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Monday, February 12, 2024

Regretted not Watching The Super Bowl??

               As  you know I wasn't online much yesterday minus the premiere and I thank you guys to those who popped into the chatroom on that day. I am more talking about Super Bowl. I was at my brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew's for Super Bowl 58. We had fun and was nice to spend quality time with the family. I know it wasn't the result some of us didn't want obviously. We started a count how many times they showed Taylor Swift and what we counted was 15 times, that is what my nephew said. 

             Now do I regret going? No! It was an opportunity to spend time with the family and watch the biggest sporting event that happens every year! Yes I felt like I should of stayed home and watch shows with my mom but yet again there is always tonight to watch but right now I am out and about with a friend and former staff from my previous team I had before CBOTW Media. Was upset about the results but it is what it is honestly. What matters is I enjoyed my time with the family and that is what truly matters in the end. Anyways that is the post as I am pressed for time posting this but I will as always talk to you tomorrow! 


Thursday, November 2, 2023

Let's Talk Special Olympics!

           Big shoutout to my friend and fans of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media for this idea to talk about Special Olympics. Now I have quite a history with Special Olympics. This started all in the late 1990's around 98 or 99. I was a bowler and I bowled for a very long time up to around 2012 when I ended up quitting bowling all together. 13 years on Friday nights that I bowled and I am still talk to a lot of peeps from that group and run into here from time to time. I was a good bowler, my highest game was and still is 228 at this moment. I did a lot of tournaments and was actually close to provincials once which I am very, very proud of that and I almost got a metal in Coburg Ontario at their tournament.

             Now in the summer time, I played softball with 2 teams. First started in May 2003 and I played with the Falcons for the one season that was shortened due to an medical emergency where I was taken to the hospital and had to have 2 surgeries to practically save my life. Then in 2004, I was on Delta Force from 2004 till 2011. The last year I was asked if I'd go back for one more year. Plus at this point I was hurting with knee issues at the the moment. At the end, I was riddled with problems, knee problems, wasn't able to hit the ball whatsoever. In 2012 I joined the Eagles for one season after one year off which I really bounced back with the hitting and overall year was amazing up to Midland when I was riddled with knee issues but I prevailed through the issues but I was emotional knowing this would of been my final year of ball cause of problems.  After the amazing final season I played basketball. I was on the low team and I wanted to stay on the low team anyways and help the other players and I always wanted to setup plays for baskets so you can call me the playmaker of the team. The season was shortened in the late winter into the spring when I was given orders by the doctors to not play while I was in physio to correct the issues. So that ended my sports career in Special Olympics and I hope you all enjoyed this story of my journey with Special Olympics and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Green Bay Packers- Week 7

               All I can say is, I am not merely pleased with the Packers. As of a fan, I do feel like if they do not make the post season for the NFL, I can see a ton of changes being made in the off season. However this year, most of the problems was injuries that we had. Maybe it is time to make some change around.  Anyways the main problem this season is injuries. We have had a ton of them left and right and that doesn't help whatsoever with us winning games. Yeah I am disappointed by their performance. I am also frustrated Rodgers said he wanted to be traded off the team but ends up staying which confuses why he stayed and not pushed to be traded. Right now with all these injuries, we cannot do anything but play the game. Not an easy situation to be in, I know and disappointing to us fans.

             I still watch every week but at a point I am not going to pay attention to the game. Yeah the game was close and they had a lead this week but blew it.  They should of at least have won this game as the record for Washington was a but worse but I am just at this point beyond frustrated next weekend I may not watch the game and take a break but that isn't like me to do that I wanna stay loyal to the team through thick and thin of things. Maybe it is just time for the team to rebuild again, just have that very odd feeling right now. Anyways that is the post for today, not a professional blogger or sports writer but my thoughts on the game and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Wednesday, February 9, 2022

What Do I Think About The Maple Leafs This Season?

