Friday, August 30, 2019

My Thoughts On The General's Training Camp?

            As you all know this week I was at where the Oshawa Generals play and have been there twice out of the 3 days watching their camps. My one concern was the defense men size as a team shouldn't have smaller D and D short for Defence. Anyways. It was an excited sessions with 6 - 4 Team Lindros, then 6 - 5 Team Lindros. I obviously skipped the Wednesday as I had other plans already made so yesterday I went to the single last scrimmage and that was another wild scoring. Unfortunate goaltender injury but he was able to get up and he was pulled from the scrimmage. I definitely know Hughes will be on that list as he played with them last year and definitely think he could even be the # 1 starter as he performed very well. Now back up goalie is a tough pick. The other goalie which I cannot pronounce his name or spill it but I definitely think he could be picked and moving forward  if the GM and coach overlook him getting hurt, it could be a possibility. SBrocca could be a possibility and I was just on their website and I saw he is listed under the roster so sounds like he's moved on but yet they still got Keyser and Ceci listed which they are no longer in the league and/or moved on to the NHL. I think they definitely need to update their website with the roster as we haven't picked our full team for the 2019 - 2020 and they more then likely have started cutting players. According to a friend of mine they will be cutting half of the 52 players that was at the training camp which is crazy but hope to see some players I had in my mind.

                Now Harrison I liked and Pitt were on my list and Pitt was actually signed on OHL Players Standard Agreement which I am not too sure what that means but I'm not sure if they are on the team for 2019 - 2020 but I guess we will definitely find out and if I hear anything else. Also McSorely which my dad and I think he's the son of Marty a former NHL player but I have tried to look it up and nothing came up so I do not know. Like I said Goaltending will not be easy pick and honestly I was not sure to who to pick as majority of the goalies did well and performed well. In the end of the week I think it was a crazy week with the scoring and a lot of talent and it will be indeed a tough decision for the General Manager to make a decision to who to cut and who to take to the next round of cuts so it will definitely will not be an easy choice as there is so much talent this year. Just hope they got some good size defencemen on the list but I think it will be an interesting year for the Gens and I am excited to be going to games as I am now booked for several games, opening night, December 13th, January 25th and one in March with both Eric and I's dad so it will be exciting to be going to several games and hopefully even playoffs game but I do not want to get that far as of it as the season hasn't started yet.


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