Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Green Bay Packers- Week 7

               All I can say is, I am not merely pleased with the Packers. As of a fan, I do feel like if they do not make the post season for the NFL, I can see a ton of changes being made in the off season. However this year, most of the problems was injuries that we had. Maybe it is time to make some change around.  Anyways the main problem this season is injuries. We have had a ton of them left and right and that doesn't help whatsoever with us winning games. Yeah I am disappointed by their performance. I am also frustrated Rodgers said he wanted to be traded off the team but ends up staying which confuses why he stayed and not pushed to be traded. Right now with all these injuries, we cannot do anything but play the game. Not an easy situation to be in, I know and disappointing to us fans.

             I still watch every week but at a point I am not going to pay attention to the game. Yeah the game was close and they had a lead this week but blew it.  They should of at least have won this game as the record for Washington was a but worse but I am just at this point beyond frustrated next weekend I may not watch the game and take a break but that isn't like me to do that I wanna stay loyal to the team through thick and thin of things. Maybe it is just time for the team to rebuild again, just have that very odd feeling right now. Anyways that is the post for today, not a professional blogger or sports writer but my thoughts on the game and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



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