                I have had mixed feelings at times when they play a not as strong team, they lose but other then that, I am quite impressed on well they are playing together and yeah we're in the playoffs right now. I think a lot of the problems was Covid-19 cases on the team and this wasn't just the Leafs, it was other teams in the league and I can understand the frustration and it is going to happen. Also we have a few injuries and Marazak the back-up had some injuries that was a problem and we all know we couldn't rely on Campbell all the time like for crying out loud he needs a break from time to time. We cannot have him become fatigue whatsoever as his the the man behind the net but we also need a healthy backup goalie as well. However we seem to bring up Joesph Woll who has done a fantastic job when he was called up and played in the net. I know we had the issues with the other goalie Hutchinson and those who know me well, I am not a Hutchinson fan. 

              However I just hope they can make a real run at the playoffs and go farther then the first round and they are a very well rounded young team just hope this is the year where they can go far and I know they can. However I have had my frustrations this year with them having the lead then blowing it where they are tied up leading to overtime but a win is a win still regardless of anything. I got remain hopeful for the rest of this season as we wont be done till late April cause of make up games that had to be made up due to cancelled games. I know they said Toronto has a high chance of being successful but now at 6th place which is lower then last years standings it is hard for me to predict. But that is what I think about the Leafs. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will speak to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Talking About The Blue Jays & Their Next Season

              I know right now things are on hold right now and we do not know what the plans or what they want to do. Mostly I wanna focus on the Blue Jays. They really look solid and getting the pieces all put together for a World Series team. I know we lost Semien and Ray recently but  it's going to happen. There is only so much we can spend on players and I totally understand. Yeah I was quite upset when they both weren't going to return but again players will come and go. The players they got just before this strike happened sound like really amazing players and cannot wait to see them play ball. I have to put my trust in the owner and management of the team  as they truly know what their doing, more then I would but yet again I am more of a baseball fan over hockey and yes I will watch the occasional hockey but I am going off topic. 

            Whenever they decide the season to start, I wonder if they will let them have some kind of training camp before they start the season but the question is when. I think we can definitely get into the playoffs if the season starts on time and yes I am kind of saying in a scenario but what I heard some say end of January some say mid February some say March 1st which they will have a 3 week free off season and then short training camp and start a week later according to CBS Sports and I linked the word CBS Sports so you know where I sourced this information which is what you have to do as a content creator when talking about something like this. However we just have to wait and see and when it does return I am excited to see how they will do and how their season will go. That is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Favorite Memories of College....

                 Since it has been nearly 9 years since I left college now, I thought now would be the most appropriate time to step up and do this post about my favorite moments in College and to be honest, I do not think I did a post and I cannot remember if I did out of the 1200 + posts that have been done. However here are some of my most favorite moments in no logical order:

Riot Radio: Was an honor to be a part of the Campus Radio Station was one of the first visual radio stations I guess out of College Radio Stations in the country or even Ontario but I forget. I remember when I ended up awfully sick with barely a voice but I managed through a really rough show. This was also the early inspiration for what I am doing now, podcasting and having a passion for being behind the microphone and a lot has come back to me the do's and don't which I could do a podcast on technically. 

Working Out In The Gym/Basketball: We had this thing were we got to go to the gym and shoot some hoops in the gym. I never got to work out on the machines upstairs during my time in College.

Dinner At the Campus Pub: I had dinner with my fellow classmates and other students on the campus and I got to try fried pickles which honestly was delicious! I really enjoyed it and the first time I have had it.

Ridgebacks Hockey Game: For those who didn't know, my college I attended also had an university on the campus as the College and once again I got the honor to see a Ridgebacks hockey game which University hockey is very exciting to watch.

                    There is my list and I am sure there are other moments on campus I can mention such as several videos were made for my YouTube Channel, including an interview with Justin, Larry and the rest of them which was amazing really, I had fun doing it in the process.


Friday, September 4, 2020

What Do I Think of The Sports So Far?

