Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Dealing With Stress

             Recently I have struggled with depression and stress and part of the depression is the stress I am going through with ChrisBOnTheWeb. I try to get the collab done in time for the 3rd but yet to really bury myself into the notes. I just did not have the time, was always busy with the interviews and one of the reasons I took some time off as I felt like I wasn't paying attention enough to the collab. Other reason was I needed some time to do more from the heart episodes but don't worry, I will be back to those by November 6th with scheduling them. I will be by then finished with the collab. I think it is more that I am not using very good time management skills right now and that is something I need to work on is my time management skills to ensure things do get done even if I was to do half on one the other half on another. 

            I have been struggling and been more in my moods lately and hasn't let up. Even on my meds for Autism it doesn't seem to have helped with my moods. I at times I end up just not functioning fully where I just wanna play video games and not work and that hasn't helped whatsoever with getting work. Been trying to motivate myself so I can get the work done and Saturday and Sunday showed it. Saturday I really tried up to late in the day I started to record and get things out. Sunday I charged hard at it and got 2 of the 3 podcasts done. Somewhere inside me  I really was trying my hardest to not let the stress and mental health get in my way. I have been fighting this for a while but not giving up. I will get all this content done and I will catch up. I know I can, just need to give some positive reinforcement with myself and I will get myself caught up cause I know I can do it. Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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