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Thursday, September 16, 2021

I Played On A Soccer Team When I Was In Elementary School (Throwback Thursday Story)

                  Way, way, way back when I was still in elementary school, I do not remember what grade I was in technically but I played on a school team. Now mind you the school I was a part of the soccer team on does not exist anymore and is 2 of the elementary schools that do not exist and 2 out of the 3 that had the original name as one other school nearby home change their name. Anyways, I had 0 clue how soccer works and I still have no idea the rules of the sport as it's not too common here minus our MLS League, Toronto FC, Montreal team and some teams down in the state but I mean it is popular in the UK and in Europe. So I mean I had a little bit of an idea with the sport. I remember very little about the team and I remember the tourney north of us called Port Perry which yes I have filmed 2 series up there for on location in the past but this was on the outskirts of the town. I do not think we did too well at the tournament, it was quite a hard tournament and I do not remember if we placed in the top 3 or not but I don't think we did but again this is a very long time ago. 

                But hey it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I never really played on a team team again since then. I have played freely at the Lake with my camp and also friends and kicking the ball around and I still got a soccer ball but since then it has deflated itself and we would have to reflate it but my niece and nephew could have the ball or we could of gotten rid of the ball since but still would be nice to kick the ball around still despite my knee issues. I know the sport requires a ton of running and a lot of exercise is involved with the sport, but all worth it. Once last neat thing I do remember is the team name was the Griffin's and how I remember this to this day is beyond me as I remember. Anyways that is today's update and I will talk to you all tomorrow morning with an weight loss update how I have started my journey back down to 222 pounds. 


Thursday, August 26, 2021

I Won A Writing Award In Elementary School! (Throwback Thursday)

              Way back I am talking 20 years ago, I wrote stories. It was the photocopier that had it's own life stories and unfortunately they were destroyed by an individual and I never had a chance to re-create that story whatsoever, however I do remember it was a trilogy of 3 of them that I did. If I remember the 3rd one which I do not remember the name of the 3rd book but I remember the fact it was a short story not like a huge book. I really wished I had back-ups of the books on the computer. Anyways I got an award I believe it was for my second story or my 3rd but all I know is I got a trophy and it is on my top shelf and hasn't been brought down in many years but I truly deserved that award I put a lot of effort into all the stories. I might get into re do the stories and maybe I need to put more oomph into it, meaning bigger and better storyline in the short stories so it is definitely a possibility and I plan on doing some writing when I get some free time and that is coming up with me closing in to the finish line of notes for at least 3 of the collabs.

                I just wish I knew the title of the final book but that is gone and I do not remember whatsoever what it is so this might be the opportunity for me to actually come up with a catchy title. Anyways that trophy means the world to me and I never ever wanna let it go. It is a very treasured memento to me and I think it will be something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Actually it was 20 years ago 2 months ago to when I actually won this trophy. I cannot believe it has been that long since I actually won this and there was a photo taken of me with it but it was lost and not sure if the teacher who took it is still there which I can contact her to get it sent to me here and I believe she could of now retired from teaching so it is a disappointment but I can always take one now of me now with it and maybe it is just time for me to take a picture of me with it 20 years later. Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow on the last post of the week. 


Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Night Siri Wasn't Herself (Throwback Thursday)

                 For those who don't know, Siri is a Virtual Assistant on your IPhone. She can be quite funny or annoying as I have had my moments getting mad at her yet she's an AI voice technically. Anyways she has a habit of telling me I am next door at either of my neighbors... LOL which I call her out on every time she tells me a lie. Well, I swear she was drunk... She was giving me locations from down the hill to the street behind me to little ways away from here and she just was acting nuts and I dunno what was going on but she was lost and yet I was sitting down in my studio working on editing podcasts for you guys so you would have content for the next few weeks as you know I need to work on Dino Thunder. Anyways, I tried her the next morning and she was giving me either my exact location or next door from me and it was like she was drinking the night behind. However I was literally in tears and almost on the floor laughing so hard I had to share with my mom what she was doing to me.... 

