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Friday, February 5, 2021

High School Gym Days! (Things, I'd Never Thought I'd Do!)

            I may touch a bit upon this topic on the blog here and I am sure I will talk about it more during a podcast with Billy himself but in this post I wanna touch on things I never ever darn well thought I'd do in my time with High School and this will kind of an idea what I went through during High School. Here is my list:

1) Lengthy Run from the school to a major road: The road I mentioned is a major road within probably 2 km from the school as we were forced to actually run there and back and yes a classmate cheated and got caught, hahaha! Still very memorable and the one I told to shush in another class. Point is the run was tough but yet I got through it.

2) Lifting 150 Pounds: I never thought I'd ever lift 150 pounds with weights yet I had the push and help of my amazing gym teacher, Mr. Plishka whom has passed away almost 2 years ago in May. He pushed me and I did it and I think the most was 155 pounds in total if I remember correctly.

3)  Climbing a Rock Wall: I got the chance to rock climb a wall and again Mr. P gave me that push to doing this and getting out of that comfort zone and I definitely did that during his class. I was gonna be excused with this unit but I did it for him and myself.

4) Climbing the Rope: I once again went out of my comfort zone and climbed the rope and honestly I do not even think Mr. Plishka was even paying attention that I did the rope till I got down and told him I did it which more then likely surprised him and my EA too.

            There is my list of 4 things during gym class that I think I'd never do and it will be moments that I will never forget that I did and I can say this: I am very proud of myself as heights has been an issue for me growing up and these are things I am very, very fortunate I did happen to do and no regrets on any 4 on these list. Anyways have a great weekend I will be speaking to you guys on Tuesday! (Boy this feels odd saying this... LOL!)


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Memories I Will Always Have of My High School Teacher (R.I.P. Mr. Plishka)

          It has been nearly 2 weeks now since my high school teacher has passed away and been avoiding this post for the past week and a half since finding out about him passing away as I needed time and still need time to deal but today's post is closure for me with the pain I have been having with the loss of a great teacher. He was not just a teacher, he was a role model during my high school years from the gym class which I have spoken about here on the blog in the past to the weight training room which I will talk to in another blog on a throwback Thursday story either this week or next week. He wasn't just a teacher and role model but was a mentor to me even after I finished school 4 years later when I decided to go back to school, to college to study media and learn more that could help me in a career which never really happened, nor I have found any work still since my last job that last a month till I quit. Anyways he was a reference or recommendation for school which I am forever grateful for him helping me in that path and was an experience and a half. Also he got me access to the school during March break and he was there to make sure things were running smoothly and due to my camera man bailing out at the last minute that same day, he also filled in as my camera man to ensure I do get the job done. He also co directed but I think he was mostly directing the entire thing which took off a ton of the stress. He was a very big supporter of my YouTube venture and I am sure he would be all for my Reality TV Podcasts both Audio ONLY and now YouTube and happy to see I am doing something I love to do. Also the ride I had not only in his truck that had his #44 on it but also a ride in his hummer to downtown and everytime I was in Courtice I always looked for him. The last time I saw him was at my dentist coming out of the store there and I just came out of the dentist from having my wisdom tooth pulled in November. 

           Finally, I will always remember our hour visits at school where I always brought extra Kielbassa for him and always brought him a coke to drink as that was the kind of student I always was and I guess it was my way of thanking him for everything he has done for me especially in the final year and a half of high school as he ran the BIC Program in good old Room 313 which I will always remember that number or Room 311 which was the room him and I always were visiting which was one of the Geography rooms on the 3rd floor of the school. Finally I will miss his infamous "Are You Done?" or "Are You Done Yet?" catch phrase which he used a lot with me. This isn't goodbye, this is so long for now. I will have the memories that I can look back on  R.I.P. Mr. Plishka.