                So what do I think of the sports recently? Well let's start with Hockey, the NHL. Most of us here at CBOTW are happy that Boston is out and especially Chris who hates Boston Bruins. He likes the city but he hates the hockey and basketball teams as he is not an avid fan since he was in Boston Summer of 2019. He is not a Boston fan whatsoever minus Red Sox is the only team he doesn't dislike which is kind of odd as their competition to our Blue Jays up here in Toronto, Canada which we will get to on today's blog post. 4 teams I like are Islanders, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Vancouver since we're Canadian group and we tend to route for most of the Canadian teams minus Montreal as we're not Canadians fans at this time. We're hoping for Islanders to be in the next round as it is tied up at this point. Same with Vancouver. I guess Chris and I are sort fo on the same route for routing the same way but instead of Dallas I'm routing for Colorado and Philadelphia. The ones I mentioned above was Chris's picks so there is one series in difference  


                 Now onto Basketball we're clearly routing for Raptors to bounce on back and take this series against the Celtics and they won what I heard last night and we're excited!  Again obvious we're cheering Raptors cause 1 we're Canadian, 2 Chris does not like the Celtics. They look tough to beat though!  If the Raptors make it to the finals again, they will not be facing a different team since the team Golden State are not a very good team this year so it will be someone different. That is only if they make it but have to remain positive they bounce back on this series. Now finally Baseball Blue Jays are very surprising, they had a rocky start to their season but really done extremely well. They have been winning a lot more and winning 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4 games in the series and really showing they wanna win. I know they split the games against Miami but that's OK they have been winning a ton so either way we should remain happy. There is my post and I will be speaking to you guys again tomorrow with another post.

Arianna, CBOTW Community Manager

Friday, March 27, 2020

Been Thinking About Sports Again...

            I been thinking about this for a while and right now it is all up in the air due to the virus everything is shutdown here but essential. What am I meaning? I was thinking about actually going back to a bowling league but with the state of the world I guess it will have to be on hold for now. Anyways, I did bowl for many years in a league on Fridays and technically I left cause of certain reasons. I really haven't thought about coming back and I honestly had to deal with my knee issues and now my knees are better but I need to work on my weight which mind you an update is coming tomorrow on this and I'm really happy to say this too. Anyways back to the topic at hand last time I played I almost made the provincials tournament which would of definitely been amazing to get to that step and I truly have been so close to actually making it twice which is incredible, 1 in bowling and 1 in softball. Yes I am referring to Special Olympics as most of you know I have Autism and not afraid to say it or actually hide it anymore.

              I know that my knees are the upmost importance if my decision to return to sports but bowling wouldn't be that bad or bad at all with returning and would be nice to meet new people and actually bowl. I could go to my parents Tuesday night league so this way I can come back with them home and that is always an option. However with the state of the world I guess that has to be on the back burner for now and that's OK. I rather stay healthy and technically the bowling alleys here are closed so I am willing to wait till this all passes and it will in time. I need to remain positive through this times and and I will bowl in time and the question is when and whenever they get a working vaccine which they have been working on but it's gotta be tested and make sure it works. So when things get back to normal, then is when I will definitely return to bowling. Idea I had in the back of my mind when things return to normal, I think I will go to my parents league for the time being so I can reserve my spot for the next season and I will definitely talk to my parents at some point today.


Friday, August 30, 2019

My Thoughts On The General's Training Camp?

            As you all know this week I was at where the Oshawa Generals play and have been there twice out of the 3 days watching their camps. My one concern was the defense men size as a team shouldn't have smaller D and D short for Defence. Anyways. It was an excited sessions with 6 - 4 Team Lindros, then 6 - 5 Team Lindros. I obviously skipped the Wednesday as I had other plans already made so yesterday I went to the single last scrimmage and that was another wild scoring. Unfortunate goaltender injury but he was able to get up and he was pulled from the scrimmage. I definitely know Hughes will be on that list as he played with them last year and definitely think he could even be the # 1 starter as he performed very well. Now back up goalie is a tough pick. The other goalie which I cannot pronounce his name or spill it but I definitely think he could be picked and moving forward  if the GM and coach overlook him getting hurt, it could be a possibility. SBrocca could be a possibility and I was just on their website and I saw he is listed under the roster so sounds like he's moved on but yet they still got Keyser and Ceci listed which they are no longer in the league and/or moved on to the NHL. I think they definitely need to update their website with the roster as we haven't picked our full team for the 2019 - 2020 and they more then likely have started cutting players. According to a friend of mine they will be cutting half of the 52 players that was at the training camp which is crazy but hope to see some players I had in my mind.