              I know I ask the most ridiculous questions to her at times but she sometimes gives me some interesting answers to my questions. She can definitely keep you entertained and yes you can even look up what you can and cannot say to her as you have to watch what you say cause she accidently cranked called my friend Terry by accident.... Yet I never even said his name whatsoever. She is very sensitive at times but fun to ask questions like even what time it is in certain countries which is cool. So I had to tell you guys this little story and I wish I told you guys this story sooner honestly but it happened just a week ago but least it is fresh and this gives you guys content. Next week I want to tell you guys about the day I renewed an old web series for more episodes for an entire 1st season and where I was at the time of it happening. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

First Series We Ever Recorded As The Video Projects Team! (Throwback Thursday Story)

          This goes back to 14.5 years ago when I was at the age of 20. This was when I was starting out on the Online Media world soon as I got out of High School, I got right into it all. Anyways the project was about different attractions within our region and was our very first project that we actually did. This all stemmed and started as a class project for my media class in high school. This is how this all began and started in 2005. We filmed the entire episode in a day and I believe I actually got my dad to drive us on the final stretch as we were running out of time and I think Eric was driven back cause of the timing as by the time we finished it was quite late in the day like 4 pm in the afternoon. Now we originally had an original plan for a small Reality TV series but since the teams backed out on us we had to come up with a new plan and a plan fast as I believe we were days away possibly 2 days from shooting the episode for the school project so we had to call Juliana at the Gallery to let her know of the change that was happening. I know we gave her a 2 day or 1 day notice but it was so sudden.  

            The series completed a 16 episode run as we continued on past the 1 episode on February 13th, 2006 when we decided to continue the series on with different locations out and about and there was no in studio recording. Our Season 1 Finale actually consisted of us doing a clip show outside with a TV in the carport which was little insane but that's OK. The series went on for a 2nd Season but it only lasted 3 episodes before it got cancelled entirely as we had some disagreements or creative differences with one another. However it was only our first series and I wish I kept all the episodes to eventually post up on YouTube as at that time we did not even started till January 31st, 2008. This series actually ended on January 10th, 2008, 21 days before we began our YouTube journey. 


Thursday, May 28, 2020

5 Years Ago Yesterday, Larry and I Had Our First Big Brother Canada Finale! (Throwback Thursday Story)

                  5 years ago today, Larry and I started this annual Big Brother Canada Finales and I believe we started in the early years, Season 3 which is like 5 years ago. Mind you when we started doing those, Everything About Reality TV was in preliminary stages and under a complete different name and what not! Everything About Reality TV was 4 months later when it existed so we weren't doing Finale Recaps till Season 4 the following year when we were still on YouTube. So we had no pressure whatsoever especially after. Non of that was in existence yet! So we got to sit back and relax and enjoy the finale. Now 2016 and on that was when he came over for them then that was a lot of fun recaps and honestly we can admit not just the finale itself we enjoyed but the Finale chat podcasts that we did which is a tradition now each and every year minus this year as there was no finale due to essential services were only and Big Brother Canada was forced to end production so this was the first time in 5 years we did not get together but this would of been our 5th year but either way we're still considering this our 5th year even without a Finale. 

                 I remember one Finale we got ourselves Ketchup Doritos which I haven't really seen around the store or we made popcorn at the house. I remember one year he was snoring so damn loud I smacked him with my pillow LOL! Oh the memories honestly! I know he missed coming over for it this year but hopefully next year we can make this happen again and get back to it. I know you guys missed him on a podcast this year but he is going to be on a Podcast sooner then you know it! Few weeks time you will be hearing his voice whether we will be live or just recorded but we are making it up to you guys for this year. Don't worry I'm sure there will be more Finales and I am sure the show will be returning in 2021 as I've read up they are planning a 9th season. It was just unfortunate this happened this year but it is what it is and production made the right choice.

- Chris

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Moving Back To The Corner for My Studio (Throwback Thursday Story)

                So it has been a little over a week, about a week and a half now that I have been back in my space in the corner which mind you its been weird feeling for the past week in the space being surrounded by the 2 boom arms and mics again and just an different setup overall I am just not use to it honestly. It does have that cosey feel to  it and love it. Since moving back, I have been tweaking the mics and setting things up. I actually twist tied the mic wired together, so I do not have all this wired slack behind the desk. Actually it was Tuesday when I moved everything back, I had to get the desk down first as that was the first priority was the rug which is 6 x 8 or 6 x 10 but its pretty good size really and it covers up the side desk along with the drawers too so it covers up a good size. Then we put in the size desk to the side then followed by the main desk which had to be lifted over the rug then setup my new drawers and go through all my stuff and put it in there, paper, Christmas lights, microphone stuff, etc. Finally I put up the 2 stackables that is taped so it wouldn't move.

