Monday, October 24, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast In 2023, What I'm Thinking?

             I have considered a lot when it comes to next year however the channel itself on YouTube is too small right now to consider live. However here is what I am considering in 2023:

Interview Recording (Live): Will vary between late in Monday afternoon and Monday evenings - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, anytime of the day morning, afternoon or evening. Wednesdays will be between 10 am EST  and 1 pm EST. Weekends, it will be quite difficult with weekends with Audio ONLY goes up on Sunday and the time frame of it being posted that is an issue and I'm sorry about that but I am not planning to change days I am planning to stay that way. 

Topic Podcasts (Sundays, Not Live, Pre-Recorded and Premiered): Now with topics that are going to happen from time to time and I wanna keep the momentum going and the more it's premiered the more listens and listeners that I get on each and every premiere. Not only that it's about the interaction and I've had a ton of interactions since doing premieres but when it comes to holidays and personal stuff I will be just posting it but that will be here and there, most of the time it will be premiered unless I am unavailable on the Sunday. 

Bonus Episodes (Thursdays, Pre-Recorded, Audio ONLY): This will not be changing whatsoever with the time and day on Thursdays @ 1 pm EST. However I am extending the podcast to 15 minutes as you guys have said it is too short so I am actually extending it. Anything you guys want you get. 

             This is a very huge move for the podcast and I am excited for the future of this podcast, more like I am excited for next year being the 3rd year and 4th season. It is truly amazing how far this podcast has come. I know I am doing this earlier then usual but I have chosen to announce it sooner then I expected but I was excited to announce this incredible changes for next year! Time to go big or go home right? Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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