                Now Harrison I liked and Pitt were on my list and Pitt was actually signed on OHL Players Standard Agreement which I am not too sure what that means but I'm not sure if they are on the team for 2019 - 2020 but I guess we will definitely find out and if I hear anything else. Also McSorely which my dad and I think he's the son of Marty a former NHL player but I have tried to look it up and nothing came up so I do not know. Like I said Goaltending will not be easy pick and honestly I was not sure to who to pick as majority of the goalies did well and performed well. In the end of the week I think it was a crazy week with the scoring and a lot of talent and it will be indeed a tough decision for the General Manager to make a decision to who to cut and who to take to the next round of cuts so it will definitely will not be an easy choice as there is so much talent this year. Just hope they got some good size defencemen on the list but I think it will be an interesting year for the Gens and I am excited to be going to games as I am now booked for several games, opening night, December 13th, January 25th and one in March with both Eric and I's dad so it will be exciting to be going to several games and hopefully even playoffs game but I do not want to get that far as of it as the season hasn't started yet.


Thursday, August 8, 2019

My Thoughts About The Maple Leafs Changes

             All these changes had to happen, especially if Babcock wants to stay on as coach and he will be here to stay. Don't get me wrong he's a great coach and one of the best in the league and we wouldn't have gone this far without him! We have progressed well over the last couple of years with 2 playoff appearances. Mind you we have not gone far in the playoffs but just wait till the upcoming season. I think and got a great feeling we will have one hell of a team this year. Now I know Gardiner is gone as he became a restricted Free agent and we are still waiting to sign Marner which is still pending. Now back up goalie is the only concern I have really. We have Hutchinson and he could be our next back up goalie but we will have to say. Now we have invited Micheal Neuvirth who is a former Generals goaltender and he was one heck of a goalie when he played for the Gens. Yes Gens are my local Ontario Hockey League team. Anyways I know he has had his struggles in the goal but never know, he could perform well and could be our #2 man between the pipes but if not Hutchinson, could get the nod for the position and hes done fine when he was called up last season. Majority of these players, Kerfoot, etc I do not know much about but I will have to learn about them. Don't get me wrong, it is exciting to see new faces and see the direction the management and I feel very upbeat with the changes. One last thing we need to do is get our backup goalie and we should be good and ready to go. Yes I admit getting rid of Mcelhinney but I see why as they want to get a young team and build it from there. 

              One way or another, if Neuvirth isn't signed which my dad is not very upbeat because of his past seasons not doing well, however we are giving him a chance and that is what matters. We invited him to the training camp and he could be training hard for the upcoming training and could surprise us. You never really know what he will bring to the table honestly. Either way I am excited for this season and I honestly am over this baseball season as the Jays have not been doing that great, I mean yes they win here and there but I think at this point I am ready for hockey season and ready to see how the Maple Leafs do this season with all the new players they have acquired on the off season. It will be an interesting year and I will be watching all 82 games plus playoff games too but we need to focus on the season first before playoffs as I seem to have jumped too far ahead of myself and I need to just worry about the season first. I am most looking forward to the Leafs against the Montreal Canadiens aka the Toilet Seats as I give em the nickname. Especially as my friend, he's a Habs fan and I am a Leaf, there is a ton of comments between us which is hilarious hear us bicker at each other over our teams.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What Do I Think About The Blue Jays With The Young Team?

