Friday, February 10, 2017

Saying No! Turning Negatives Into Positives!

Saying No, is the hardest thing for people to say. I am one of those people that have a hard time saying No. Recently I thought things were going so well with my ex, but with not listening to me and lying that they did indeed subscribe to my podcast makes me realize that I should of never said yes to the piece I was willing to do for her. When my ex and I started talking I should of never said yes to this promotional piece for her hockey team. I noticed yesterday (Wednesday) I was for once saying no to it happening. However my problem is, I am too much of a soft person, I am too easy going of a person, that is my only problem. I am too easy going of a person, when a person like my ex, doesn't want to listen to me which has been an on going problem for the last few weeks. Now this brings me to the point I want to make in this blog post which is don't feel like you have to say yes to everything. It doesn't feel right I am sacrificing my time to do a piece that isn't being communicated well and also listening from the other party. You think you should do something if someone will not communicate and listen to what you have to say. Also accusing you of accusing them when I am stating the facts who is subscribed on my & feeds for my podcast? I think not! I will not take or tolerate being accused for accusing someone else of something I did not do when I stated my facts, I presented them with the facts who is subbed as I have kept tabs who is subbed to my podcasts on 3 of the platforms which I am involved with, 2 of them being my partners that Everything About Reality TV is with. So at this point, I am saying "NO" to the project at this point of time. I am not going to be abused and accused of things that I didn't do. 

When you say no, you must say it with respect and kindness and always give and state a reason why you are saying no to what the person is asking you or if it is in my case that hockey team piece. Honestly sometimes saying no takes a weight off your shoulders, especially when you got other major projects going on, in my case Everything About Reality TV, the sports piece with my buddy Jeff from bowling, also the start of CBOTW Gamers Podcast and finally a possible Reunion of 2 old buddies of mine from Stickam/BlogTV & also days as well. I got plenty of positive things to think about such as what I listed above. When you have something negative turn it into a positive, like the appointments I go to help with my frustrations, turn those negatives into a positive! 

Have  a great night, I will post again later in the day with another post! 


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