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Thursday, May 23, 2019

First Video Ever On YouTube... (Thrownback Thursday)

           I had some other ideas in mind for today's throwback Thursday story but since it is kind of fitting that now I am back with the YouTube platform that I tell this story about when I posted up my first ever video which is still up on the platform under a channel that I cannot no longer access so it's stuck there as a dead channel as it has been dormant for so many years now but old videos can still be seen on TheDirector015 account. So my first ever video I posted was the first Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show which also it would of marked 11 years on the air if I was to continue it for some odd reason which I do not think it would of even made it that far honestly but with the team I had we were on a good rhythm going.  Anyways back to the story, the first videos that actually did stay up were The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 1st, 2nd and 3rd episode of it's very first season and originally there were limitations back in the day 10 minutes or less. However originally going back to 2008 when I first started, before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started months before I actually posted up another series which I am going to keep nameless as it wasn't the best series for me at the start but was totally a learning curve for sure. I posted up on the channel the 2nd episode which is now lost along with the other 15 episodes of the 16 episodes that I had and 3 episodes from the 2nd season which was short lived. 

             In the end the original series was removed off the platform and channel to make room for The Entertainment Man Talk Show which ran 6 long seasons before being cancelled and me moving into the world of Podcasting. The Channel ran up to the end of the 4th season when a second channel under a different email was created however in the end it was both DET and TEMTS that were in the first video or so added to the channel. The other old series I do not think the original episode never lasted very long honestly as things were not well in team wise. The early years were quite a struggle so that is kind of the reason behind why that 2nd episode of the original episode disappeared. However in the end I sure as heck made up for lost time with the amount of videos and it was quite an adventure creating a series and I am so happy to be back in a different scenario and I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday Story.


Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Origin of Gamers Talk Show (Throwback Thursday)

             Obviously I am right now on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry enjoying myself while you guys are reading today's post and I will talk about the entire trip tomorrow mornings post but today I want to talk about is the origin of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which was briefly mentioned but will not be mentioned much for a while at least until I am ready to start recording them down the road monthly. Anyways way back before I started podcasting which was Pre Chris B On The Web, which was before this website existed before the CBOTW Era began November 14th, 2014. I was still under the old Video Projects Team name whatever numerous names I gave it honestly. However as most of you who have followed me from even the original team I had, well we use to broadcast on BlogTV, Stickam and so on and we had a gaming talk show. This gaming talk show which is now could be a CBOTW Gamers Podcast didn't last long as the host didn't wanna follow the format of the show which was talk not play freaking videos about gaming. This is a talk show not play videos, so obviously they were removed off the timetable and life went on.

              So I had a second chance to resurrect the gaming talk into an legitimate podcast but that never took flight same co host wasn't cooperating with me so I ended up shelving the podcast which now brings to this current day. Now if I can get my Twitch channel back I will be doing em live for the first time in months I will be streaming again and yes the occasional gaming stream. However, that is the story how this podcast became to be what it is to this very day. It started small and now it's permanently on the shelf as of right now since Twitch doesn't want to reactivate my account so I have decided to permanently cancel any plans to bring this podcast back and focus on Everything About Reality TV and the Power Rangers but I had to mention where CBOTW Gamers Podcast started. It isn't much of a story but there is a back story how it all began. There are plans for it and like I said yesterday, there isn't a start date yet but hopefully soon I can get the ball rolling on this project, get guests on and so on. Hope you enjoyed today's throwback story on how this podcast was founded and I will talk to you guys tomorrow on a special post about my trip today up North.


Friday, April 19, 2019

Found An DVD of My First Talk Show, I Ever Recorded (Flashback Friday)

             I was going through my DVD's back on Sunday and found the original project I did back in January 2006, which is little over 13 years ago when I did the project with Eric. I actually put it in the DVD Rom of my computer and watched it for old time sake. Felt so nostalgic looking back in the past especially that far back it was nice to look back and remember the good old days before I got into the world of YouTube.  This never made it to YouTube. nor was meant to go onto YouTube as it was a project for high school at the time. This is Pre-YouTube like I said, however less then a month later after the class saw it that is when I decided to continue on to make videos and did so all the way up to January 2008 when Durham Entertainment Today which was under another name at one point but I won't as I would be revealing where I actually live. After one episode changed my life forever because then I ended up becoming an YouTube which is all history later on. Now this episode, I never spoke about ever. Never when I was on YouTube nor on this blog but the secret is out there is a series that never went onto YouTube. I think I did post the 2nd episode but took it down pretty quick. 

                 This first episode pretty much pivot-able for us and the camera work was very, very sloppy but moi. Yes I was the idiot behind the camera so I can take the entire blame but don't forget, I didn't know a dang thing about recording a video or filming but we learned on the fly over the many years I was active creating video content  before YouTube and during but it took time to get a steady hand and plus it was the first episode so we had no clue what we were doing. However in the end the class enjoyed the 22 minute episode and that is the reason why I continued doing what I was doing for many years up to June of 2016 when that decision as you guys know that I made. In the end it is nice surprise to actually dig it out and I think I still have the O'Neill special still somewhere so maybe that will be the next thing to pull out but I would have to clear out my shelves as it probably is in a very skinny clear case so it is there I'm sure.