           I am going to try and stay as positive as I can in this and it hasn't been the most positive feedback I have given on the Jays this year with frustration after frustration and I know all of us as fans feel that frustration honestly this year especially with change after change. I am going to explain a few things in today's blog. Now that we have gotten rid majority of our 2015 team from the ALDS, minus Smoak who is still with the organization, we sure as heck got rid of a lot of our pitchers. Honestly getting rid of Stroman was not the right move. Sanchez going yes I agree to why they traded him as his season hasn't been the greatest but started to bounce back before we traded him and now doing amazing in Houston with the Astro's Organization as recently he got a no hitter which I was very ecstatic for him. Now I haven't been a big Biagini fan in the recent years as they got him for Lirano but I have nothing but a lot of respect for Joe Biagini and getting rid of him was not the right move as we need pitching. I cannot stress that enough. He has been doing extremely well as a reliever and putting him as a starter to see how well he does. I think they should of kept him. To be honest I rather they traded Tepera who's had a rough time as a reliever and Biagini is the better option. However we got some pitchers for who we traded so still it will be interesting to see how it will work out. However back to the Stroman trade they said it is not goodbye as his contract is up in 2021 so we could see Stro come back to Toronto down the road, never know!

           Which brings me into the next point. Ever since we made all these trades, the team has been performing a lot better and winning a lot more. The trade did a lot of good for the team, with this young vibrant team with Biggio, Bichette and Guerrero Jr on the team, this young team sure does have a bright future. It is like they took a page out of the Leafs which I will get to on another post in the next day or so. Now it is all about the team coming together and getting the pitching they need in order to make a run in the playoffs once again and I highly think it won't be a long wait honestly. I am looking forward to what the Jays do next and I know they have to get the pitching to help them yet the pitchers they have now have done nothing but a great job. Yes they lost 2 games in a row, however they went on a 5 game winning streak which is the most you have seen out of the team and it is so excited. I think this is the first time this season I have been excited to be watching the Blue Jays play in a long time. I can be honest back in June, I stopped watching as I lost interest, however still kept up with transactions and how they been doing but recently I got back into the Jays again and I did miss the game last night as I was in bed early so I can get work done this morning but later on I plan on watching the Jays play against the O's (Orioles).


Friday, June 14, 2019

My Thoughts On The Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Win

               Spent most of the day thinking about this post and trying to soak in the win as a fan of the Toronto Raptors. I can say I haven't been following the Raptors all of the 24 years it was only few years ago when the Raptors really got my attention when they started to have a winning record honestly. However the odd time I would look at the score and yes I can officially say I have been to a Raptors game when I was younger and I remember it was Vince Carter's winning shot to win over the Philadelphia 76ers at the last second. Anyways I feel like it was a well deserved win and I know we could of won it on Game 5 and on the home court but honestly I give credit when credit is due to the Golden State Warriors to winning 2 of the 6 games and they wanted to give a fight. I really think injuries was a major factor for them with losing Durant and Lebron James and other injuries did not really help. Either way we won and this was a great final and both teams played well.  We can officially say the trophy is officially coming north of the border finally and a Canadian, the only Canadian Basketball team to win an NBA championship and yes I know we had the Vancouver Grizzlies here at one point but have since moved.

             Also I can imagine how crazy Toronto will be but that's OK, we have every right as Canadians to celebrate. This is the first championship we have had in Toronto since the Argos football team won the Grey Cup in 2017 and yes I know my history of championships here Toronto. So anyways I am happy one way or another that the Raptors are the champions and it was a long coming for this to happen now another team in Toronto has won on top of the FC Soccer which was a few years ago they won which I forgot to even mention but I mean it is nice to have Canadian teams win. Next up for the Jays to win but definitely wont be this year but it will happen. I can officially knock this off my list in Canadian teams winning the championship Jays (World Series), Toronto FC (Soccer Champs), Toronto Argos (Grey Cup Champs, numerous times) and now the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. Next up i the Leafs but they are not ready for it. Finally I guess who was going to be the MVP and it was Kawhi Leonard who won it. It was because it was of that amazing jump shot at the buzzer that brought them to the finals and the win in the end.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Thoughts On The Toronto Raptors...