Friday, April 19, 2019

Found An DVD of My First Talk Show, I Ever Recorded (Flashback Friday)

             I was going through my DVD's back on Sunday and found the original project I did back in January 2006, which is little over 13 years ago when I did the project with Eric. I actually put it in the DVD Rom of my computer and watched it for old time sake. Felt so nostalgic looking back in the past especially that far back it was nice to look back and remember the good old days before I got into the world of YouTube.  This never made it to YouTube. nor was meant to go onto YouTube as it was a project for high school at the time. This is Pre-YouTube like I said, however less then a month later after the class saw it that is when I decided to continue on to make videos and did so all the way up to January 2008 when Durham Entertainment Today which was under another name at one point but I won't as I would be revealing where I actually live. After one episode changed my life forever because then I ended up becoming an YouTube which is all history later on. Now this episode, I never spoke about ever. Never when I was on YouTube nor on this blog but the secret is out there is a series that never went onto YouTube. I think I did post the 2nd episode but took it down pretty quick. 

                 This first episode pretty much pivot-able for us and the camera work was very, very sloppy but moi. Yes I was the idiot behind the camera so I can take the entire blame but don't forget, I didn't know a dang thing about recording a video or filming but we learned on the fly over the many years I was active creating video content  before YouTube and during but it took time to get a steady hand and plus it was the first episode so we had no clue what we were doing. However in the end the class enjoyed the 22 minute episode and that is the reason why I continued doing what I was doing for many years up to June of 2016 when that decision as you guys know that I made. In the end it is nice surprise to actually dig it out and I think I still have the O'Neill special still somewhere so maybe that will be the next thing to pull out but I would have to clear out my shelves as it probably is in a very skinny clear case so it is there I'm sure.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

In The Weight Room in High School Gym (Throwback Thursday Story)

               I promised this story last week and your going to get another great high school story and I promise you, not every week will be school related, however today's post is sort of intertwined with last week's post as I mentioned the weight room last week so that brings us to today's another amazing post.

               When I was in High School, which feels like Eon's ago since it happened now, I always had a weight room unit for a week and I did something that I never would think, that I would ever do in my entire life and that is lift over 150 pounds, to be exact I lifted 155 pounds. My teacher Mr Plishka which I even went to see him after high school was finished for me. Anyways, I kept telling him during the weight room unit that I couldn't do anymore and I was over 100 pounds lifting, but he took no for an answer, he pushed me to my limit and I do not mind at all actually, because I am truly proud I got to lift 155 pounds on the bench press. I know it wasn't easy but I managed to lift that large amount of weight and he knew what he was doing.

                Finally I wanna thank my friend Billy for the ideas about stories about O'Neill, I think I figured out about 3 of them, but I realize there is one more extra gym story, not with Plishka's class but actually with my Grade 11 class and that is a pretty funny story and dumb moment when someone no names mentioned tries to cheat the run, but expect that out in 2 weeks from now when I talk about it.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

High School Gym Class Throwback Thursday Story!

           High School, feels like a very long time since the days of High School. Honestly I miss school but I am now in my adult life trying to do something with my life which recently it sure as heck hasn't been an easy life that I have had but I am trying. So today's throwback story is me talking about my days in Grade 10 Gym class and yes Mr Plishka's class. A lot of memories with that class and I have a few throwback stories to tell. This one in particular is about the time I was split up into a specific team which always won when I was on the team. 

         So every now and then in Plishka's class we would split up the class into groups of 4 or 5 of us into teams and we would play the sport that is scheduled in our current unit we are doing at the time. However everytime I was with Billy, Nigel, Joel, and maybe one other classmate too. But whenever have this particular team put together we seem to always do extremely well where we end up winning the entire time which I felt like it was always rigged but it is what it is, he is the one that put the teams together, so he's the one to blame rigging the team I was on LOL! Just kidding.  Also one of the times I actually ended up getting a shutout on one of the indoor soccer tourneys we had during the class so it proves I can be a competitive person in sports.