              That is besides the point really and this throwback Thursday story has really derailed itself. Either way I am really enjoying being in the studio and now I can enjoy the studio and utilize it since it has been done in my area and actually sit down and record podcasts with my team or even alumni for example and this weekend, I will be sitting down with Larry to record a podcast for The CBOTW Show as we are very much overdue to record a Power Rangers Podcast. Honestly I have said it once and I will say again it is long coming for us to start recording and it has been a long wait, 8 months to be exact and it is about time that we get back to normal around here. However with the setup complete minus the ceiling and shelves, but I can still record and what not one way or another. So next week I will have an announcement when the next one is out and released to the feeds.


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Was Involved In A Small Bus Accident This Week (Throwback Thursday)

              I know this isn't truly a throwback Thursday Story as it just happened but it is in the past but just happened and I know this makes no sense but I want to talk about this as it was a ridiculous situation. Anyways I did make it public I was in a minor bus accident on my travels in the city while on the bus. Now mind you I am fine, we were all fine from the little accident. It was a minor bump on the backside of the bus. What the kicker to all of this is the driver in the truck ran on the bus driver and left the scene of the accident which honestly is stupid to flee an accident scene. We knew the color of the truck that's all as we did  not get a license plate number nothing so that person got off scott free which is entirely dumb and I am sure the transit service wasn't happy the truck ran. Honestly yes it is a hit and run and they are stupid enough to do such a thing and lucky they aren't gonna get charged with a hit and run as there is no real evidence who the driver is. Anyways we're all fine and I took at the bus and hardly saw the bump but it was a minor bump nothing that the bus cannot finish it's run on the route. The kicker behind all of this it was at a stop by a Tim Horton's which is one of the busiest Timmie's in town honestly...

             I think this was the second incident that has happened when I have been on the bus and hope this is the last time. The first time I think we hit a sign on the backside of the bus. However I consider myself and the other passengers are safe and nobody has been hurt in any of the incidents that has happened in the past. Either way it's an experience that I really do not want to have. So that is my sort of more recent Throwback Thursday Story which really happened 2 days ago and I ensure you I am fine and I was a little shooken up for a while but shook it off. Anyways tomorrow's post I have a very special announcement coming out for you guys and I can say it is an announcement that you guys have been waiting for almost 8 months now and I can say while I typing this I got a smile on my face as I have been waiting to make this announcement for a very long time now. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow.


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Memories of Riding The Older Buses Back In The Day (Throwback Thursday Story)

              Back in the day when I was growing up, we never had the handicapped buses as they were all stairs we had to climb up and I am talking old, old buses. Now what buses am I really talking about?

  • The old General Motors Fish Bowl buses as they always called them back then and always warm when I was on them and comfortable as well as the seats where padded. I also the Air conditioned ones they had later on before they were all pulled out of service and retired.
  • The MCI Classics- Really warm all the time which is always nice and I remember these really well back in the day. 
  • Flyers- Not the ones that we have to this day, the ones that had the rounded windows I remember very, very well. 
  • The next one is of course the Orion buses and I remember em from the old orions 117, 121, 122 & 123. Also from 129 - 145 in the numbers as the transit here had a ton of them. I also remember these from when I was still in my college years when I was in school for pre-media.

              There is a ton of memories from the buses I rode the buses and those are the buses I remember. I totally remember going home on the buses quite often with my dad from when I was in elementary school and remembering the old fish bowls and what not. Also as I said I took some of the older Orion buses when I was in college and I remember correctly that the 8141 one of the final Orion buses remaining in the system at the time and the last time I was on one was the 8141 bus and there is proof and when I say proof there is a video on YouTube of me on the bus so there is actual proof of it too. I will never forget which bus it was either and I remember it very vividly too. 


Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Day I Shaved A Line In My Head (Throwback Thursday Story)

             This is kind of a silly and stupidest thing I really ever have done eve in my life. So what did I do exactly? Well I decided to shave a big line on my head making me look utterly ridiculous.  Why did I do this honestly? I know and realize now it was probably the stupidest thing I could of done to myself.  Anyways I kind of was inpatient with my mom and started to throw threats I was going to shave my head bald, etc etc. I was definitely in one of my moods that day and I wasn't having it that day and I was really not in the greatest mood that day and I do not know why, but maybe I was just stressed out at the time? That could of been the problem but who knows! I think it had to do with the way I wanted my hair done as I like it to be done. Anyways it is what it is and my mom knows this it is my hair and how I want it done. So I plugged in the razor and just took it to the middle of my head so I had a bald line. Yes it was right down to the scalp of my head. I had to wear hat non stop for weeks and I was embarrassed on what I did to myself and nobody knew but once the month was up I did eventually post up a picture but I think since then I have deleted that image as I couldn't find it whatsoever. 

                To be honest, I love my mom and she's been a big supporter of my endeavors along with my dad, we were just having one of our moments having a disagreement on something which all family does from time to time honestly. My family means the most to me is a big priority. Now would of happened if I did shave everything off go bald? My friends would of definitely be wondering what in the world I would be done to myself honestly. It was definitely stupidity  when I did this and I wish I never did this to myself to be honestly and in the end I regret doing this to myself honestly as it was dumb thing to do honestly and I have a lot of regrets doing that to myself now and it is what it is now and I am going to learn from this and not do something that crazy and dumb. I know we all do something we shouldn't have and regret doing it like I did. I have done stupid things in my life that I totally regret some of it as some of it wasn't fault.... cough cough falling down that hill and breaking my wrist I Elementary School which I have told you guys the story. But other things was cause of my stupidity, falling on the stairs or on the ground or wiping out or punching the beam of the wall breaking my hand, all my entire fault.... LOL. However shaving a line in my head that was entirely my own fault and I should of not done that and not gone to that extreme.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Year I Was In A Musical (Throwback Thursday Story)

               This is way back in the day this is my final years of elementary school I got the honor and privilege to be in a school musical called "The Highlight Zone" which the description of the music is or your consideration, Jess, who is to begin his/her first day at a new school, is especially apprehensive about taking Music Appreciation class. His/her fears about the unknown lead this unsuspecting student into "THE HIGHLIGHT ZONE!" It was a fun play to be on but was very stressful when it came to the rehearsals and staying after school to practice the music an the lyrics to the song and boy our teacher, she was tough on us but that is a good thing especially if we want to have a really good performances that were on May 31st an June 1st of 2001. Yes I remember the performances date to be exact and I remember that Tuesday, I had a school performance before the ones for the families and friends of all the students in the school. I also had to during the school performances for all the classes I had to do one extra line to fill in for someone and boy I was nervous but two of the girls ensured that I would be fine and I was they even said quietly during the performances and I remember them very well too. I remember the dress rehearsal that was a very dramatic and also hectic Saturday as well.

                 In the end it was a great show both the 2 shows we put on for the classes on that Tuesday and also the two performances we put on for the parents and families. I wasn't the greatest singer back then but you can hardly tell with my very coarse voice but I enjoyed it. I think with me in a musical, it really got me into being an entertainer to this very day so this dates back to 2001, 18 years ago before YouTube was an actual thing, before even live video streaming platforms existed but I am now sure a performer, even to this day I enjoy being an entertainer and it sure fits my personality as I am always cracking up stupid jokes at people or about myself, especially when it comes to my mishap behind the microphone from time to time. I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday story as I always enjoy talking about experiences I had in the past, including when it comes to when I was in school, elementary school to be exact. I will see you guys on tomorrow's blog which I will be talking about my vision for the studio's future look when the reno is done.


Thursday, September 5, 2019

How Did The Video Projects Team Survive YouTube? (Throwback Thursday Story)

            I never spoke about this on the blog before and yes I know back in the day I use to curse like a sailor on video and that was on purpose. I think the more cursing on a video which now in this day of age for YouTube, you can not curse as you will end up being demonetized which is the truth honestly. It has changed quite a lot since I left the platform now 3 years later and I think the more cursing we did the views definitely went up and I think the highest number was at 350 views which YouTube cut down to 150 but still a good number honestly even to this day it is a good number. I wasn't the only one that was letting a word that shouldn't be on there but honestly I think in the second season I started to not care what is said as long it wasn't a very inappropriate comment then I would of had to step in if something like that has happened but it didn't. Most part my team were well behaved and another reason we survived was because we knew how to have fun on set. Yes my team takes their jobs seriously but why not have fun in the process and that is how we lasted 8.5 years on YouTube till I decided after team members leaving on me begun and Larry, Justin and I moved on with Chris B On The Web that you now see to this very day for the last 4 years soon to be our 5th Year of operation. 

