Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Day I Broke My Wrist (Throwback Thursday Story)

              Yes! Throwback Thursdays are back again. I feel bad that I have not done one in maybe over a month now but I have an interesting Throwback Thursday for you today and this stems all the way back when I was still in elementry school for goodness sake. I think I am talking about when I was around 10 or 11 years of age, could of been 12 but I remember it was in Grade 6 and a school that has since then been torn down and rebuilt and renamed to another name but a new school on the exact same lot. Anyways this was in January and I remember it very vividly it was in the afternoon before going home for the day and we were all outside playing in the snow and I accidentally slipped and fell down the hill breaking my left wrist. At the time it was sore and we iced it when I got home. However it wasn't getting any better so my mom took me to the clinic and we had it x ray done to see if it was indeed broken and it was. So I was put in a cast and I can remember then putting it on me too. I was in a cast for 6 full weeks so the wrist would heal properly. I remember coming back into school and all my friends signed it including my teacher too. It was a freak accident and I didn't break anything else till 2013 or 2014 when I accidentally hit my hand against the beam of the wall fracturing my hand but least it wasn't a full break this time around.

                 Now do I remember when my original family doctor took off the cast? Yes I do, actually I remember the smell of the plaster and wasn't a pleasant smell to be honestly. Also seeing my hand with it being covered and I am trying to not be gory or gross on this as I am keeping things PG all the time but that is what happens when your hand is covered with a cast for 6 long weeks. Anyways I truly cannot learn from this because honestly this was a freak accident that happened but I wouldn't wanna do that again honestly as I do not want another busted up bone. However I did break my left again it wouldn't be in the same area actually as we all know, you break a bone in one spot then you will not be able to break it again. I still have bad memories of this day and I honestly do not want to remember this as it wasn't the greatest day of my life when I fell down the hill. I do remember having Kool Aid which I still a thing to this day, something called Koolaid Jammers which is totally different from when I had it. However I remember I had a big cup of it while lying on our flowery old coach that we had back then before the couch we had then. Hope you guys enjoyed this throwback Thursday Story and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's blog post which will be definitely sports related.


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