            Anyways regardless it was a fun class to be in, Mr. Plishka made it a fun class to be in and also he also got me to push past my limits in Gym Class, which is another throwback Thursday for next week but let me know in the comments below if you would like to hear that story in next week's blog post and I will sure be willing to tell that story next week right here on my blog.

Have a great night!

Chris "The Media Man"

Thursday, April 26, 2018

High School Traveling To Classes (Throwback Thursday Story)

         I don't think I ever talked about this in the blog but this is once again another THROWBACK Thursday Story for you guys! This one is a cool one and it is in two parts, the first paragraph will contain the travel music, the second part the other music they played during travel to classes at the start of the day and after Lunch. 

         So just after the warning bell, just before the period starts they played the William Tell Overture which was created by Giachino Rossini which is very easy to YouTube the tune but in case click this Link To William Tell Overture if you don't know what the tune is like but trust me it is the theme to the old TV Show and they also did a movie while back,  "The Lone Ranger" which is that is where the history of the song came from. So yes they played it just before first period and right after Lunch just as we were traveling to 3rd period class so it made traveling to class a lot more fun I guess you would say. Did I not like hearing the song from time to time, yes, just because towards the end of the year before summer came around I was just fed up of hearing it but it is a good way to make sure the slackers as Mr Strickland from Back To The Future would say, get to class and I knew a few students who liked to skip classes, especially from my BIC Class (Behavioral Intervention Class) and my Homeroom as well who were skippers.... SMH! I was actually the first person from that class to graduate out of BIC, so I had the great honor of being the first person to graduate from the BIC Program there at O'Neill C.V.I. 

            Now latter half of O'Neill they did this fundraiser if we fill up this big water jug which is used for the water coolers they will stop playing MmmBop by Hanson. I pretty much brought in every single penny (which still existed back then, as we do not use the penny here in Canada anymore), nickel, dime, quarter into the office so they can just stop playing the stinkin song. I was sick of it, the students got sick and tired, I think there was enough complaints they stopped playing the song all together which mind you it was a relief to hear that they stopped it. 

             It was definitely interesting way to  travel from and to class and I got plenty of High School and College throwback stories to tell and please let me know in the comments below what other throwback stories you would like to hear, whether it is High School, Elementary School or even College, I will be more then happy to tell it. I am very much an open book to my days in School and I got a few other ideas in mind as I was searching through old posts on my blog so I got a clear idea what other posts I could do in the nearby future. 

Chris "The Media Man"

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Favorite Moment's In High School?

             This was requested by my high school friend, Darius. Today's blog post I am going to talk about favorite memories at my High School, my most memorable moment's at High School. 

1) Going over the mountain of mats in Mr Plishka's class. I got no clue, even to this day, why my own gym teacher would make us do this activity, maybe to split us up, even though half the time the team I was on, I felt like it was stacked hence we KEPT on winning every time, I know I shouldn't complain it was fun to win.

2) Going back to Grade 10 gym class bench pressing 150 lbs, maybe 155 lbs and Mr. Plishka pushing me to my limits which I didn't mind him pushing me to the max. Trust me I was quite strong after that. Maybe it's time I start lifting weight and buffing myself up again like I was in high school.

3) Wrestling a former football player, aka my grade 10 teacher... Trust me I thought I was going to take my gym teacher down, but uh I was down pretty damn fast and trust me my teacher, he is one tough cookie to take on. 

4) Playing against the teachers in a teachers vs. students game in Grade 10, once again I believe where I signed up to play against the teachers and they asked me to compete against them. The game was close but us the students kick the teacher's butts! 😛

5) Performing on stage with the hot stage lights. Well I wanted to know what performing on stage with hot stage lights is like and trust me its hard and it's hot! I wore, or had to wear a hoodie for the performance and it was so hot alone under the lights, it was hard to focus on the performance but I managed it no problem. 

6) Writing a play for the drama club: I wrote a play for the drama club and it was accepted into the competition but the cast dropped out after a few rehearsals and boy fireworks went off, I went off at one of the cast members as I was extremely upset when I saw the notice on the door the play was cancelled. 