                Don't get me wrong everyday I think about TVPT (The Video Projects Team) and the memories we made on the platform but those days are now over for me and now all I have no is the memories which will last a life time but I honestly surprised we lasted 8.5 uber long years on the platform and I thought it would of been a few years then we would of been done and moving on but 8.5 years later that was the point when I thought, yep it is time to move and to bigger and better things. I already started to save all the old videos and I want to put them on a hard drive to keep forever this way the memories can be kept over the years. The future of that channel I am going to try get it shutdown once and for all but planning to make copies of series onto a DVD down the road this way there will be definitely a copy of it down the road as well for family and other friends. There was a ton of drama behind the scenes when we were a group back in the day but I was and still am a no nonsense person but despite all the drama that we had off camera, we still pretty much got through it some way some how even if I had to fire someone I would of. Anyways that is today's post and I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and I will see you on tomorrow's post and I promise it will be at 11 am EST, I want to get back on a consistent schedule for posts again after a crazy summer of falling behind schedule.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Day I Broke My Wrist (Throwback Thursday Story)

              Yes! Throwback Thursdays are back again. I feel bad that I have not done one in maybe over a month now but I have an interesting Throwback Thursday for you today and this stems all the way back when I was still in elementry school for goodness sake. I think I am talking about when I was around 10 or 11 years of age, could of been 12 but I remember it was in Grade 6 and a school that has since then been torn down and rebuilt and renamed to another name but a new school on the exact same lot. Anyways this was in January and I remember it very vividly it was in the afternoon before going home for the day and we were all outside playing in the snow and I accidentally slipped and fell down the hill breaking my left wrist. At the time it was sore and we iced it when I got home. However it wasn't getting any better so my mom took me to the clinic and we had it x ray done to see if it was indeed broken and it was. So I was put in a cast and I can remember then putting it on me too. I was in a cast for 6 full weeks so the wrist would heal properly. I remember coming back into school and all my friends signed it including my teacher too. It was a freak accident and I didn't break anything else till 2013 or 2014 when I accidentally hit my hand against the beam of the wall fracturing my hand but least it wasn't a full break this time around.

                 Now do I remember when my original family doctor took off the cast? Yes I do, actually I remember the smell of the plaster and wasn't a pleasant smell to be honestly. Also seeing my hand with it being covered and I am trying to not be gory or gross on this as I am keeping things PG all the time but that is what happens when your hand is covered with a cast for 6 long weeks. Anyways I truly cannot learn from this because honestly this was a freak accident that happened but I wouldn't wanna do that again honestly as I do not want another busted up bone. However I did break my left again it wouldn't be in the same area actually as we all know, you break a bone in one spot then you will not be able to break it again. I still have bad memories of this day and I honestly do not want to remember this as it wasn't the greatest day of my life when I fell down the hill. I do remember having Kool Aid which I still a thing to this day, something called Koolaid Jammers which is totally different from when I had it. However I remember I had a big cup of it while lying on our flowery old coach that we had back then before the couch we had then. Hope you guys enjoyed this throwback Thursday Story and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's blog post which will be definitely sports related.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

First Video Ever On YouTube... (Thrownback Thursday)

           I had some other ideas in mind for today's throwback Thursday story but since it is kind of fitting that now I am back with the YouTube platform that I tell this story about when I posted up my first ever video which is still up on the platform under a channel that I cannot no longer access so it's stuck there as a dead channel as it has been dormant for so many years now but old videos can still be seen on TheDirector015 account. So my first ever video I posted was the first Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show which also it would of marked 11 years on the air if I was to continue it for some odd reason which I do not think it would of even made it that far honestly but with the team I had we were on a good rhythm going.  Anyways back to the story, the first videos that actually did stay up were The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 1st, 2nd and 3rd episode of it's very first season and originally there were limitations back in the day 10 minutes or less. However originally going back to 2008 when I first started, before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started months before I actually posted up another series which I am going to keep nameless as it wasn't the best series for me at the start but was totally a learning curve for sure. I posted up on the channel the 2nd episode which is now lost along with the other 15 episodes of the 16 episodes that I had and 3 episodes from the 2nd season which was short lived. 