              First of all I can say this I am a proud Toronto Raptors fan and I had a feeling this was the year at first, however I was unsure with this Eastern Conference but they sure surprised me and I can say this really excite me winning 100 - 94. The coaching and changes we have made on this team this year really helped us. Having Leonard has been a great asset to the team. This year they sure proved they deserve to be in the NBA Finals. Also the fact that we beat out the top team in the East and once we got the lead we definitely had a good momentum going on. This team is truly an exciting team this year and love this team and proud of them. Least we have one decent team going far and the Leafs and Jays will be going that way eventually too. I shouldn't doubt them and I should let them surprise me and that is exactly what I did and boy I am over the top excited and words do not describe how I feel. I honestly haven't been excited for a Toronto team since the Blue Jays had those 2 amazing seasons where they made the playoffs and of course with the new young Leafs team. We have a very talented basketball team and we the north is our motto we use and We The North are going all the way and winning it this year. I truly think this is our year and the finals will be ours for the taking. Golden State will not be back to back champs this year, it is truly our turn to be Champs!

                 Raptors win the NBA Championship then it will make history as the first Canadian and only Canadian team to win as the Grizzlies never did win a Championship and unfortunately moved down to the states leaving us the only Canadian team left in the league. I cannot wait for the championship to start and I will be watching the game tomorrow night and ready for the game and ready to see our team do so well. I think the game tomorrow will be a close one and the series will probably end up in 6 or 7 games like the Milwaukee Bucks game did. Either way this will indeed be a great series to watch and I am excited for it to start. Only thing that is really exciting right now as the Jays have been on and off with wins and I rather watch Basketball then baseball right now and I just want the Raptors to win the championship... It is truly our turn to be the Champs and I plan on attending with my dad the parade when and if they win I will be attending the parade and I am sure it will be a crazy with lots of people but I shouldn't jump to conclusions we are going to win as it hasn't even started yet. Starts in 24 hours so I shouldn't get excited till the series begins tomorrow night.


Monday, March 4, 2019

What Do I Think About The Leafs So Far?

                There are a few points I would like to make on today's blog post and most of em are positive but a few things are on my mind and I will definitely will be covering that in today's blog post. Yes, I am happy they can win games and their offense is really strong. I am however still concerned about the defence side of things but I have to trust the management and the coach Mike Babcock in what they are doing. That one big win against the Oilers and the Sabres was great. The one thing that did bother me was letting in 6 goals and losing the game against Calgary. Don't get me wrong depending how far the Leafs go, if they lose, I will be cheering em on in the West to win the Cup as it is indeed time for a Canadian team to win the Stanley cup! 

                 Leafs should have a closer game especially when it comes to team at their caliber (around the same rank they are at such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) Honestly I am not sure if they are ready to win a cup, however yes we have a great team and we have to take baby steps to the top and give em some time, they will be at the top and I know eventually they will have a definite winning team. I have to also remember that they are learning as we have had a bunch of new players and they have to get use to each other and learn to work together. They are becoming a team to beat and you gotta be patient, they cannot win everything and yes Islanders played very well that night but tonight will be a test for sure! What do I mean? Well obviously they are playing in Calgary while in their 3 game road trip out west against Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Yes I hope the Leafs win tonight or have a very close game tonight. Just hope they play Freddy Anderson tonight as he probably will be the one to play tonight as Calgary will be a tough game but I know they have the skills do fine as long as the defence helps out the goalie.


Friday, November 2, 2018

The Green Bay Packers Talk Blog Post...

             I have been quite frustrated with the Packers since the start of the season. I mean they had a solid start but since Aaron Rodgers knee issues it hasn't been easy for us especially having our quarterback with knee problems but we are hanging in there. I know they almost won against Los Angela Rams and I was quite impressed. What is also good is our division is very close together in Wins and Losses so anything is still possible as we are now at the half way mark of the season, they need to start picking up the pace and start to win if they want to even make a wild card or even win the division. I know Detroit Lions are in last then Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bear then the Vikings. So anything is possible at this point where any team can win. I am keeping a positive attitude throughout the hard times and games they go through each and every week. I think it will come down to the final game of the season to decide who is going to win the division and who will be second in the wild card game.

