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Friday, April 19, 2019

Found An DVD of My First Talk Show, I Ever Recorded (Flashback Friday)

             I was going through my DVD's back on Sunday and found the original project I did back in January 2006, which is little over 13 years ago when I did the project with Eric. I actually put it in the DVD Rom of my computer and watched it for old time sake. Felt so nostalgic looking back in the past especially that far back it was nice to look back and remember the good old days before I got into the world of YouTube.  This never made it to YouTube. nor was meant to go onto YouTube as it was a project for high school at the time. This is Pre-YouTube like I said, however less then a month later after the class saw it that is when I decided to continue on to make videos and did so all the way up to January 2008 when Durham Entertainment Today which was under another name at one point but I won't as I would be revealing where I actually live. After one episode changed my life forever because then I ended up becoming an YouTube which is all history later on. Now this episode, I never spoke about ever. Never when I was on YouTube nor on this blog but the secret is out there is a series that never went onto YouTube. I think I did post the 2nd episode but took it down pretty quick. 

                 This first episode pretty much pivot-able for us and the camera work was very, very sloppy but moi. Yes I was the idiot behind the camera so I can take the entire blame but don't forget, I didn't know a dang thing about recording a video or filming but we learned on the fly over the many years I was active creating video content  before YouTube and during but it took time to get a steady hand and plus it was the first episode so we had no clue what we were doing. However in the end the class enjoyed the 22 minute episode and that is the reason why I continued doing what I was doing for many years up to June of 2016 when that decision as you guys know that I made. In the end it is nice surprise to actually dig it out and I think I still have the O'Neill special still somewhere so maybe that will be the next thing to pull out but I would have to clear out my shelves as it probably is in a very skinny clear case so it is there I'm sure.