Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Updates, Both Website and Podcasts!

So I am sure for those who have follow me on social media, you were shocked as heck to see the site back up and operating in a very quick fashion. Well the explanation behind that is I needed to get the site back up so this way knows I got an active website and it is up and running once again. Now being at 12 hours of it running, the site views been around 14 views but it is going to be slow while the site is just getting back up and running. Once Big Brother Canada, Survivor & Amazing Race comes back, the views should go up. Also the facts that I am going to start blogging on a almost regular basis will help with the website views going up. I have never  doubted the facts that my website wouldn't fail, it has been running smoothly lately and always getting viewers. But now that the site was short off 3 weeks, I think people wondered what was going on with the site and why it went down. Don't forget it went down the day before my computer went out of commission for several days. And the last few weeks it was about me rebuilding the entire website and also finding the right provider that will work for me, yet I have once again returned to 000webhost and I dont mind the email forwarder and I realized today it has been sending me emails from that email address to the places I have signed up with. But once again is where you can contact me or the team at anytime if you got any questions at all. 

Now Everything About Reality TV took a turn for the worst as when I embedded episode 1 - 4 of EAR TV it showed Episode # 13. Now everything is fine on the side of so it has to be a glitch with stitcher and I have notified them but yet to hear back from them about what is going on with it. I have for now at least pulled my stitcher partnership for now until they fix the glitch or it will be a permanent pull and I will not go with them again in the near future. However I have signed up for EAR TV to appear on like I said above and hopefully they say yes and allow me to have my podcasts on there and help me grow my podcasts further.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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