                   It is understandable to feel frustrated especially when it came to Rodgers knee issues but that is what happens when you are an athlete you will be more vulnerable to injuries and I know that as I was once an athlete and the ropes of being athletic and I am even after being retired from Softball am dealing with a bunch of problems with both knees where the knee cap is out of align or the track is not right like I mentioned in a previous blog post in the past, I can relate to the entire Aaron Rodgers thing where it is a struggle to even play football. Playing this sport or any sport involved in running can sure be taxing on the poor knees and I know that and you guys know that who have been a fellow follower of this blog for years now since its inception in 2014, nearly 4 years ago I have dealt with a lot with my knees so once again, I can sure relate.

                 However i am excited to see what happens the rest of the season and who will make it to the playoffs and hoping Green Bay Packers are in a playoff position coming out but we will find out as the rest of the season plays out. I am just going to be patient with losses, teams will win some, lose some. Just gotta deal with it and that is what I am doing and I admit I was going to go off at them but it's not me to do that. Green Bay is my team and I got no right to bash them. In the end I need to remain respectful to my team and keep on supporting them threw the good times and the bad.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blue Jays Rant (I'm Done With Them For The Year)

               Well, the Jays have really done themselves in by Trading J.A Happ, Osuna, Loupe and Axford. Now I realize with Osuna's situation and what he did earlier this year, it is a decision I respect the Jays decision on that but as for the Happ, Loupe and Axford, they were good pitchers, I mean why get rid of the good pitchers? Like come on! Happ was our Ace Pitcher and now we don't even have an Ace Pitcher because the Jays did away with him. Yes I realize Happ is older and we need to try get our team younger but having experience is also an asset in the team. I am allowed to have an opinion, take it or leave it. Axford was doing just fine as a reliever and I just do not understand what the logic behind this and we may as well never know what the logic will be. Now Brandon Drury probably will help us in this now long and painful rebuild. Yes this is a frustrating time for both the Jays and us the fans and I am taking time away as a Jays fan, I am not quitting but still a fan, just taking time away. I have been a Jays fan since I was small and want to continue to support the team but I am more into Hockey and Football mode, more football mode right now as the training camps are starting.

                  I also think that John Gibbons will not be with the Jays organization after this year as I do not agree with some of his decision he has made, like putting in Tepera who hasn't been strong on the mound when they were winning the game and of course their lead gets blown. I have just been feeling the frustration level getting more and more worse with watching the Jays, to a point, I just stopped watching the games entirely and just getting updates or watching the highlights. I do ask you in the comments, please do not leave hate messages in or the will be removed and you will be blocked from further commenting on the blog. I am entitled to an opinion and it is called freedom of speech which I have ever right to do, especially on my blog post.


Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 NHL Playoffs Thoughts For The Past Week!

              So I made the discussion on social media and you guys want me to talk briefly about things going in the NHL. I will try to not ramble on and on with paragraphs but tons to talk about in the NHL Round 1.

              First of all The Toronto Maple Leafs, honestly, I thought they would of done better then this. They had the upper hand during the regular season and beat Boston a lot more then they have been, being blown out 7 - 3 the last game in Game 2.  I will talk more about it on Saturday when I do another sports related blog post.  Tampa Bay I am not surprised with them winning as they are the top team in the East at the end of the 2017 - 2018 Season. Minnesota with their crazy score Sunday night puts them 1 game from tying the series at 2 and they sure a wild card team on my list as I know they can win if they put their minds to it. I was expecting Winnipeg to have more of a lead then this but you never know what happens in the playoffs. Sometimes the odd ball team can surprise you in the playoffs!  

                Now Nashville, Las Vegas I am not surprised they are winning their games, Nashville 2 - 0 lead over the Avalanche, Las Vegas 3 - 0 over the Kings which will be over tonight if they win the next game tonight. As for the Leafs they need to start winning games if they want to stay in the playoffs, I do not expect them to go past Tampa Bay Lighting, that will be a challenge and a half to win but they have been close to winning against Tampa Bay, but my thought is they aren't ready to start winning the Stanley Cup.  Sharks are 2 - 0 lead over the Quackers (Ducks), the game I think will be over by 4 games as they keep on winning, they will win 4 games to 0. Like I said above, Minnesota could surprise the heck out of all of us and start winning. Same goes with the Flyers who have won a game against the Penguins (Sorry Jeff Lieberman)  but anything is possible but I do see the front runners in the series going on, Las Vegas, Tampa, Boston (that is if Toronto don't START winning!), Sharks. But anything is possible and I can see a possible upset but I will leave it to you to guess which team it is! 