             In the end the original series was removed off the platform and channel to make room for The Entertainment Man Talk Show which ran 6 long seasons before being cancelled and me moving into the world of Podcasting. The Channel ran up to the end of the 4th season when a second channel under a different email was created however in the end it was both DET and TEMTS that were in the first video or so added to the channel. The other old series I do not think the original episode never lasted very long honestly as things were not well in team wise. The early years were quite a struggle so that is kind of the reason behind why that 2nd episode of the original episode disappeared. However in the end I sure as heck made up for lost time with the amount of videos and it was quite an adventure creating a series and I am so happy to be back in a different scenario and I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday Story.


Thursday, May 9, 2019

First Ride On The M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry (Throwback Thursday Story)

           So this is very fitting being a week later after going on the Spring Cruise on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun and this was actually inspired while being on the ferry boat that day so that is where today's post came from. Anyways today's throwback story is my very first ride on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry. Now this is going way back like way back in the late 1990's into the 2000s when my dad and I made a trip up there for the very first time. Now back then Tobermory was different compare to now. The Seaview III was still operating and did even several years ago under Blue Heron Cruise Company which I found out by looking at the boat later on. So anyways, the night of us heading onto the boat and across the lake into Lake Huron was different and it was the first time getting up the next morning at 5 am to get down to the docks for 530 am in advance. Anyways those were the days when the Dockside Restaurant was still around. I remember my meal very well even to this day being 10 + years ago now and it was a western sandwich which had eggs, onion and ham in it and honestly I haven't had a western in a very long time. Of course I remember hanging out on the back deck of the boat and always has been our hangout place.

          Honestly I do miss the old days but we did find another restaurant to go to in the morning of the ferry boat even though we had a very bad experience there and waited till we got to Manitoulin Island which made me very, very crabby person all together. I do not know why the Dockside had to go but it is what it is I guess and have to just deal with it I guess and that is what we had to do but it will be a place for me to definitely remember. This feels like forever nearly 20 years of going up there with my dad and I am sure we will be up there again while he can still make the long trips like that as he will be 75 next year but age does not stop you whatsoever and I think either next year or the year after we are planning to do the Fall Cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound but we never know what we are planning but it is not the last of us seeing the town of Tobermory, Ontario.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

How Did The Entertainment Man Talk Show Get It's Name? (Throwback Thursday Story)

            I was talking to some of my staff that use to help me out in the past and it came to me how the heck did my now former series, The Entertainment Man Talk Show got it's name? I know this goes way before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started, actually before I discovered the YouTube platform. My friend Gordie found out I made videos Durham Entertainment Today days, he started to call me "Entertainment Man" and ever since it really stuck with me for years and yes I changed it after a while after YouTube but another story for another day. Probably about a year later after Eric quitting on me out of nowhere yet again, the talk show you guys know and loved for a good 6 oober long years called The Entertainment Man Talk Show. I just added The at the start of "Entertainment Man" and Talk Show at the end of it. Pretty much after calling it this, the rest is history and it ran for 6 long years. Hey! It was my talk show, as I was the producer, director and host of the series.

              So basically the series was named after my nickname that Gordie, aka muffler man gave me so I really have him to thank for for that as if I was never called "Entertainment Man" The Entertainment Man Talk Show probably would of never happened but I do not wanna wish that as it was a good series up to the drama at the very end but I have never told you guys how that series ever got it's name honestly. However, you now know how the show, the series I loved, Larry & Dave love how it got it's name actually. I know it was a long name for a series and was hard to hashtag on social media unless I ended up doing something like #TEMTS on Twitter but that is now long gone now and it has nearly been 3 years since the series got cancelled due to certain reasons. I hope you enjoyed today's little throwback story and it was a neat one to tell you all.


Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Day I Took On The Ender Dragon (Throwback Thursday Story)

            2 years ago after a very long time coming in trying to beat the ender dragon and I did the unthinkable and actually beat it. How did I manage to beat it? I will tell the story how this all went down. So this was after I walked away from Twitch, I finished up the spawner which was already underway when my regulars want to start trouble but I managed to finish up the spawner which I needed the levels in order to get good armor but a good friend @stephan889 on Twitter told me I didn't need too overly strong armor but I still had diamond armor that had high level armor which now can be found in the storage facility in the world which is behind glass now. However I needed to find the portal which was a tough task at hand and yes I used the ender pearls or eyes of the ender. However I decided to go out digging and I came across a cave out of nowhere. I look up to find a library, a random library. So i dug up a stairwell to go up, I took all the books obviously. So I started to look around to finally found the portal. So obviously I traveled back to the house, the manor which is still in existence just had some renovations done to the house. So I went back to start killing the Endermen in the game to get pearls from them in order to get eye of the ender. Also I realized I needed to go to the Nether to get the blaze rods that makes blaze powder so all the baby steps to get to the end. I got the eye of the ender to put in the portal. I believe 14 of them to be exact. I place it in and I went into the game to see what was was I was of the end of the ground as I fell out of the world, so I went back and built a stairwell to go up. 

           When I had the right gear, weapons, tools to beating the ender dragon, I went into the end and I was on my way. I had to hit the towers first obviously. Once I did that I was able to attack the Ender Dragon which took a very long time ducking away from the endermen that were creeping around. I got down to the final seconds and I took a shot at the dragon but it came at me and I either shot an arrow or struck it down with the sword. I can remember hearing the crackling sound from it and the amount of XP I was getting from the destruction of the Ender Dragon. Yes I defeated it first try and I was quite excited and you can imagine the Let's Go's that came out of my mouth. After I made a  monument in the storage facility as I said before with a stand for the gear I wore in the way of armor and almost made a frame for the sword and Bow. Also thanks to Dark, he helped me create that stand and the flag colors of CBOTW. I sometimes go back into the old world and reminisce on the memories I have created but I am now more committed to other games right nowbut I am proud I not only beat the Ender Dragon but Dark and I beat the Wither so we beat everything in Vanilla Minecraft and maybe one day I'll do a modded Minecraft. 


Thursday, January 3, 2019

I Stood Up For Myself At The End of Last Year! (Throwback Thursday Story)

               To be honest, I will not be putting down this store or saying bad things. It was mainly a bad experience not once but twice. It was where I got my laminating and photocopying done and I rather not mention the store as again, I have no hard feelings as I was a regular customer of theirs for many, many years and I was loyal to them for a very long time but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and that is what I did. What do I mean by this? I asked for some laminating to be cut as I ask them nicely to do prior and it wasn't cut which really got me mad. Unfortunately it ended with me not returning to the store and haven't been back since November of last year but went to another store of theirs in Whitby which is quite the trek from here where the studios are. I'm sure they miss my smiling face and with this being a new year I am putting me walking out behind me and I am willing to go back and forgive the mistake. I really like the staff there as they have been nothing but helpful to me over the course of many years I was a loyal customer. Plus it is a very good primary location for me and easy to access. I just do not know what the staff will say when they actually see me as I walked out on them. Kind of wished I didn't say I wouldn't be back. I guess I am not one of the # 1 customers now as I have been away this long. I just do not know if I would be welcomed back after walking out that is my only concern right now.

               But the way I dealt with it, I am proud of myself for not raising my voice and dealing with things appropriately which probably back then I would of not done that and make an idiot of myself but I am glad at the end of trying to deal with things, I decided to walk away before I say something I regret and get myself 1 kicked out or 2 get banned from the store which would really stink. Walking away was the best thing I could do but I am not sure why I am feeling guilty for walking away? I know in the back on my mind I was doing the right thing by walking away but to try the store again I am not sure if I am ready to take that next step. I want to give the store another shot but I am not ready for this next leap, not yet. I am going to listen to my heart to when it's ready and I better decide soon as I have to get flyers done once the .com back up and running on here. Either way I am proud of myself for standing up for myself.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

St Patties Day and Card Playing Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show (Throwback Thursday Story)

            Decided to give you guys another The Entertainment Man Talk Show Throwback story and like I said before, I got plenty of em to give to you guys, such as this one particularly was a neat story and was a running joke in the series from season 2 and on as it made the show much more funnier and the views went up greatly on em too which is great, it was always about what you guys liked in the way of content and making sure it was entertaining as well too!  First part is the St Patties Day episode which was a fun filled episode which i actually cooked up col cannon which is an Irish dish. We actually were picking on someone we know but all in fun at the end of the day and I still yet to give Gordie that Col Cannon recipe to this day, dang it! lol. Also it was so much fun to do and I will never forget this episode ever.This day also was actually on St Patrick's Day, we scheduled the filming on March 17th. 

