my desk, but my cell phone is hooked up to, which actually does make my cellphone beep when a podcast or an event so either way it reminds me something is coming up within an hour as it is set to go off one hour or half hour before the event or for me to post up my podcast up comes up. So both are a big big help and i highly recommend it!

Now you will ask me how do I know what needs to be done on a regular basis, Well, I have my black folder that has a line pad of paper in there and I write down what needs to be done, along the line of having a list of different topics when there is nothing on my mind, I can do some of them and I have been inspired on ideas for the near future as well. Now not only I write them down I use an app on my computer called Sticky Notes and I tell ya it is great! I love to use them all the time, it helps me keeps me organized! If you got windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, I highly recommend to use it. It is worth it! Anyways thank you guys so much for reading this blog and I will do another post a little later on.

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