7) Co-op placement: Second placement after I was fired from the library as they just didnt like me and they were pretty miserable and didn't wanna answer a question but I got to work along with the custodians and got to see parts of the school I never seen before like the boiler room when I had to clean brushes for the classes which chalk boards, I'm sure to this day is pretty much obsolete but got to see the boiler room. Also learning to getting the damp mop ready, cleaning tables, etc. Also I was asked back after my co-op was finished in my final week or so of classes which means they loved having me help them! Also the year I had my surgery, 2003, grade 11 if I am correct, I got to do a take a student to work and since my dad was retired and wasn't allowed to do take a student to work, the custodians took me back on for the entire day from 6 am till 3 pm an entire 8 HOUR Shift!

8) Final thing on my list is the Special Olympics Track and Field from half way through high school or 2 thirds of the way through my high school career and I remember doing a trial run so they know which group to put me in and riding back in my teachers truck, before Plishka got his hummer but I have another story for another day about it!

                      Hope you enjoyed this list and I love doing these list blogs for you guys from to time. Have a great day!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Autism Story...

             First of all a few people has inspired me to write this and I have talked about it on YouTube which that video is no longer on that platform as I've deleted the channel almost a year ago. You guys probably can tell via Twitter, I sometimes am moody on Social Media quite often but for those who didn't know and I do not talk about it much online anymore as people have given me grief over it but I shouldn't been afraid to tell people and usually I get bitched at, saying I am making things up when I am not. I've had autism since 8 or 9 years of age which was like back in Grade 3 or 4 when my teachers noticed something off that wasn't normal to what they usually seen during class. So after I left my Catholic Elementary School I went into the Public School system from 1998 right till 2001. When I entered my 2nd elementary school, I was tested and I was diagnosed with Persuasive Development Disorder, also known as P.D.D. I finished Elementary School went into High School near home, which the school is now closed many years later after I finished High School. I got such a stupid suspension there and my parents pushed to get it lifted & they did. After Donovan High School, I went back to Duffin's Bay P.S. for the remainder of the year. They up'd my progress putting me into 2 different integration classes with the Grade 8's and met really nice friends, still connected with 2 of them to this day which is really amazing.  I even joined the Musical called the Highlight Zone and I really put myself out of my comfort Zone, I was very nervous at the first 2 performances for the school 

             After my Grade 8 graduation, yes I actually got a Grade 8 Graduation this time around compare the first time I left Duffin's Bay I was off to O'Neill and the rest the history, made tons of friends and connecting to a whole pile of them, still connected to my EA, and even Kellie who seemed to follow me from Duffin's! Just kidding! Was such a small world her and I ended up in High School and I almost had her as my first ever Girlfriend, too bad I didn't give her a chance. I met the most amazing teacher, Mr. Plishka, yes he was a pain in my ass but he got the best out of me and had such an amazing time with him in both Grade 10 Gym, Canadian History & Civics class and he also was my Homeroom Teacher. I still got so many memories of High School and my friends were ever so understanding with me having a disability. Also I got reward after reward and even a metal for having high marks for the semester and I still got the medal upstairs in my room to this day. After High School, I started The Video Projects Team up and obviously the rest is history which you can find on 

            So moving into 2010 I went into the Community Integration Throughout Cooperative Education for 2 years and studied Pre-Media with some General Studies like Creative Writing, Communication 1. But Media was my primary focus and I learned so much over the 2 years met so many friends in the CICE program. From there I continued on with my group till the end of it, then you guys know the remainder of the story. I have had a lot of hard times dealing with friendships ending, people turning their back on me but not only that putting me down, I got right back up on my feet and continued to strive myself on a daily basis. I had my very first job at a Book Store that lasted 4 weeks but was one of my most major challenges having a disability and even now I still have my challenges but manage through them one thing at a time.

Have a great Wednesday!