                The next part is the card game episode where we play and talk about playing two different card games, first UNO which is now a popular game to this very day and of course a very fun game to play as well. I believe it was UNO that we started with, had to remember almost 10 years ago since we shot that episode actually, it's... been a long time since this happened but it will be a memorable episode that's for sure and maybe I can do a post for my all time favorite episodes of this series at a later time and date. Anyways, next on my list is The Skip Bo game which both Eric, Gordie & I played a very short round of Skip Bo and of course I had to say the word s**t on camera which had to be bleeped out but still fun times as McJuggernuggets would always say. That was one of my favorite episodes during the season but to be honest that was one crazy season with 42 episodes between September 2008 - June 2009 but that is what I think. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I miss you guys already as this is pre written and i am now in the US with Family at this time of you reading this post.


Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Lawn Mower Scene on The Entertainment Man Talk Show Real or Fake (Throwback Thursday Story)

               I know this post will make little sense at the start as it is a Throwback Thursday Story but also a scene on the former web series, was it a real when I was cursing at the lawn mower when it didn't start? Well first of all this was towards the end of Season 2 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show the final several episodes before EP # 50. Anyways we rolled the camera officially and of course the stupid Lawn Mower wouldn't start. Technically both Eric and I had the mower running before we had rolled the camera so maybe the fact we didn't prime the engine enough could of had the factor or we left the mower too long without starting it up again, we will never know but yes I was cursing like a sailor and I think it was my fault for making sure the thing starts back up again so that could of been the issue from the get go or the lawn mower just being stubborn as this actually was the first start of the year so that could of been the issue. Plus it was an old start, cold start kind of video for you guys and those do not always go as planned. Gotta warm up the engine first, obviously! 

                Now I know what you guys will say, Chris this was completely fake, not real whatsoever. Well what I said above it the truth! It was an old start, cold start and honestly I was just very frustrated with the lawn mower not starting back up, so it was actually very much real not fake, it was just pure frustration I was having and we all have it from time to time and that's OK to have but we just gotta deal with the situations of life and move on. It was a crazy day for me and funny as the views really proved that it was entertaining to you guys seeing me cursing and freakin out at the mower... Starting to wonder if to continue re-posting my old videos onto my DailyMotion account for you guys as I think you guys enjoyed it and seems like you really are enjoying it. Anyways that is my throwback Thursday story for this week, hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next blog post!


Thursday, August 30, 2018

My First Ever Flight Across The Country (Throwback Thursday Story)

                This story took place, years ago, many, many years ago. When I say many, many years ago, I mean 1992, 26 years ago which feels like a very long time and it has been a long time since I have been on a airplane and I will be breaking that long drought as I am heading out to Minnesota towards the end of September for 6 days for a wedding, which I will get into in another blog post later when the time is right to let you guys know what is up for me.  So the reason why I went on the plane in 92' was to see family, my aunt, uncle, my cousin(s).  I remember some of the trip to Calgary with my brother and parents but some of it still is a big fuzz to me at this time. I do remember being sick to my stomach from the flight so that I do remember that part of it. I remember my mom and I being on a Boeing 727, that part I do remember entirely as that is not a big fuzz. 

                 So I do have a few memories going across the country. Another memory is going up on Banff Mountain in Calgary, seeing the mountain goat as well up there and going up via the gondola as well. I remember my aunts place in Calgary very very well and the area they lived in which is incredible I have already remember this much of the trip there. Also I remember the hot air balloons I saw in the sky while in Calgary just down the road where my aunt's house was. Now going back on the 727 wasn't too bad, I wasn't sick or anything, I managed to stay sick free on the way home and I knew the trick to chew some gum while in the air. As an adult now, more then likely I wouldn't get sick now, I would have a smooth flight there and back and I cannot wait to hop on another plane again very soon!