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Why I Want To Return To Baseball?

           I know this sound completely nuts to be saying this and I know I haven't played ball in years since I have had my share of knee problems over the last couple of years but you gotta give me credit that I wanna play again before I become to old to play the game I love to play. I wonder how rusty I will be but I have the batting cage to go to if I indeed to decide to get it another shot to make sure I can still hit a softball as the last time I played was 2013 or 2014 and that was the year when the knee problems came back and the last year I ever hit the ball. It was a great year for me in the way of hitting the ball and if I can hit like I did then, I'll have a great ball season again. 

             If your wondering who I am going to play with? Well a men's league as I have decided to not return to Special Olympics after 10 + years with them. Reason? I need a change of pace and there are people who seem to have a beef but there is very few friends who I am still connected with from Special Olympics and are friends with still to this very day. Let's just also say over the years I was involved, there was drama, I just got sick of and joining a men's or mixed team will be a nice change for me and meet some new people and never know maybe a friendship will be formed? Never know! I believe since this is a league there are not as many tournaments to go to or no tournaments at all so it will be easier for me being in a league instead. 

              Yes, I know there is a risk with my knee going out or with me hurting the right knee where the original injury was from years ago from being hit by the ball which mind you it was very painful and I struggled to get off the field as I needed to take a break to shake off the pain. Ever since it's not been the same and it's affected the way I play on the field or on the bowling alley as I played both sports at one point but I am willing to take the risk and hurt my knee and if it ends up needing knee surgery then be it but you guys cant say I didn't really try my hardest to play ball again after being off for several years now and I know a lot of you will tell me why not retire and live the rest of your life with the way the knee is right now but again this is my choice and I am happy to give this sport another shot even if it risks my poor knee in the the process.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Results On My Ailing Knee/Retiring From Baseball

           So 1 week later, since my doctor appointment and I still find it hard to come to the realization that I may have arthritis in the knee, either one or both knees but mainly my right knee which is the worst of the 2 knees. It also made me realize my baseball & basketball career, well I wouldn't consider it a career but been doing sports for over 10 years but now I am limited what I am and can't do, it isn't because my family doctor didn't tell me to call it quits, this was my judgement on my own terms and I really do not wanna make the problem worse. On my last ever season I ever played, I struggled at the last game of the season and came off the field hurting and limping... The pain didn't stop me, my coach insisted I sit out to rest but nope! Stubborn old me had to play baseball regardless. Least I went out with a bang with a home run under my belt in the tournament. I went on to play basketball but did not complete to once again my knee. So as you can see ever since certain someone, no names mentioned.... LOL, hitting my in the knee cap, my knee has been the bane of my existence.

              There is your brief history but what did my doctor say to my mom and I? Well, possibly I could have arthritis which actually runs in my family both my mom and dad's side so I happen to be in that bad percentage of getting it and I gotta deal with it but not a full diagnosis has been made yet. What do you mean Chris? Well we didn't officially get an X-Ray or MRI done yet, I am going to do exercises between now and February and if it is not better by March or April I will be going back to the family doctor, the next step is an x-ray to see if it is arthritis and if my doctor has to do an MRI I will do it... Anything to get answers with the knee pain I have constantly.

                So with that, I am retired from basketball & baseball as there is no way the running will help and I feel at this time I would be a liability to the team and always pulled off the field and this is what is best for me. I need to take care of myself first before things go way out of control. I wanna thank my coaches for helping me, especially with my batting which got so much better on my last season of softball. Always there to support me and the rest of the team when struggled or felt down. I wanna thank my fellow team mates for being there for me and giving me the encouragement when I needed it. I will miss the team dearly but you never know, I may pop by for a visit to the Eagle/Hawks/Falcons!